Obamacare will kill us! Period!

We are heading for a medical apocalypse on Jan 1st

As a senior citizen with some issues it is truly scaring the crap out of me! And  I have a wife with some major medical issues including a pacemaker for her heart issues. It appears that because of this “pile-O-crap” care, that El Presidente has built for us,  we may lose our policy, lose our doctors and lose our hospital. Period. Game. Set. Match!

President Barack Obama is, in my opinion, a sinister calculating liar! Did I say liar? Oops! I meant politician! Well .. we have all heard all of the misinformation that was passed to us by his own lips. And, yes , his lips were moving as the old adage goes.And this is of his own design and mentoring. He had his name all over it for goodness sake.  I sincerely hope he gets his ego bashed by the fallout from this program.

January 1,2014 is when the hammer will fall on all of the core pieces of Obamacare is based on. Those 6Million that have lost their policies will be WITHOUT coverage. Those that did manage to “sign up” for Obamacare will find out that the mechanism to pay the insurance companies is NOT in place yet! Pay attention folks. This means that those that did manage to sign up may NOT be covered because the money that they paid, and is in the hands of someone in the Obama entourage, hasn’t been passed on to those same insurance companies!

And his attempt to “fix” this Obamacare mandated insurance cancellation issue by asking these same companies to reinstate the policies for now. Guess what? At least one has said “No!” Oh! Crap! What now Chief?

Now we come to the killing of America by Obamacare. If you are not covered with insurance you are less likely to get help when needed. If your cost of insurance is destroying your budget or just can’t afford it the same result. If you are covered your wait time to get to a doctor in your system may rise to as much as 30 days!

You could die before you get there! And if you don’t die from medical issues you will “die” financially with the premiums, deductibles and uncovered medications in this wonderfully engineered Obamacare program.

Pay attention folks! This is some serious shit! We are all entitled to kick all these asshats out of office and until then keep cranking on them and hold those accountable for this Obamacare crime against the American people!

Vote! Vote your conscience but vote!