Ford Sync and State Farm are watching you!

Ford Microsoft and State Farm

Folks these aren’t the only guys watching you and your car. GM has been doing it for years with OnStar. Now Ford is up to the task with Sync. They know where you go, how you got there, how your car is doing, can call assistance in the event of a crash and talk to you even if you didn’t call them. While not being a paranoid person by nature, doesn’t it bother you that these guys are tracking your every movement, and have the capability to sell/give that info to whomever they chose? And that they have the 2 way comm capability on the fly at any time.
Listening in on your conversations in your car maybe? If I want to converse about spreading , say …. guacamole dip on an odd part of my body while wearing a tutu and scuba flippers I truly believe that is me prerogative and I don’t need to be pulled over by the local authorities because I did happen to say that, in the “privacy” of my vehicle to a consenting adult.

According to Ford Connected Services global director Doug VanDagens, he stated “We’re very pleased to be working with State Farm to lower the cost of vehicle ownership for the three million Ford SYNC owners who are driving vehicles with the Vehicle Health Report feature. SYNC Vehicle Health Report is free for the life of the vehicle, so our customers can qualify for insurance discounts without having to pay a monthly subscription.” Beyond tracking mileage, the Vehicle Health Report provides information about performance and maintenance of the car to the driver.
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While I believe that it is a good thing to get a break on your auto insurance, but …… I guess you have to give up another chunk of your privacy to “the man”.
Big Brother is lurking in the shadows methinks!