Anti-Trump Jane – the newly refurbished Hanoi Jane!

From Fox News: Jane Fonda made it clear she is not proud of America. During a recent interview with the BBC, Fonda was asked, “Are you proud of America today?” The actress was very quick to reply with a hard “no.” “But, I’m proud of the resistance,” she elaborated. “I’m proud of the people who are turning […]

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George Lopez you are definitely NOT funny

Another Boomerang Effect victim!

Hope it leaves a mark

This is Mr Lopez clowning for the camera

Mr Lopez you have had 9 months to leave like you said you would. Because like it or not, Trump is the POTUS. And your not liking it is pure BS, and not funny when you take a fundraiser for children as an opportunity to inject your political nonsense into an otherwise non-political event. Any after effects are all you! Personal stupidity is not a conspiracy!

Hypocrites like Lopez will never get the message that outside of their little Hollywood bubble is a country filled with Americans who are sick and tired of being insulted by racist entertainers

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Anyone in Children Services watching?

WTF was she thinking?

What thought process thinks it’s just fine to take a child to potentially violent protest?

One warped MF if you ask me! And I hope this gets the attention of the local child services. the only other twisted mental path I can come up with is that it is potential legal fodder  for a lawsuit if the child is hurt in some way. Way sad and twisted. And I hope her employer also is informed of this and acts on it! She is a danger to them and her child and I am assuming just the one child.

If you get a chance feel free to hit her up and enlighten her and her employer about how you feel! I am!

Remember the Antifa dude, Joshua Cobin, who threw a tear gas canister at police and was hit with a pepper ball in his groin? That took place on August 22, 2017 in a protest against President Trump when he went to Phoenix, Arizona for a rally attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters. Outside the rally […]

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Another “Who Cares” moment only now with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

These Hollywierd goonies can’t see that the fallout could be bad for them? I love it! Keep up the “good” work!

His critical thinking skills gone because apparently racism never existed before Nov. 8, 2016. From Yahoo: As President Donald Trump doubled down today on his initial ill-chosen remarks of Saturday that “many sides” were to blame for the death and violence in Charlottesville, The Walking Dead actor who plays one of the vilest characters on […]

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