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BzeroB – In my humble opinion they [blacks or whatever they are being called today] have been getting reparations in the form of a buttload of special treatment in subsidies and even in the form of affirmative action. Their communities are continually being showered with endowments and grants to improve these designated areas and black people. The fact that they are being chosen for what happened a decade ago appears to me to be reparations. And I damn sure am not in any mood to shell out to any citizen or family that has immigrated since that time! But I am sure they will be there with their hands out!

And what about back charging the Muslims and black Africans who were the actual majority slave traders that put them in bondage in Africa? And then sold them to the slavers? How come you don’t hear a peep about their own African brothers who decided to do them harm and profit from it. This whole reparation thing is a scam in my opinion.

House hearing on reparations for slavery is set for first time in more than a decade https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-hearing-on-reparations-for-slavery-is-set-for-first-time-in-more-than-a-decade My 1st reaction on the ridiculous subject is; you gotta be shitting me AGAIN!!! Cut and dry. I would love to AXE each and everyone that is looking for this free-handout called reparation, if they would be responsible […]

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What kind of weed is this ambulance chaser smoking ….. — The Goomba Gazette

BzeroB – Could this lawyer be trying to get a favor and special treatment for this Muslim assassin? It would really be a miscarriage of justice if that is true. Mr. Noor knows the law and chose to make a bad decision. Why should he be given ANY concessions. That’s why they are called “sleepers”.

Lawyers for officer who shot, killed Minnesota woman ask for unusual sentence https://www.foxnews.com/us/minnesota-officer-mohamed-noor-justine-damond-unusual-sentence I don’t care if this gun happy cop was officer of the year 10 years running. Why the hell should he be given special consideration when it comes to his sentencing for the unnecessary killing of this young lady ?? Attorneys for […]

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Michigan also allows for 3 wives! WTF!?

Syrian man with 3 wives and 20 kids to get 214,000 in child benefits Syrian refugee, Daham Al Hasan (47), who has fled to Denmark, has 3 wives and 20 children, and he expects the State to pay for them as he cannot work, according to himself. by Speisa And it will cost Denmark a […]

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