Bella Thorne? Who? And she is not helping Hollywierd right now!

Beyond the obvious “who the hell is that?” the total ignorance of the residents of Hollywierd are totally brain numb. And they are in total denial as to why their little world of douchbaggery is imploding. Keep up the good work. All we can do is shake our heads and palm our foreheads.

With all the sexual harassment scandals coming out of Hollywood, is it really good timing to wear an outfit with pictures of pornographic posters and your breasts so exposed? Bella Thorne must be missing a sensitivity chip. From NY Post: By now, it’s clear that Bella Thorne​ isn’t afraid to embrace racy looks, from her […]

via This is Hollyweird: Actress Bella Thorne wears porn-covered jumpsuit on red carpet — Fellowship of the Minds