The patio is all ready for the summer

A few weeks back we got all the flowers for the patio at a local market. Not much to say here. The cool part was that after I talked with the gardener about replanting the flowers into my hanging baskets she said I could save a bunch of time and effort by simply taking off the hangers and drop the pots right into my hanging baskets. I took her advice and we were done in very short order.

Faye Dean is happy and so am I. Lesson learned. So the patio is all decked out and ready for A PARTY ON THE PATIO!

Definitely on the mend

One day at a time

The wonderful weather and the great days have been a major contributor to my progressing recovery I do believe. Being able to eat breakfast and hang on the patio during the day has been excellent! With the sofa and the music box it is just comfy. I have tons of seating options.Whatever is comfortable at the time. And I am outside. Where I like to be.

Since getting home from my surgery on Monday it has been a steady healing progression. The first day was massively painful. With holes all over my frontal area. And doing some basic stuff like getting up from lying down was nothing short of excruciating. Any twist in any direction sucked way bad.

I told you so

And after a couple of painful lessons as to why they tell you to do what they do I am getting the hang of this healing thing. And also learning that some of the expected and foretold repercussions of the surgery may be alarming and painful. But will subside. And they did. Excellent!

But as the days have passed I must admit it is getting better. I still have to grab a pillow and clutch it to my lower area if I think I am going to cough or sneeze. And it still hurts. Getting up and down from a lying position is getting progressively better also.

It appears that the new wave of glue repair technique is not too bad. A bit weird but it is working. And they say it will degrade on it’s own. I have one major sore spot and that is on my upper left. Apparently that is where they do some sort of inflation thing for the surgery. It is way black and blue and hurts a lot. But it goes through the muscle shell so that. is to be expected. But it still hurts like hell!

If it makes you feel better

Just to make you feel a bit more at ease I do have what appears to be a seemingly unlimited supply of amateur nurses and substitute mommies at hand so no matter what situation arises I am well covered!And NO! I am not exceeding the 10 pound limit getting a cup of coffee!

So as long as the weather cooperates I will be hanging on the patio relaxing, sipping on a beverage and blogging away.  Trying to get better as soon as possible. With the music box cranking out whatever suits my mood, the patio is definitely the place to be. And hopefully in the two weeks I am giving myself to repair will be productive.


Thanx in advance for all your good wishes and support!  Apparently it is working! BOB

Done for the day!

Chillin with Captain Morgan and Walter Trout!

It’s been a productive day and now I’m done

Today was a super day. Breezy, sunny and mild. What a day to get some work done. I started early this morning, 7AMish, pulling the back bumper off Wun Tun Zoop to see if I could fix the big ass dent in the middle of it that has been bugging me since I got the van. Well, after getting it off it was kinda obvious that it was out of my capabilities.

So, off to Ryan’s Auto Salvage I went. I had seen a nice chrome bumper on an Express van there a few days ago. I got it off and got it home and set about cleaning it up and getting the small dents out of it. They were mostly cosmetic so it wasn’t any big deal. Then it was a simple R & R of the bumper.

And Boy! Howdy! Does it look better! But do my hands hurt like hell! So I called it a day 3PMish.

So here I am on the patio blogging, chillin with some Captain  Morgan and Cherry Dr Pepper. I’ve got some Walter Trout jammin on the stereo and it looks like it’s a spaghetti dinner tonight. Nice!

So to all my followers out there …. Have a great evening! Enjoy and relax! I am!!


Perking up the patio

Faye Dean picked them out and I hung them out

Our trip to the Royal Oak Flower sale netted a nice selection of hanging baskets. Faye Dean wanted a bunch of color so I told her to pick five that she liked. That took a while to narrow it down but we got it done. And when we got home I did a simple transplant into some lined hanging baskets. This is how it looks now.

Good job, Baby Doll!

Let the mowing begin!

Yesterday was the official opening day for mowing season here

It is a major event with having a triple lot. But I got it done in a couple of hours. I did not edge, trim or blow. Just mowed. I did pay a price with leg cramps all night but it got done.The cool weather has gotten the lawn off to a good start.

The next order is to get Faye Dean’s garden spot ready for planting. That is the next big event. Maybe later this week.

And, of course, the Patio Is Open! So a small cookout complete with some soothing jazz for a background and the sound system checked out nicely and  was the finish to a busy day. And the patio is ready for a nice gathering or two. I did take time to treat the patio to a coat of weed killer so I don’t have to deal with that aggravation during the season.

Now… when’s the party?

A nice day ends relaxing on the patio

I spent the day on a car project and after an arduous day of stripping and painting a set of ladder rack rails for Wun Tun Zoop I hag to quit and take a break. My hands hurt but a good dose of aspirin and a nice cool drink  with some Captain Morgan make things workable.

And then Faye Dean made a nice big pot of homemade split pea soup. And a couple of bowls of this and I am good to go. So for now it’s good. Just a relaxing evening on the patio with Snoop Dog and Captain Morgan!. Another day of work tomorrow. Hopefully I can finish the project for the most part.

More tomorrow.

Don’t forget Amir Akmadi! Three years in an Iran prison for a decorated US Citizen born and raised. A decorated US Marine! An the US government is just now getting around to dealing with it. #freeamirnow

The Patio is Closed For The Season

ClosedForThe season

The first snowfall of the season signals it is time to officially close the Patio!

The grille is wrapped up and the tables and umbrellas are down and stored away for the season. The chairs are under cover and the granite table tops can survive on their own. The stereo speakers are snugly stored for next spring. So it looks like we are in for the season.

Faye Dean says it’s time to hibernate!

With that said the Voices are moving indoors to the Den. II am ready to get started on a revamp of my websites and blogs. I have already started on a new portal for the family of sites. And hopefully there will be more improvements along the way.


And with that final thought that will be all for now that is all folks! Talk to ya in a bit!