Alive! Well! Sore! But back home!

This is an update for all those out there that need to know!

My surgery went well. The double hernia repair was done yesterday at the John Dingle VA Center in Detroit. It was an outpatient laparoscopy surgery. I also got a two-fer. The surgeon made an extra op to remove a mass I had on my right side of my abdomen for many years. After it was all done I had a total of 5 incisions.

I must say that I was maximum sore when I left the hospital but the meds work awesome! I did get a great nights sleep and this morning it is all slow and easy.

This great AM it is sunny and 70 and I am now out on the patio with my coffee, my stereo is cranking out some nice Eric Johnson, and of course I have my laptop blogging away. Nice and relaxing. Faye Dean gave me a bell to ring if I need something. How sweet! I was leaning more towards a sports air horn but opted not. Steve has been kind enough to hang out here for a couple of days as a babysitter. I really believe he is here more as an enforcer! Cause I tend to push the envelope on my recoveries and I need someone more forceful than Faye Dean, she’s just a girl!

One of the most traumatic parts of the whole scenario was no coffee or bagel the morning of after nothing after 10PM the night before. And then being on my back in the middle of the day for more than a few hours was annoying. But the truth be told I was out for a bit of that. Another agitating sidebar is that the meds they gave me is a severely dry mouth. And I mean severely cottonmouth. So I will bugger off those ASAP!

I just want to add my own VA sidebar here

We all know that the VA as a whole has some issues on a wide variety  of levels. That is not anything new. But with that being said I want to put my 2 cents in.

In all the years I have been in their system my experiences have been mostly positive. Other than some scheduling waits I have been treated well. And on both occasions using the ER it was spectacular. One incident I was inside in 5 minutes the other I was in in 15 minutes! Way better than a regular medical facility.

The docs have addressed all of my issues in a timely manner and in the case of this hernia event it was taken care of in a very timely fashion. While I was checking in for my surgery which is done right next to ER I witnessed a temper tantrum from a vet that didn’t seem to want to get in line to be seen. After being told he would be seen in the order he arrived. There were 4 or 5 people ahead of him but he was dizzy and wanted to see the doctor RIGHT NOW! And then launched into a explicative laced tirade about how that was a bunch of crap and stormed off! I am not sure what planet he was from but that is pretty much how it works at most medical facilities – first come first served. Unless you are missing a limb or something like that. So I am sure he is the kind of person that would be all over the VA for being a bunch of goofies. Sad but true. Just my observation.

But for now I am good to go. So the next few days will be slow and easy. And I will be better in the coming days.

Thanks for your support! Stay tuned!