Yep! Winter has arrived!

Taint the season to be jolly!

Hard to be jolly with a snow shovel in your hand ain’t it!?

We here in the Detroit area are just getting over our first real snow storm of the season. We got what appears to be 4-5 inches of snow. It was the fluffy stuff so it really wasn’t a whole lot top move. And hopefully it will disappear as fast as it came. So we are all kinda hiding inside and rubbing liniment on our aching joints and just lounging around waiting for spring to get here.

But other than going to and from work we don’t go out much. I try to get the essentials while I am commuting so we don’t have to. So for now it is time to try to get motivated to accomplish some of the indoor stuff I have been putting off. Cleaning out closets and the like.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up cause this recliner is way, way comfortable! So for now it is just getting somewhat prepared for the Winter Solstice festival and all the goofiness that goes along with it. And we can only hope that we all survive the holidays without any major traumas. You know … friends, family, alcohol. It can be tough if little Charlie doesn’t get the 2 zillion dollar whizz bang game machine he was expecting!

So with that being said I will say this about that.

Happy Holidays!

Whatever version you choose to participate in!

DTE Home Protection Plus is a ripoff

DTE Energy

Don’t sign up! It is useless!

I have had this “protection plan” for about a year and I had an incident to use it. What a pain that was! The call went OK. The designated servicer came out at the prearranged time but that is where the good part ended. After replacing the igniter in the oven he determined that it needed a gas valve which he said, as did the work order, it would be 3-7 days to get. OK. After 10 days I gave them a call and low and behold it was no longer available.  And when I called the DTE rep I got the same answer. And to top it all off because I did not get the Greenbacks plan I was on my own. Cool 10 days with no oven. I got another stove and had it in 24 hours. Works great!

Now what it comes down to is this. You pay $21@month for the plan and they want another $17@month for the Greenbacks plan. So you are paying #38@month for who knows how long and at a year $356. For a kinda maybe. And if the appliance in question is over 4 years old it will more than likely be deemed unrepairable. So take it all in and I would say Don’t get this plan!

What a ripoff! Pay the service fee and use a reputable repair service. Nuff said!

Detroit – speak with your vote in September!

Mayor Bing
Mayor Bing (Photo credit: Dave Hogg)

After reading some of the latest news articles about the plan to recall Mayor Bing along with being a viewer of  some very “interesting” Facebook exchanges I was kind of taken aback by the insane timing of this attempt to recall the Mayor. Not only that but some of the other facets that may have been just glanced over during the fervor.

The Detroit City Clerk has confirmed that the county approved a petition to recall Mayor Dave Bing. The language was approved on November 5. From that point, organizers have 90 days in which to gather 43,000 signatures. Read more:

The first facet of this whole scenario that pokes me in the eye  was that the general election is in the fall of the new year. Now if they spend all this time and effort to pull this off in the next couple of months well … nifty neato! They remove him and  that leaves what? Not claiming in any way to understand the implications of doing so I am just guessing here. A temporary vacant position during a critical time in Detroit evolution to a leaner meaner city. Oh yeah! And by the way it leaves the city council in charge and not a state appointed city manager.  Ooooooh! That’s gonna leave a mark! These are the same people that couldn’t function cohesively when he has been there! In my humble opinion. Do you trust them to get the job done in the meantime? I vote NO! What say you?

Now I have to assume that there will a great amount of time and energy expended in a short period of time, a couple of months, to get the 49000 signatures needed to make the recall vote happen. This part of the venture is vary doable. And it also carries with it the presentation of any viable candidates. We will leave this for now.

The next facet is the monetary pieces of the puzzle. Estimates of somewhere in the range of $500K to $900K have been thrown about in the press for this venture. Once again,  the glaring problem here is that this already a bankrupt city. And you are expecting them to casually go along and fund this? Going from bad to worse as I see it!

In my humble sideways view of this whole thing this is what I “see”.  In my version of this scenario I picture all the energy being channeled to the elections in the fall. With energetic civil and religious engines such as Minister  Malik Shabazz, and the other leaders in the Detroit community,  to make sure there are some viable “alternatives” to the current city council members that may need to be unseated. And I am sure there are some very good ones out there. I don’t know any but I am sure they do. This along with their time and energy being brought to bear on the Detroiters who are up for a change, to motivate them and to get them out and make this happen with a vote. The mayor is just a piece of the puzzle. City council needs to be given a good swift kick in the … um… ballot box! And even if some are not unseated it may be the political “wake up call” they need to start getting down to the urgent business of rebuilding the Leaner Meaner Detroit!

