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BzeroB – And here we have another group of “entertainers” that are apparently traumatically affected by the latest gun violence, but they really weren’t. Not a peep about mental health, drugs or suicide. Just guns.  Still they feel the need to get on the “oh! Look at me! See how woke I am!” bandwagon. BFD! Really don’t care. Once again I suggest that they stick to being “entertainers” and quit trying to look important and informed on gun control. One comment … security guards. Betcha they have them and they don’t carry nerf bats. Just guessing. Oh! Look! There goes some of the former fans heading for the door. Well done ladies.


That whirring sound that you hear are the Country Music Stars who have passed on spinning in their graves. FoxNews.com reports that Kacey Musgraves called for Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell to pass gun control measures following the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, this weekend. She tweeted early Monday, “Don’t […]

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Cheers and chants of “USA! USA!”

I liked what I heard

The Presidents speech at CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference] while it was playing to a partisan audience it was nice to hear things that we aren’t accustomed to hearing during the Obama years.

And the usual banter from the left  after the fact about how he is this or that is sadly totally predictable.

You can see them HERE and HERE and HERE

I am struggling to cut through the dark fog of the Age of Obama and find any evidence of those types of enthusiastic cheers for the USA during Mr Obamas’ speeches during that time period. It was actually kind of refreshing to hear the crowd cheer for this country. It is not commonplace these days but is becoming more prevalent as Mr. Trump carries out his common sense plans. And we are painfully aware that many entities in the US just can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that he is the elected POTUS! It’s been over a year damn it! Get over yourself and get on with your life!

And you call the rest of us maladjusted?! In light of recent events here is a classic case for questioning ones mental health! look it up.

I think I read in one of the responses that the writer took issue with how this speech was given. Likening it to being given from the end of a bar. Or something like that. Wow! Actually I like that. Once again it is refreshing to hear something besides political double-speak and being talked to like citizens and not low life’s that just need to listen and comply.

All in all I liked what I heard and will hope that it all comes to an equitable end. Not terminated because some asshat is having a temper tantrum!