Volkswagen boots UAW! Excellent! It’s about time

The UAW loses key vote at Volkswagen Chattanooga.

Nice to see workers finally seeing through the union scam of a better workplace.

Even our glorious Commander and Chief got involved before the election. Yep! Claims that the Republicans are the problem. And exactly what does Mr. Obama have to do with a UAW vote in Tennessee? Cause he is concerned? Nah! Just poking his nose in where he isn’t needed. And throwing around vacuous accusations of meddling. Isn’t that what he was doing?

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama on Friday waded into Washington’s war of words over a union organizing election in Tennessee when he accused Republicans of trying to block labor’s efforts at an auto plant in that state, according to a Democratic aide who heard the remarks. See the article here REUTERS

Could it be that they are one of his largest financial backers? And on  top of that it appears that there were even incentives from mama Volkswagen to NOT go with the UAW.

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee said on Wednesday he has been “assured” that if workers at the Volkswagen AG plant in his hometown of Chattanooga reject United Auto Worker representation, the company will reward the plant with a new product to build. See the article here REUTERS

It has always been my contention that unions are the engine behind our slow economy and the reason for sending jobs off shore. They are the main engine because of their artificially high wages in the plants and factories nationwide. And like politicians they are almost impossible to get rid of rogue workers without an act of congress and two letters from God!

A classic case is the Michigan school teacher, a convicted felon, that the union wants reinstated with $200K of back pay. Say What!?

We will wait to see if Mr. Obama gets involved in this one too.



Obamacare will kill us! Period!

We are heading for a medical apocalypse on Jan 1st

As a senior citizen with some issues it is truly scaring the crap out of me! And  I have a wife with some major medical issues including a pacemaker for her heart issues. It appears that because of this “pile-O-crap” care, that El Presidente has built for us,  we may lose our policy, lose our doctors and lose our hospital. Period. Game. Set. Match!

President Barack Obama is, in my opinion, a sinister calculating liar! Did I say liar? Oops! I meant politician! Well .. we have all heard all of the misinformation that was passed to us by his own lips. And, yes , his lips were moving as the old adage goes.And this is of his own design and mentoring. He had his name all over it for goodness sake.  I sincerely hope he gets his ego bashed by the fallout from this program.

January 1,2014 is when the hammer will fall on all of the core pieces of Obamacare is based on. Those 6Million that have lost their policies will be WITHOUT coverage. Those that did manage to “sign up” for Obamacare will find out that the mechanism to pay the insurance companies is NOT in place yet! Pay attention folks. This means that those that did manage to sign up may NOT be covered because the money that they paid, and is in the hands of someone in the Obama entourage, hasn’t been passed on to those same insurance companies!

And his attempt to “fix” this Obamacare mandated insurance cancellation issue by asking these same companies to reinstate the policies for now. Guess what? At least one has said “No!” Oh! Crap! What now Chief?

Now we come to the killing of America by Obamacare. If you are not covered with insurance you are less likely to get help when needed. If your cost of insurance is destroying your budget or just can’t afford it the same result. If you are covered your wait time to get to a doctor in your system may rise to as much as 30 days!

You could die before you get there! And if you don’t die from medical issues you will “die” financially with the premiums, deductibles and uncovered medications in this wonderfully engineered Obamacare program.

Pay attention folks! This is some serious shit! We are all entitled to kick all these asshats out of office and until then keep cranking on them and hold those accountable for this Obamacare crime against the American people!

Vote! Vote your conscience but vote!

Let me say this about the Navy Yard shooting spree

Aerial view of the Washington Navy Yard. The F...
Aerial view of the Washington Navy Yard. The Forest Sherman class destroyer ex-USS BARRY (DD 933) is visible, center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“disgruntled employee” or “work place violence”

Another tragic mass killing in America at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. Words like “disgruntled employee” and work place violence” are being thrown around in the press. And they are all trying to micro-detail these reasons for this killing spree by a worker.

The one thing that has nagged me all along about this event is not that he got  clearance to be an IS contractor but this, problematic all by itself. How exactly do you get 2 long arms and a small arm onto a “secure” military facility if you are not a security member? And with that said, isn’t it a bit of a stretch / odd for a “security guy” to have TWO long arms with him besides a sidearm? I’m just thinking out loud here.

Everyone is trying to piece together this guys life and timeline leading up to this event. And even our “concerned” President was nice enough to put in his two cents worth. And bringing the perpetrators to justice is kind of a moot point ain’t it Mr. President!? He’s DEAD!

Let’s see what kind of spin they put on this killing event. The guns involved are all “legal”.

Call Him Obama, Mr. Obama, President Obama Whatever!!! He is still the President of the United States!

President Obama
President Obama

Yes, he is black! And yes, he is in the White House! But NO he is not YOUR president . He is OUR president! Get over it!

Up front I want to say this. I did not vote for Obama. But…. like it or not, he is now the guy in charge. He took over a tough set of circumstances and is going forward with his policies and solutions. Let the man get on with his job. The bad part is that there are all flavors and colors of factions claiming they put him there. And these same factions are looking for good things to happen based on what he professed. And they all have “pointy sticks” in hand that they are looking to use on him at the first sign of a “wrong” answer.

Now for my take on this. In the recent weeks it has become more and more apparent to me that there are a whole lot of people that are making some very interesting comments and assumptions regarding our new president. Keep in mind I grew up, live and work in the Detroit metropolitan area.

One event that kind of got me annoyed was a local black air personality went on and on during one of his recent programs about how they now had THEIR president in the White House! WTF?! It appears, to me at least, that there is a pervailling opinion that he got there on their black vote. And that he is there specifically to appease their economic and cultural needs. And that with President Obama in the White House it will make their life better in some way because he is black like they are. After a couple of conversations that went totally sideways into a reverse discrimination vein I have been left with a very bad impression of the current mental state of the local communities.

Another issue that was aired repeatedly on this same program mentioned earlier inferred that we, non-blacks and the press, were somehow intentionally disrespecting Obama by doing just what I did here. Referring to him simply as Obama and not attaching Mr. or President to the particular reference. Man, this is turning the monumental event of the electing of the first black US president into a new chapter in cultural segregation just because he is black! The press and others have continually made references to major news figures by their last name only. How is this any different than refering to Bush, Reagan, Clinton or any other world news figure? It really isn’t a reach to figure out who they are talking about.

The fact that Mr. Obama was elected for his political views and proposed solutions to our nations current state of affairs seems to escape mention in these conversations. Along with the fact that people of all races and colors, not just blacks, voted for him based on these same issues and political views. And worth mentioning at the same time, a lot of others did not vote for him for the same reasons. There are a whole bunch of factions that are all claiming that he is there because of their specific support. Someone, sooner or later, is not going to like some decision that he plays a part in that will cause one of these factions to claim that they have been betrayed! Stand by! It will happen. And, Boy!, are they gonna be pissed!

It’s not like we don’t have enough crap going on to keep us busy , now some individuals are inventing new problems rather than contributing to some equitable solution to one of the more pressing issues in our current state of the nation. Whether we put Mr. or President in front of his name no matter. For those of us that did not vote for him he is still OUR president. Let’s see what he can do with the “bag of snakes” that he has to deal with and see if we can continue in a positive direction. This man has a lot of good ideas and we are all hoping he can do what he said he could! Good Luck Mr. President!

Just one mans’ opinion!