Main stream media once again refuses to report immigrant brutality on US citizens!

Have you noticed how the so-called “media” rushes each day to proclaim the latest muslim terror attack was not a muslim terror attack? Have you noticed how they never seem to deem all the rapes by “refugees” and illegals as “newsworthy”? This story is not an isolated incident, it’s the norm for some communities

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NeNe Leakes [Who?]- the latest victim of the Boomerang Effect!

Not saying NeNe Leakes doesn’t deserve it!

She does

While I will reserve the “arrogant ignorant asshat” label for some other candidate this total bonehead just got whacked in the head my what I call the “Boomerang Effect”.

The “Boomerang Effect” is when some individual gets overzealous and makes some sort of rash statement. That starts a firestorm of criticism that the individual didn’t count on. This evokes the need to “clarify” or “explain” what they REALLY meant. Usually in the form of some sort of begrudging apology. All because they were a total asshat and should have just shut  the hell up!

NeNe Leakes is a reality star, having appeared on Andy Cohen’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also appeared on President Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Her appearance on the show did not end well. From Wikipedia: “In 2011, Leakes was a contestant on the eleventh installment of Donald Trump‘s NBC series Celebrity Apprentice. During the tenth […]

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Dreamer rapes a US citizen! Here we go again!

It really is a case of “I told you so!” but unfortunately the media applied twist will be “one bad apple in the bunch …” . Well, it is looking more like a whole pile of “bad apples” and if you feel the need to say that they are all suspect then I think this is a valid conclusion. What part if illegal was up for interpretation? And how many more of these events have to occur before you just punch the libertards in the face and say “You just don’t get it! Enough is enough!”

And let me just take a wild guess and say that he was getting state / government subsidies! Oh! That really sucks! And the police were already warned of his actions. How sad is that.

My take on city / state funding is to make a clause that says not only will we withhold or delay any assistance if there is an incident like this involving an illegal / Dreamer the funding is terminated immediately!

This happened in the sanctuary city of Burien. From Fox News: A 23-year-old DREAMer in Washington state is accused of brutally raping a 19-year-old woman in her apartment complex’s gym and leaving her with severe facial injuries — including a broken jaw and dangling ear. The woman ended up stumbling home with missing teeth, a […]

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