Let the mowing begin!

Yesterday was the official opening day for mowing season here

It is a major event with having a triple lot. But I got it done in a couple of hours. I did not edge, trim or blow. Just mowed. I did pay a price with leg cramps all night but it got done.The cool weather has gotten the lawn off to a good start.

The next order is to get Faye Dean’s garden spot ready for planting. That is the next big event. Maybe later this week.

And, of course, the Patio Is Open! So a small cookout complete with some soothing jazz for a background and the sound system checked out nicely and  was the finish to a busy day. And the patio is ready for a nice gathering or two. I did take time to treat the patio to a coat of weed killer so I don’t have to deal with that aggravation during the season.

Now… when’s the party?


Another Patio Party

Sunday the patio was the host to a birthday party for my great grandson RJ

Not a big gathering just a busy one. Lots of cookin and chasing kids around. Throw in a couple of dogs and … well … you get the picture. Actually I got the pictures! And here they are.


Two beautiful days and more patio time

Monday and Tuesday were actually productive and spectacular!

No really big news here but just a small update.

Monday was busy. After a hard day of working around the house and at my sons house the patio was a welcome relief. Nothing big, just an afternoon at Snoopy’s Dogs and Grogs ! [aka The Patio] Grilled hot dogs, chips and a brewski. A refreshing quiet dinner with Faye. Simple and nice evening.

Tuesday was another busy day with a great ending very similar. Only this time it was Faye’s Burgers and Rings [aka The Patio]. A nice bunch of grilled cheese burgers, nice juicy onion rings and a hop pop. What a way to end a day! I could get used to this.

All I can say is that after a severely delayed start to the patio season  I am getting good use of my patio and it is my sanctuary at the end of the day. So stay tuned!



Party On The Patio! Official Opening!

And Happy Mothers Day by the way

Perfect day for a season opener

We have had other private parties on the patio but this is the “official” opener!

Well today has been a busy day already. Treated Faye Dean to new patio plants, both hanging baskets and potted ones for Mothers Day. Headed out to the big Royal Oak Flower sale early, 7AMish to get them in before she woke up.

I got back and the weather so far has been super. So I went to work getting the patio all nice and comfy for the gathering later this afternoon. All the chairs are cushioned and the umbrella is open. I changed into a light pair of shorts and sandals for the first time this season! Now I am comfy.


I already have the dogs, burgers and veggies thawing and ready for grillin. And in the meantime I am here at the table blogging away with an ice cold brewski and the stereo is crankin out some great rockabilly.

So I am good for now and just waitin for the guests to arrive. Faye Dean came out to join me for a bit of the sunshine.

More pics later. Enjoy your day! I am enjoying mine.


VA and my new addition to the patio

Yesterday was a productive day actually

First, I am now in the VA med system

I was finally able to get all my paperwork submitted to the VA and get into the medical system. It took about 4 hours at the VA Center in Detroit. It has been a bit of a hassle to get all of it done but I am in and my ID and appointment schedule are online. I will be pursuing some disability once they get all the documents and examinations together but until then I just need my medical coverage. We shall see.

Second, I have some “new to me” patio chairs

As you have already surmised I do like my patio and I also like durable patio furniture. And it doesn’t hurt to be a bit comfy while you are enjoying it.  I already have rescued three round metal patio tables and have my sections of granite counter tops as my side tables. Yesterday while I was out and about I happened to drop in on one of my local thrift shops. In my rummaging around I came across four heavy steel mesh patio chairs with cushions. When I asked the price the comeback was “40 bucks”. I responded with “Each?” and he came back with “No! The whole set”. I quickly dug into my wallet and proceeded to have them loaded up!

I was initially going to purchase some of the resin chairs but we all know just how sturdy those are. This was a great coup for me and my patio. So now Faye Dean and I have a nice set of real  comfy patio chairs to go with the nice metal tables. All we need now is an excuse to cook something! Not a hard task at all.

Ready to hear what I have to say
Whatca Cookin?

Party On The Patio just got better! Film at 11!

It’s Official! The Patio Is Open!

Today, April 2 is the opening day for The Patio!

People, a grille and good food! Yesssiree! This is a bit later than the previous years but it is open. A bit chilly this evening but clear and nice.

Just relaxin!
Thinkin about stuff
The music box is crankin a combination of ZZ Top, Leslie West, Joe Bonamassa, Grateful Dead and Jethro Tull of course. So as soon as we get settled in for dogs and burgers it will be in full swing. I am glad we finally got it all started.

The new to me gas grille looks to be a hit already. Once we plugged in a full tank of gas, Click! Poof!  Instant on. And ready to cook. That will be a nice feature  over the charcoal grill. I may get used to this. I plan on doing a lot more on the patio this year.

The only thing left is to get more seating. I have both tables and umbrellas up and running. So I will shop around and get a handful f chairs somewhere. And then we will be ready for the full party mode.

So consider yourself informed!