Just one mans opinion! But what the heck do I know?!


Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz? Take 2

The original post – Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

This  is a second look at a post I wrote  a while back. What prompted this second look was actually a couple of  events. First was a recent surprising reply from Rev. Shabazz to my original blog entry asking if I thought he was still needed and that he was tired. The second was a  car show event that I attended at Roosevelt Park in Detroit’s oldest community Corktown.

Part 1 – Rev.Shabazz

Speaking his views

We in the Metropolitan Detroit area are all watching Mayor Bing and the City of Detroit battle it’s way through the financial issues. And as this wasn’t enough the city has once again reclaimed the title of Murder Capital of the US.  [ Actually we are #2 behind our ugly step brother Flint!  Minor technicality!  ]

Rev. Shabazz,  besides being in everyone’s face during recent days in Detroit, after you weed through the vocalizations of white supremacy, has always been an energetic engine to get things done. He acts on what he believes. Not a bad thing actually. Sadly many surviving residents of Detroit are numb to all the events around them.  Daily shootings, theft, robberies, car jacking, fires involving all spectrum’s of  neighborhoods is mentally daunting. Their only concern is to simply make it through the day without some major trauma. Sometimes it takes an outspoken, controversial “character” to get people thinking and to get them motivated in order to focus on the problems at hand. Kinda like a slap in the face.  Usually when that happens you react. At what point do the citizens of Detroit get tired of the crimes against themselves, their families and their neighbors? I would think it is past due but apparently not. Kinda like a slap only nastier!

Once again, in my opinion, despite whether you cater to his political/religious views you cannot deny that he has taken it upon himself to organize others for the good of the community as a whole. He reacts! Even if some of the groups he has helped to create have had some controversy, The Detroit 300, what group is not? He did bring them in to play here in Detroit. With the issues of Detroit evolving as they have I believe he may be a very needed individual to help motivate the residents of Detroit to play a part in stopping the violence and to stop the further decay of what is left of a “city under siege” so to speak. They need all the help they can get.

When asked by Charlie Langton in a March Talk Radio 1270 interview after the vocal outburst : Are you still excited to live in the city of Detroit?

Shabazz: I love Detroit, I’m Detroit bred, Detroit led, and Detroit fed, I think we are the greatest city on the planet. I fight crime, I see poor people, I register people to vote, I close down crack houses, we capture criminals, we do things every day because we believe in this city.

I would hope that Rev. Shabazz continues his quest for improving the conditions in the City of Detroit. If it takes the power of his religious / political views to get people moving so be it. While the powers that be battle it out in council chambers to whatever end the residents of the City of Detroit still have to take on life as usual. And if Rev. Shabazz, and others like him, need to step in and do what they can to help residents make it through these treacherous times a bit easier and more comfortably, I say Have At It!

Part 2 – Corktown in the next edition

Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

“Minister” Malik Shabazz is part of the problem. A big part! But also could just as well be part of the solution. You can’t have it both ways! Can you?

Metro Times – News Views: A new breed of Panther.

Let me say up front that while I don’t agree with his revolutionary thinking I do agree with his aggressive activities in and around Detroit. If coupled with other activists and organizations Detroit will survive. A bit bruised and a bit leaner but it will survive. It always does.

With all its problems and the looming specter of a state financial manager it gets increasingly obvious, to me at least, that it could actually survive, and return to it’s prior glory as the “Motor City” if it weren’t for people like “Minister” Shabazz making circus spectacles of any event that fits his New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement agenda of spouting “white supremacy” at every turn. In this case during a town meeting on the cities financial problems.

This is white on black crime,” community activist and Minister Malik Shabazz said from a microphone during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down.

At first sight and sound my reaction to the news clip was one of moral outrage. Could this guy actually be saying this as a spokesman for the citizens of Detroit? I must say it was a spectacular outburst that will no doubt get some media attention. And I know this is a heated issue but white supremacy?

Burn down the city? I guess that’s one solution! What’s left of the million plus residents of a burned out shell of a city would have someone like Shabazz to thank for having no home or business in the former Detroit wasteland. Oh! Wait! NO CITY! Oops! My bad! And I am sure he will be more than resourceful enough to get it rebuilt with … what? The other guys funding or a government handout? Pleeese. His splinter party and their rhetoric is funded by a BBQ sale. Why don’t the people of Detroit see these so called “community activists” for what they are. Media hounds!

