Done for the day!

Chillin with Captain Morgan and Walter Trout!

It’s been a productive day and now I’m done

Today was a super day. Breezy, sunny and mild. What a day to get some work done. I started early this morning, 7AMish, pulling the back bumper off Wun Tun Zoop to see if I could fix the big ass dent in the middle of it that has been bugging me since I got the van. Well, after getting it off it was kinda obvious that it was out of my capabilities.

So, off to Ryan’s Auto Salvage I went. I had seen a nice chrome bumper on an Express van there a few days ago. I got it off and got it home and set about cleaning it up and getting the small dents out of it. They were mostly cosmetic so it wasn’t any big deal. Then it was a simple R & R of the bumper.

And Boy! Howdy! Does it look better! But do my hands hurt like hell! So I called it a day 3PMish.

So here I am on the patio blogging, chillin with some Captain  Morgan and Cherry Dr Pepper. I’ve got some Walter Trout jammin on the stereo and it looks like it’s a spaghetti dinner tonight. Nice!

So to all my followers out there …. Have a great evening! Enjoy and relax! I am!!


A nice day ends relaxing on the patio

I spent the day on a car project and after an arduous day of stripping and painting a set of ladder rack rails for Wun Tun Zoop I hag to quit and take a break. My hands hurt but a good dose of aspirin and a nice cool drink  with some Captain Morgan make things workable.

And then Faye Dean made a nice big pot of homemade split pea soup. And a couple of bowls of this and I am good to go. So for now it’s good. Just a relaxing evening on the patio with Snoop Dog and Captain Morgan!. Another day of work tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish the project for the most part.

More tomorrow.

Don’t forget Amir Akmadi! Three years in an Iran prison for a decorated US Citizen born and raised. A decorated US Marine! An the US government is just now getting around to dealing with it. #freeamirnow

New getting some bugs out

Along with some other site related issues

Site code / WordPress / Twitter / Google+

Right now I am plundering through the new code for the Bob’s Garage site. With some kick butt guitar by Frank Gambale on the stereo. Way soothing and motivating all at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of days debugging my NEW site code. I came across some display issues on Android phones while I was testing it. So I have had to step back and revert to the basics. Getting cute doesn’t translate into a functional site on a small screen. Lesson learned! So I think I have it worked out and the links are way more usable now. It test good now!

Now I am on to the next segment of my sites. The Bob’s Garage rewrite. I have been at it for a couple of weeks now. On and off. Slowly it is evolving to a usable level. From the PC screen to a tablet and small phone. But I will get it done.

I will probably redo the LIBRARY site and bring it back onsite. But one disaster at a time! For now it will stay out on WordPress.

And speaking of WordPress… I have decided to NOT self host the WP sites. It was more of an admin issue than a WordPress issue. I can’t seem to keep them updated like I like to. The site hosted blogs are now disabled and here I am on the versions. And I am also going to say that once again I am buggering off of Twitter and Google+. I really suck at them and rather than look like a rank amateur I am going to let them ride for now. So it will be Facebook for me and my Garage. For now. I may attack them both later.

Stay Tuned! BZEROB

You got yours! I got mine! Deal with it!

Some times a little bit of home goes a long way!

And an audio poke in the ear doesn’t hurt either!

This American soldier gets a big thumbs up from me! If you gotta listen to their stuff 5 times a day, every day I believe it is only fitting to give them a shot once in a while. Doncha think? And the twist here is they [Muslims] don’t particularly like music of any kind, especially something like this! But what the hey!


US Soldier Interrupts Muslim “Prayer Time” With National Anthem on Electric Guitar [WATCH]

Quoted from the Conservative Tribune
… In the midst of all of this comes a brief moment that is sure to bring a proud smile to most patriotic Americans. A video has been circulating recently on Facebook of a US soldier in Afghanistan doing his own rendition of the National Anthem on an electric guitar during a flag raising. This allegedly took place at the same time as the Muslim call to prayer.

Take a brief moment to listen and enjoy this electric version of the Star Spangled Banner. This is excellent, and a great expression of American pride and patriotism.  As tough as deployment can be on our troops, it is good to see them enjoying some of the creature comforts from home, even if only for a few moments.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you thought this soldier did an excellent rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner”. 

All I can say here is that “I LIKE IT!“.

Lawnmower Man is done for the day!

A couple hours of mowing, edging and blowing pays off

I did the rear lawn today while it was coolish and I had some time. Takes a while but I did get it done relatively quickly. I did the front a couple of days ago. So for now I am done and when this afternoon rolls around I can hang out on the patio. I have to make a trip to the VA this afternoon so when I get back it will be “Patio Time!” So for now I am going to chill down and get ready for my VA appointment.

Part of the freshly done yard
Part of the freshly done yard
More of the freshly done yard
More of the freshly done yard
The infamous PATIO!
The infamous PATIO!

See Ya!

Another great day on the patio

Yep! Another great day to party on the patio!

After a full day of furniture shopping. I scored a very nice green leather recliner at a local thrift store. Then we made a trip to CostCo for meat and goodies for what could be a party filled month. Or at least a whole bunch of partying on the patio!

I did manage to get some work time in on the 65 and the 70. I may do the All American Cruise on Wayne Road tomorrow. We will see how the weatherman sees it.

Not that we haven’t been doing it all week but today is primo. Cool, sunny and just a damn nice day to hang out on the patio. We cranked up the grill again for some custom burgers, cheddar and bacon for Faye Dean and mushroom and Swiss for moi! Throw in a nice big mess of grilled onions to top them off and enjoy a nice breezy evening on the patio with some killer blues crankin on the stereo. Joe Bonamassa, ZZ Top, Leslie West, Popa Chubby, Beth Hart… well …. you get the drift. And it looks like some good ole pound cake for dessert. Simple but effective. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the evening. I am.

Custom burgers
Custom burgers
grilled sweet onions
grilled sweet onions

That’s where we are now and yes, I have some Captain Morgan and Dr Pepper to wash it all down with! The first shot is for dinner the next ones are for me!

I am going to hang out here for a while and chill. Enjoy your evening however it works out for you. Cheers!