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BzeroB – Cali is a figurative dumpster fire! It amazes me that the Cali crew have any comprehension of what is going on in their districts. If they do then they are totally negligent and downright ignorant . And to act like nothing is wrong or the ultimate excuse” Orange Man Bad” is truly annoying..

I found this on #Linkedin and thought I would share it. The big wigs in La La Land have little credibility when it come to pointing the finger at someone else. When they point on at #Trump; they have three pointing back at them. As most of the Gazetters know, I love cliche. The one […]

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The price some pay a very heavy price to live in the Golden State of California …. — The Goomba Gazette

BzeroB – Living in Cali is insane! How long can people put up with this? Get out while you are still able to!

More than 50,000 ordered to evacuate, more than 3M to lose power over ‘historic wind event’ Authorities have ordered at least 50,000 people in Northern California to evacuate on Saturday as a potentially “catastrophic” wind event could amplify the wildfires that have scorched the area – Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) confirmed it would initiate a mass power shut-off of nearly […]

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Attacking the people that exposed Planned Parenthood of trafficking in human body parts

CEO of Company That Worked with Planned Parenthood Admits To Selling ‘Intact’ Aborted Babies – Report

The disturbing part of all this is that California is more concerned with prosecuting the reporters Daleiden and Merritt, who blew PP nefarious activities wide open than the subsequent revelations of PP confirming that they were , in fact, doing just that!

It throws a whole new light on just how odd California is and where their true morays lie IMHO. The Stem Express admissions are almost matter of fact. It seems to me that this should generate some serious charges of illegal activities on the part of PP. But for now it looks to me like California is locked on to prosecuting the reporters for invading PP privacy.

This is insane.


Make an example of them …. — The Goomba Gazette

BZEROB – Make notes. One of the key words here is “California”. These murderous gang thugs need to be dealt with and don’t deserve to be housed at our expense for ANy period of time! Death penalty should be the viable option.

‘Callous and cold-hearted’ gang members arrested in ‘unprovoked’ murder of man in front of grandson: Two California gang members were arrested Thursday and charged with the “unprovoked” killing of a 53-year-old man as his young grandson watched, police said. The victim was identified as Alejo Lara Armenta, a “well-liked mechanic” who fixed bicycles for children in his neighborhood. Fresno Police Chief […]

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Future son-in-law …… — The Goomba Gazette

Not much to say here. Predictable? Kinda. But no sympathy for this jackhole. And justt think. California is keeping this guy alive and well for the rest of his life at the public’s expense. Nice! Way to go Cali!

California killer accused of beheading, torturing cellmate I don’t believe in abortions, BUTT only under special circumstances. THIS FREAK is a SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE. Jaime Osuna, a convicted killer has been accused of beheading Luis Romero, another in what authorities call a sadistic torture slaying at a California state prison. The Kings County district attorney charged […]

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California – gathering spot for ICE

Maybe they shoudn’t have warned them and let all the illegal aliens flock to California so that: 1. California could suffer the consequences of their lawless decision…and 2. ICE could go in a year later and round them up

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