Burn down the city? I guess the simple oversight of Detroit having had over 4 decades of black mayors. I guess the fact that Detroit evolved and survived many years of black leadership by the likes of Coleman Young [20 years] and Quami Kilpatrick [6 years]. Both black and both nefarious figures in Detroit history. Split by a couple of terms by another black mayor, Dennis Archer. How come now, under Bing, who is also black, it is a “white supremacy” issue? How about accepting the fact that while Young and Kilpatrick seemingly helped Detroit they also helped themselves, and their cronies, to bilk the city of millions of dollars in assets. In my opinion, they created the death spiral of Detroit to it’s current state of affairs. Kinda hints of black on black crime to me. Couple that with the unfortunate but forgotten fact that because Detroit is predominantly black, the overwhelming number of crimes are black on black! Doesn’t fit the agenda but is a stark reality. Not “white supremacy” in my opinion.

But could they actually be part of the solution? Maybe.

There is an upside to his inflammatory rhetoric. An upside?! Well, yes, actually, he has been an engine in Detroit and surrounding communities to assist with some of the pressing issues with community decay. Drugs and crime. Is he loud? Yes! Is he vocal? Yes! Can he get things moving or done as a “community activist”? Yes! Do I believe in his culturally divisive views? No! But, in my opinion, he can be an engine for Detroits’ survival if he could tone down the “white supremacy” rhetoric by asserting some “black supremacy” leadership in a mostly black Detroit!

Having grown up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s I must say I have a personal affinity for it. It was a great city. And having survived the riots of the late 60’s to see it return was great. Unfortunately after returning to the area in the early 80’s I chose to land in the outer fringes of the city. The city even with all it’s flaws has always had it’s strong figures. And now is when it needs them the most. Not as inflammatory agents of destruction but as vocal agents of positive change! Leave the politics and personal views aside.

In times of need, help can often come from the most unlikely of places. Detroit is a city with exceptional challenges, many of which the government has been ineffective at combating. But controversial minister Malik Shabazz, the black nationalist who has nurtured and energized the New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement for 15 years now, says he has exceptional solutions. A jack-of-all-trades community activist, Shabazz organizes everything from youth empowerment workshops in schools to food and clothing drives to voter registration. But the revolutionary also does more dangerous jobs, jobs typically thought of as work for the city police department. Alongside other Marcus Garvey Movement members, Shabazz sniffs out and confronts drug dealers, inspects suspect business operations, provides security at public parks, and searches for suspected criminals.
Ref Article

With all that being said, even though I get greatly agitated when someone throws out “white supremacy” during a crisis that involves mostly black participants, I believe that “Minister” Shabazz should be looking for ways to stabilize the Detroit community during these upcoming hard times. His continued efforts are actually needed now and should be channeled into helping the community survive this hardship.

As a follow up sidebar- The Black Panthers offering a bounty for George Zimmerman won’t help any black/white community relations in any way. Just an opinion!

We are the most miserable SOB’s in the valley!

America’s Most Miserable Cities, 2012 – Yahoo! Real Estate.

That’s right! We suck!

Thumbs Up!Yep! It has been researched, confirmed and documented. Now published for your enjoyment! We, Michigan have 3 of the top 10 most miserable cities in the US. Hooray for us! This time even Warren gets it just recognition.  Don’t see Oak Park on there but we are in Michigan! And not far from all the “winners”.

And if anyone challenges this we will kick you butt and then shoot you! Hey! This is DETROIT dammit!

Just duckin and runnin! BzeroB


WalMart shoppers fit right in with WalMart attitudes

English: Walmart Home Office, the headquarters...
Image via Wikipedia

It apparently doesn’t matter what coast you are on the WalMart mentality permeates into their customers. I have not liked WalMart for many years and for many reasons but now it is becoming readily apparent that the people that it attracts apparently assimilate the crap-ass attitudes that the company exudes. Now here is some excellent verification.

Violence, pepper spray mar Black Friday shopping

(Reuters) – Black Friday turned into a black mark against American shoppers as riotous crowds brawled over video games, waffle irons and towels, drawing international condemnation and even raising questions about the state of humanity.
Link to article

How much crazier can Black Friday get?

