The patio is all ready for the summer

A few weeks back we got all the flowers for the patio at a local market. Not much to say here. The cool part was that after I talked with the gardener about replanting the flowers into my hanging baskets she said I could save a bunch of time and effort by simply taking off the hangers and drop the pots right into my hanging baskets. I took her advice and we were done in very short order.

Faye Dean is happy and so am I. Lesson learned. So the patio is all decked out and ready for A PARTY ON THE PATIO!

Perking up the patio

Faye Dean picked them out and I hung them out

Our trip to the Royal Oak Flower sale netted a nice selection of hanging baskets. Faye Dean wanted a bunch of color so I told her to pick five that she liked. That took a while to narrow it down but we got it done. And when we got home I did a simple transplant into some lined hanging baskets. This is how it looks now.

Good job, Baby Doll!