The Different Corners of my Patio

You are now on MY patio. A place where I can simply sit down a think a bit or let loose and have a great time with a party or two

While my patio is not that big it does have more than enough room for my thoughts to move in different directions.  They  come and go at random but the themes are still there. Pick a direction to explore and feel free to come back to the the main point and head out in another direction. You can pick which direction to go here.

Warning – Just be forewarned that there are some calm bright corners on the patio but there are also some others that may be darker and raise your blood pressure. I do not apologize for my own opinions on any subjects. And I am well aware religion and politics are pressure points for many individuals. But we are all harboring our own opinions on these subjects and these are mine. And I have no problem expressing them here.

On the Patio With Friends and Family

Just a gathering of the posts that highlight the goings on  here on the patio. Everything from a relaxing evening, a simple get together to a full boogie party. You can see them all here.

My VA experience

A collection of my own dealings with the VA here in Detroit. Along with other news worthy events that have caught my attention.

My growing agitation with “El Presidente” and the escalating problems with “The Religion of Peace”

The are two things that are in our face day in and day out. President Obama and the religion of Islam. Both of which are getting to be a royal pain in the neck. And my head hurts as we as Americans have to deal with both of these goofies at every turn. And I have evolved my own opinions on both of these subjects.


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