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BzeroB – Could this lawyer be trying to get a favor and special treatment for this Muslim assassin? It would really be a miscarriage of justice if that is true. Mr. Noor knows the law and chose to make a bad decision. Why should he be given ANY concessions. That’s why they are called “sleepers”.

Lawyers for officer who shot, killed Minnesota woman ask for unusual sentence https://www.foxnews.com/us/minnesota-officer-mohamed-noor-justine-damond-unusual-sentence I don’t care if this gun happy cop was officer of the year 10 years running. Why the hell should he be given special consideration when it comes to his sentencing for the unnecessary killing of this young lady ?? Attorneys for […]

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Free ticket out! Bye bye!

Adios muchacho… From Seattle Times: The father of a so-called Dreamer — the young man whose arrest in Des Moines by immigration officials sparked fears of an immigration roundup and drew a national outcry — pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court to entering the country illegally. Court documents indicate that Antonio Ramirez-Poledo, 43, could […]

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