As reports of shopping-related violence rolled in this week from Los Angeles to New York, experts say a volatile mix of desperate retailers and cutthroat marketing has hyped the traditional post-Thanksgiving sales to increasingly frenzied levels. With stores opening earlier, bargain-obsessed shoppers often are sleep-deprived and short-tempered. Arriving in darkness, they also find themselves vulnerable to savvy parking-lot muggers.


You would think that after the death of one of their own employees and the injuring of a pregnant woman in a Black Friday stampede at a Long Island Walmart they would learn some sort of lesson. Think again, BuckO!
This year you have a woman in LA pepper spraying 20 others to get an edge on getting an XBox, you have a couple of major scuffles in a Detroit and an Ohio store over $1.88 towels! Towels?! If you want to see the Detroit version it can be seen on YouTube, by the way. You can also see here the utter chaos in an Arkansas WalMart over $2.00 waffe irons on YouTube here. Waffle irons!? WTF! Another has emerged of WalMart customers in Mesquite, TX literally tearing into a display of $10.00 DVD’s and games on You Tube here. Apparently a woman was almost injured in that incident. A quick search on YouTube will get you a whole pile more chaos and mayhem. Sorry, not an Allstate ad but close.

Now you tell me if this is not a setup or baiting. You be the judge. Not that many of the other major chains do similar events but with WalMarts documented mentality and mission to put any one who opposes them out of business they intentionally go to great lengths to make the prices so ridiculously low that they collect these kind of people. Then you throw in that they have been up all night camped out with lots of other WalMart fanatics things are predictably going to go off the hook.

Am I picking on WalMart? You Betcha! Inmy humble opinion they are the engine driving this buying frenzy. And once again in my humble demented opinion are just chuckling in their ivory tower at all the fanatical patrons that could care less about their neighbor but will do anything to get that prized “bargain”. Think I am off the edge?

Walmart spokesman Greg Rossiter said Black Friday 2011 was safe at most of its nearly 4,000 U.S. stores despite “a few unfortunate incidents.”

How’s that for indifference! Their claim that they can’t be accountable for the actions of non-employees is lame. They can create the atmosphere and provide the essential ingredients for chaos and then stand back and claim it was not their fault. What a pile of smolder dung! Just sayin! So with all my ranting and raving I continue with my own personal crusades. The sad part is that these WalMart incidents have lead directly to other countries labeling the US as subhumans. Is there some responsibility here? I think so. Will WalMart change their ways. I seriously doubt it. But I will continue to NOT support them.

End of rant!

Well, this one at least!

Damn! We slipped to number 3

According to the recent release of the polls it appears that Detroit is only third in the “Most Dangerous City” list. When you think you’re bad then you have cities like St. Louis, MO and Camden, NJ that do their best to steal our thunder. Not that Number 3 is a bad thing but I guess the riff raff in Detroit are just slacking off. Now with that said Michigan does have 2 cities in the top 5. Say Buddy! Way to go Flint! Thanks for your support. You are just as nasty as the ole Big D. So all I can say now is I guess we are the baddest State in the union!

Don’t you just love it!

TRENTON, N.J. – St. Louis overtook Camden, N.J., as the nation’s most dangerous city in 2009, according to a national study released Sunday.

The study by CQ Press found St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, compared with a national average of 429.4. That helped St. Louis beat out Camden, which topped last year’s list and was the most dangerous city for 2003 and 2004.

Detroit, Flint, Mich., and Oakland, Calif., rounded out the top five. For the second straight year, the safest city with more than 75,000 residents was Colonie, N.Y.

Read the rest of the article >>>
You can get the full top 25 and the rest of the list here

Chrysler Drops The Hammer

Mondays announcement that 13 0f the 15 workers caught on camera with alcohol and drugs have been fired. Excellent!

FOX2 Chrysler Firings
FOX2 Detroit workers reaction

And the reactions of most workers is that they did it to themselves. There have been a few that are complaining that the news people are intruding and causing them to “look over their shoulder all the time”. And your point is what? If there isn’t a problem and you are such an arrogant model worker and citizen this should not be a problem. But for a vast majority of people this is no biggie.

City employees, public figures and now factory workers have all been put on notice. The media is everywhere and people and technology make these things more visible than ever. – Video does not take sides. The use of Facebook and texting are also part of the deal. Kwami found that out the hard way. Yep you should beware.

Ain’t technology great! DUNNO!