Hey! Lena Dunham … trans this!

Nobody cares anyway! Get a life! Somewhere else.We don’t need you help with out life monitoring. And we will be watching for you. Because keeping track of any douchbags in the area is always a good idea.

I’d love to run into this womyn at an airport, especially if I’m wearing my “deplorable” or Second Amendment t-shirt. Bring it on girl! From Fox News: Airline employees and travelers beware: Lena Dunham is watching you like a hawk. On Wednesday afternoon, the actress and “Girls” creator took to Instagram to share a short […]

via Libtard Lena Dunham to airline travelers: “Watch out for me, because I see and hear all” — Fellowship of the Minds


Lena Dunham, “transphobic” talk? Really?!

Now i am “Dunham-phobic”! The fear of what Lena Dunham might say next.

Well, not fear really but fear of the pain of striking my forehead repeatedly over her utterances.

First off, no one cares! Your track record sucks. How can you be offended by something you put in print? Exactly how does that work?  Keep making up the chatter. Or just keep making yourself look like an asshat with your crapola. You are NOT that important! And I must guess that asshat fits all gender lines! All …. 22 of them, at last count. And if one of those categories offends you … Excellent!

I wouldn’t bet $100 that her story is true. You know her track record for telling the truth. Update: According to Breitbart, there’s already some holes in her story as the airline cannot verify her claim. Shocker, not. From Daily Mail: Lena Dunham took matters into her own hands when she heard two flight attendants […]

via Lena Dunham takes it upon herself to report two flight attendants for “transphobic talk” — Fellowship of the Minds