And the garden is in too!

It’s planting time!

After a bit of a wait for the weather / calendar to dictate prepping and planting the garden spot, the time has arrived! Cause Faye Dean says so ! That’s why! And Yeah! For now it looks like a nice big square of dirt! But it is a very nice square of dirt!

It didn’t take much but I got it done in a few hours. A rental tiller made short work of the primary prep. And with everything blended in and leveled it was time for the planting. This year we are keeping it simple but trying some new stuff. As usual tomatoes are a primary choice. This year we are adding carrots, radishes, onions and beets. Never done these veggies before so we shall see how it works out.

Some flowers, too!

And while we were at it we did some planting in the front of the house. Mostly added Lilies. And filled the wagon planter with some mixed garden seeds. We will see how well they do in the wagon.

Only thing left to do is the daily watering and then just watch it happen. So stay tuned to see the results.