Some people just don’t get it!

Joint custody is a simple legal concept for most people. But not all.

Unfortunately there really are people in our country that can’t read and comprehend simple concepts

It exposes itself in the form of the local Ashley family of Warren, MI. Specifically Mr Richard Ashley and his mother Stacy Ashley. It appears that they have no apparent comprehension or understanding of just what a judicial court order is and that they may want to consult their lawyer in this custody battle over my great-grandson and see if he can enlighten them as to how our legal works. He was in the courtroom with the rest of us when the judge laid out the simple ground rules. Additionally Mr. Ashley read and signed the said same order we did. It is my conclusion that he either has a severely acute auditory malfunction or possibly some form of severe reading comprehension issue.  When it states joint custody until a future decision deems otherwise it’s not really that complicated for most of us. Pretty simple actually. When specific days of the week and specifics for weekends and holidays are declared and put into written form it boggles my mind as to why it is a continuous challenge for members of my family to invoke this court ordered schedule of custody. The continual need to involve law enforcement in the simple act of a court edict for a day with the child can only be perceived as an intentional calculated aggravation. Duly noted and documented. And the growing stack of police reports that are documenting these events just increases the weight of evidence against him, and his family. But they don’t seem to get the message.

And I include his immediate family and friends in this. Unfortunately they are co-conspirators in this effort. When they, the mother and a cousin of Mr. Ashley, feel the need to conduct continual drive-bys of my granddaughters residence for some unknown reason. If this is an attempt to intimidate then that doesn’t speak well as to their mental motivations. Even the Mrs. Ashley feels the need to make interesting and threatening phone calls to the opposing grandparents [me].  Why? Dunno! And add to that having other family members to send life threatening text messages such as “We have a bullet waiting for you” compound the problem many fold. Apparently they don’t watch a whole lot of TV or watch the news enough to comprehend that in real life it really is pretty simple to trace these and any basic phone has the capability to snapshot them and that these messages pretty much speak for themselves when viewed by law enforcement. All I can say to this is “Keep up the good work folks! You are making this easy.

You can't fix Supid
You can’t fix Stupid

NOTE: There is some leeway for any individual, such as Mr Ashley, that potentially hasn’t finished high school or gotten a  GED by age 22. All in all my conclusion is that this family is a real big bag of stupid! And all I can say is quote the comedian Ron White ” You can’t fix stupid!”


Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz? Take 2

The original post – Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

This  is a second look at a post I wrote  a while back. What prompted this second look was actually a couple of  events. First was a recent surprising reply from Rev. Shabazz to my original blog entry asking if I thought he was still needed and that he was tired. The second was a  car show event that I attended at Roosevelt Park in Detroit’s oldest community Corktown.

Part 1 – Rev.Shabazz

Speaking his views

We in the Metropolitan Detroit area are all watching Mayor Bing and the City of Detroit battle it’s way through the financial issues. And as this wasn’t enough the city has once again reclaimed the title of Murder Capital of the US.  [ Actually we are #2 behind our ugly step brother Flint!  Minor technicality!  ]

Rev. Shabazz,  besides being in everyone’s face during recent days in Detroit, after you weed through the vocalizations of white supremacy, has always been an energetic engine to get things done. He acts on what he believes. Not a bad thing actually. Sadly many surviving residents of Detroit are numb to all the events around them.  Daily shootings, theft, robberies, car jacking, fires involving all spectrum’s of  neighborhoods is mentally daunting. Their only concern is to simply make it through the day without some major trauma. Sometimes it takes an outspoken, controversial “character” to get people thinking and to get them motivated in order to focus on the problems at hand. Kinda like a slap in the face.  Usually when that happens you react. At what point do the citizens of Detroit get tired of the crimes against themselves, their families and their neighbors? I would think it is past due but apparently not. Kinda like a slap only nastier!

Once again, in my opinion, despite whether you cater to his political/religious views you cannot deny that he has taken it upon himself to organize others for the good of the community as a whole. He reacts! Even if some of the groups he has helped to create have had some controversy, The Detroit 300, what group is not? He did bring them in to play here in Detroit. With the issues of Detroit evolving as they have I believe he may be a very needed individual to help motivate the residents of Detroit to play a part in stopping the violence and to stop the further decay of what is left of a “city under siege” so to speak. They need all the help they can get.

When asked by Charlie Langton in a March Talk Radio 1270 interview after the vocal outburst : Are you still excited to live in the city of Detroit?

Shabazz: I love Detroit, I’m Detroit bred, Detroit led, and Detroit fed, I think we are the greatest city on the planet. I fight crime, I see poor people, I register people to vote, I close down crack houses, we capture criminals, we do things every day because we believe in this city.

I would hope that Rev. Shabazz continues his quest for improving the conditions in the City of Detroit. If it takes the power of his religious / political views to get people moving so be it. While the powers that be battle it out in council chambers to whatever end the residents of the City of Detroit still have to take on life as usual. And if Rev. Shabazz, and others like him, need to step in and do what they can to help residents make it through these treacherous times a bit easier and more comfortably, I say Have At It!

Part 2 – Corktown in the next edition

Comcast charges tornado-affected Dexter residents with vacation fees –

Folks, here is another reason that ComCast is way too big for its own good and has absolutely no clue as to what is going on. Charging for “lost” cable boxes and “vacation’ fees for tornado victims?! Now I have another reason NOT to get ComCast. They just suck at customer service. The ComCast rep has to get a  letter from corporate as to how to handle this? Are you for real? Readon.

Comcast charges tornado-affected Dexter residents with vacation fees –

Do we need to regulate walking and texting?

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

Well, not really. But these asshats with the phone in one hand and not paying attention to what they are doing, driving or walking, need to get a grip because they are pissing the rest of us off! And this one is from my home state, Michigan! But please take note: She was from Indiana! Need I say more!?

Texting while walking claims another victim, woman falls off pier

As reported by an ABC news affiliate in South Bend, Indiana, a woman named Bonnie Miller fell into a river connected to Lake Michigan while she was attempting to walk along a pier and send a text message at the same time. Miller was strolling along the pier with her family and realized that she had to correct an appointment time via a text message. As she was writing the text message, Miller didn’t pay attention to how close she was to the edge of the pier and ending up tripping into approximately six feet of cold water.

I have had a few close calls withh these goomba’s myself. And it is getting worse. Read the article and you will see where this is getting to be as big a problem as texting and driving. Man! Put down the device and get a life!