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BzeroB – point well made. But it is all about making a buck and common sense is NOT a requirement.

Killer beer: El Chapo 701 craft lager coming soon thanks to drug lord’s daughter Anyone that buys this beer is a complete moron for supporting a degenerate mentality like this. That is one of the problems in our twisted society; some fools out there have demented values when it comes to their folk heroes, […]

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BzeroB – Once again we have laws in place but are too timid to enforce them in fear of offending someone!  And Red Flag laws are sinister by design and haven’t worked in the states that have them! And Chicago and the other cities that have the restrictive gun laws have made ordinary citizens the victims. Criminals don’t obey the laws! Doesn’t anyone get that?

USA TODAY: Ohio governor shouted down with chants of ‘Do something’ USA TODAY: Trump: ‘Perhaps’ more is needed on gun control Post from yesterday: It has to be the responsibility of those close to these nutcases to turn them in when they see some out of the ordinary. So many times after the […]

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Another reasonable perspective on Parkland

From:, by Kevin McCullough, on Feb 18, 2018 After days of bitter hurt, anger, deep savage argument, and plenty of non-thinking social media trolls blurting whatever comes to mind through their thumbs, it’s time we as Americans begin a genuine discussion about how to stop the next school shooting from occurring. It’s important that […]

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Parkland tragedy speaks to Gun Rights with conditions

In an age of over politicized response to just about everything it is refreshing to see and hear a common sense constructive response and call to action. Nice!

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The eyes hav it! I am guilty!

It might seem impossible to break away from our digital devices. The average adult spends 11 hours each day in front of a screen. The latest research has proven that screen time can damage our eyes and overall health. Check out the infographic above to learn more about the impact of screens on our […]

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