The ICEman cometh!

It is nice to see progress in the exportation of illegals from the US! There is a new sheriff in town and he is simply enforcing the EXISTING laws of this country despite the efforts of “sanctuary city / states”. While I sympathize with some, I repeat some, of the flagged aliens for the most part, I like it. Illegals need to pay attention to the guidelines and maybe next time do it right. But for some there will be no next time.

via Adios: ICE sweep leads to over 200 arrests – many convicted criminals – in L.A.

California – gathering spot for ICE

Maybe they shoudn’t have warned them and let all the illegal aliens flock to California so that: 1. California could suffer the consequences of their lawless decision…and 2. ICE could go in a year later and round them up

via ICE Warns Illegal Aliens: California’s “Sanctuary State” Law WILL NOT Protect You… — Trigger Reset

Immigration laws are now being enforced! And, of course, locals are not happy! Darn!


Detroit Free Press – June 11

You are now in the hands of ICE

A recent sweep by ICE here in the Detroit metropolitan area netted from reports between 40 to 90 individuals, mostly Chaldean Iraqi’s. But before everyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, keep in mind that despite the fact that they are Iraqi Christians they are [A] here illegally [B] convicted of crimes including homicide, rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping, burglary, drug trafficking, robbery, sex assault, weapons violations and other offenses.

Now they are being transported to Ohio for detention and processing. These are not people we want here. And they are here illegally! The fact that they are all Iraqi Chaldean’s is a technical sidebar but not relevant. And they will be deported as soon as they process them.

No new laws. Just enforcing the old ones!

A point that caught my ears when watching the news report was that the lawyer for some of the detainees made the comment that “they haven’t enforced the law in 50 years!’. And your point is what? Welcome to enforcement as it should be! Now! Not 50 years ago! Once again they play the victim card! The comment was made that some of the crimes were from years ago. True but homicide, rape, aggravated assault, kidnapping, burglary, drug trafficking, robbery, sex assault or weapons violations at any time are a problem! You can’t get here because of them. And they are going to claim that Iraq is “unfriendly” to Christians. True. But that is how they play the victim cards.

But reality sucks. And all this activity by ICE nationwide is  a great thing in my book. And we don’t need any new laws, just enforcement of the ones we already have. The fact that Barry Soetoro chose to ignore those laws is now old news. There is a new POTUS and he is enforcing the laws as they stand now. Pretty straightforward really.

So, I have some sympathy but over all I am glad to see the long neglected laws getting enforced. In my own mind I believe that simply enforcing the laws on the books would be sufficient to ease the issues in this country and get us back on track.




What’s wrong with NYC? Here’s a clue!

Claro que si. From NY Post: Federal immigration authorities have made 109 requests to the NYPD to detain people since Jan. 1 — and the city hasn’t helped out on any of them. Larry Byrne, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner on legal matters, revealed the figure Monday. “We’ve honored zero of them so far, none,” he […]

via NYPD has refused all ICE detainer requests this year — Fellowship of the Minds

Make Sure Your ICE Info Is Up To Date

You may be curious as to why you would want to update your ICE info on your cell. Well… if you don’t already know it stands for In Case of Emergency. Basicly who can they call if you are incapacitated.  The reason for this is because of inane buttholes that have nothing better to do at night. If I find out who they are then this info may come in handy!

I got up this morning to the sound of my neighbor knocking on my door to inform me that the rear window on my HHR had been destroyed. Well….someone with nothing better to do tossed 2 landscape blocks through my rear window. In the process they also took out the wiper motor, blade and damaged the door itself. Didn’t take anything just trashed the door and glass.

The other thing is that they didn’t take anything. Just a chicken shit hit and run. I will have to pay more attention to where I park but I haven’t had any issues in 16 years of living here so it annoys the crap out of me. The $500 insurance deductible doesn’t exactly help right now, either!

Die! Peckerwoods! Die!