Remembering Vietnam is tough sometimes

Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters!

Out and about daily it isn’t so bad but when time comes for a day of remembrance it gets way tough. And seeing the Wall in person or the Moving Wall it forces me to pause and take a deep breath. That’s just me. For others it can be overwhelming.

But there are other wars in other lands that can invoke the same emotions. I can claim this one for my own. But there are many others.


Memorial Day 2015

This day has dramatic meanings for myself and many other military veterans and their families. And the web is full of fitting tributes to this same group.

I have collected a few that caught my eye. Enjoy the day and remember!

How Fitting is this!

An amateur photographer snapped the image of a bald eagle sitting on a soldier’s tombstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery and the image is going viral this Memorial Day. The photo was taken by one Mr. Frank Glick who was on his way to work when he saw the eagle perched on the tombstone as he was driving past the cemetery.

God Bless America! Be at Peace Brothers and Sisters!
God Bless America!
Be at Peace Brothers and Sisters!

A bit of patriotic acoustical mayhem

And to my fellow Vietnam Veterans. Welcome Home!

Thank you! Welcome home!
Thank you! Welcome home!

How about we get back to taking care of America!

On this Memorial Day Weekend  I have decided to vocalize a couple of opinions that are in my head at this time of reflection.

Those other overseas interest need to take a back seat to our needs here at home

This is just one mans opinion but let me say this. We have our hands full with the latest disasters both natural, Hurricane Sandy and the Midwest twisters, and unnatural, the Boston bombings and the IRS uproar. I believe that we need to pay more attention to our needs here in the US than fooling with the ungrateful asshats on the other continents! It has become readily apparent that we need to get our government to pay attention to getting the US back on solid ground before we continue to expend our resources of money and manpower, including the loss of life, trying to help out ungrateful asshats.

And with our own internal disasters I don’t see any of these “debtor” countries lifting a finger to assist us in our recovery efforts. But they sure seem to have their hand out when it comes to their disasters! And even to the point of being obviously two faced about  the situation.

And speaking of problem children

It amazes me that we continue to be cordial to these radical Muslim run countries that have also made it perfectly clear that they don’t want us there and that they just want to step back into the stone age and be isolated from the rest of the world. Their own actions that exemplify everything that is not acceptable to the rest of the world sets my mind. I say give them what they want! Pull out, stop their aid and remove access to out side resources. Let them step back into the stone age, let them have their “religious freedoms” as they butcher and kill their fellow Muslims. At least we will know where they are at and can watch from a distance. At some point they will have to deal with their own self imposed religious genocide. And maybe their own world neighbors will kick some sense into them when they have had enough of the crap. I have lost all sympathy for these asshats. And isn’t it amazing that they are even going so far as to hide here in the US, and other countries, under the umbrella of sanctuary in order to create mayhem there. Am I wary of Muslims, YES! Is it right? Probably not. Is it justified? ABSOLUTELY!

On top of that it appears, er … let me rephrase that, has become readily apparent that the powers of the radical Muslim world has made it very plain that they have every intention of doing us harm. Albeit in the name of the “peaceful” religion. Since those who are supposedly the true Muslims either can’t be heard or can’t be found in these countries. And as they, the radical Muslims, use their cloak of religion too carry out all sorts of  activities,  I have no problem with the use of overwhelming deadly force to take them out if they chose to attack US citizens, pirate ships and people, take hostages, bomb and terrorize other countries. We have the tools and resources to take them out at will and if they want to get stupid, so be it! Just let them know that if they want to blow up their neighbors in the local market feel free to do so but if you want to take foreign hostage know that we will come and take you, and those around you, out!

Another facet that intrigues me about the followers of Islam is this. Whenever there is a newsworthy incident involving a Muslim extremist incident, like the Boston bombers or now the London killers, the Muslims that voice outrage, voice that all Muslims are not like that, and ask for forgiveness, are not IN a Muslim country! They are in ANOTHER country that has allowed them to immigrate and practice their “peaceful” religion! And then there are always followup statements from the locals that we should not judge all Muslims by these actions! Are you frickin serious?!  While this is noteworthy it still raises a question about just how dangerous are those that remain in the radical Islamic Republics. And yes, it does cast a suspicious eye on any of Islams followers in the US and other like countries. Shouting at your Muslim brothers and sisters from across the ocean is kind of absurd don’t you think?!