Have a “not so happy” New Year

Ever wish someone would just suck a bug?

With the ringing in of a New Year heralding a fresh outlook into the future for most there are those that you just can’t seem to shake. These are some of the goofiest SOB’s in our corner of the planet. And you would like to tell them that we hope their year just sucks!

We all have one of these pathetic creatures in our circle of acquaintances.  And don’t take the word acquaintance as anything other than you know them. Period.

How to be a real Dick er Richard

One of these perpetual and predictable pain in the rear personalities is one Richard Ashley of Hazel Park, Mi. From this point on I am going to refer to him as Dick! Dick is just a royal pain-in-the-arse with some delusional fantasies that he is just the smartest guy on the planet and is all that. IMHO what he really needs to do is take a look around himself and see what he really is. Just another Dick, er Richard!

But taking into account an environment that includes a decayed family structure, a rumored educational drop-out and a circle of “friends” that appear to be merely like-minded Facebook personalities. All noise but no substance. Kinda like humanoid sock puppets.

It is actually funny in a backwards kind of way that he currently lives in Hazel Park. It is fondly referred to in the metro Detroit area as “Hazel-tucky” for a variety of not so nice reasons. I didn’t say they weren’t deserved just that it’s not politically correct. But , in this case, very fitting.

Being a Super Dick

This phenomenal Dick thinks that the persistent harassment of someones extended family is just okie dokie.  Even to the point of agitating them out of state.  Yep! You heard it right ! OUT OF STATE!!! He will go to great lengths to perpetuate his juvenile antics. He thinks no one can figure it out. But we do. And pretty easily at that. Sadly they border on legal harassment statutes.

Richard Cranium ( think about it)

This “super smart” Dick’s harassment is usually in the form of calls too various law enforcement agencies with bogus and misleading information. And as usual it is for naught. A colossal waste of time for law enforcement officers and county officials. And the collection of the Police reports is  becoming rather large. And more than once he has been directed by local law enforcement agents to read the docs before he calls.

RTFM – Read The F**king manual

Now, while not being a rocket scientist, I do have a couple of degrees behind me and that would for normal citizens be enough to prompt a quick read of said docs.

Then the assumption here is that a) the party in question, in this case Dick, can indeed read and not actually one of these children that weren’t supposed to left behind. And b) should Dick read it there actually may not be a complete comprehension. How sad is that. This would lead someone to the simple conclusion that there is some underlying learning disability here. On the other hand you might also conclude that he just might be a true dick. Not like in the name Dick, but a real live jack-ass kind of dick. We’ve all know individuals like that.

Either way he is a royal pain-in-the-ass!

With that all said the conclusion her e is that it is only a matter of time before Richard Ashley continues his “modus operandi” and inadvertently steps on his … um …. er …..dick.  And it won’t be a moment too soon if you ask me!  And they do have ointments for these kinds of persistant pains. Preparation H.

In Conclusion

So for all the normal people out there have happy and prosperous New Year!

To Richard Ashley ….. Suck a bug!