It’s official! I am an old retired guy!

It has finally come to that time! I have retired!

Bob and Faye
Bob and Faye at Red Robin

There I said it! Retired. Not Retarded! Retired! It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I was released by Advance Auto Parts. But I must say that it may have been the engine I needed to  head in a new direction. With the go ahead from my senior advisers it was finalized. What direction that is exactly is a bit shady at this time. The paperwork is in so here we go.

My main focus at this point is Faye Deans’ health and well being. We will have 43 excellent years together in February and I intend to have quite a few more. She is my Gravity! [ If you haven’t heard the song, my favorite version is by Leslie West, then hit the link at the end and give it a listen. That is it! Dead on! ] So with this whole mix I am getting her medically covered until her Medicare kicks in in March next year, because of  a 24 month hold on benefits with SS  Disability. And VA is going to cover me free so we are good.

That leaves me with some breathing space for now. I can spend some quality time together and get all the stuff done that I have neglected for one reason or another.  Also know as a Honey-Do list. Much of it was postponed and now I can’t use the ole’ I’m tired from work or I gotta get up in the morning bit. Won’t work no more! cause don’t work no more!

Now, let me rephrase that last statement. I can work if I want to. I am limited as to what I can make before I get penalized. So as long as I stay within those parameters I am good to go. And it will get me  plenty of  leeway to participate and relax. I said that too! RELAX! So I may just be taking a part time job to get some pocket change. I do have to stay in the Captain Morgan you know! And when cruise time comes around I don’t have to schedule around it. I can cruise all of them! That will be way different! And I can work on my cars unmolested by a work schedule. That’s going to take some getting used to.  And working at my lesiure is way different. I will let you know how it works out.

There is a major effort afoot to make sure we Party On The Patio a bit more! A new to me grille is on the way and a couple of new tables and the plan is set! Stay tuned. Let the grilling begin! When the weather is appropriate of course.  For now this is the plan . Let’s see how well I can pull it off.

I thank all of you for your input so I believe I am moving in the right direction!

NOTE: Before you go you gotta give this a listen! My Gravity By Leslie West! Faye Dean says I have to include my unofficial theme song – Dinosaur – by King Crimson. Another special tribute to Faye Dean is  a song that even she likes from King Crimson – Heartbeat

A new chapter is ready to start! Consider yourself informed!