You got yours! I got mine! Deal with it!

Some times a little bit of home goes a long way!

And an audio poke in the ear doesn’t hurt either!

This American soldier gets a big thumbs up from me! If you gotta listen to their stuff 5 times a day, every day I believe it is only fitting to give them a shot once in a while. Doncha think? And the twist here is they [Muslims] don’t particularly like music of any kind, especially something like this! But what the hey!


US Soldier Interrupts Muslim “Prayer Time” With National Anthem on Electric Guitar [WATCH]

Quoted from the Conservative Tribune
… In the midst of all of this comes a brief moment that is sure to bring a proud smile to most patriotic Americans. A video has been circulating recently on Facebook of a US soldier in Afghanistan doing his own rendition of the National Anthem on an electric guitar during a flag raising. This allegedly took place at the same time as the Muslim call to prayer.

Take a brief moment to listen and enjoy this electric version of the Star Spangled Banner. This is excellent, and a great expression of American pride and patriotism.  As tough as deployment can be on our troops, it is good to see them enjoying some of the creature comforts from home, even if only for a few moments.

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All I can say here is that “I LIKE IT!“.

It is time to let Afghanistan slip back into the dark ages

The killing of 3 AMERICAN doctors by an Afghan security guard should put the pull out of all outside aid to these asshats on the fast track.

And the statements claim they don’t know what the motivation was. Are you frickin serious?! Read more here

Their own “police forces” are at the heart of the problem. These people are not in any way interested in protecting foreign workers trying to help them. If they are so damned determined to be under their own control I say grant them their wish! And at the same time remove all subsidies and support from them. Let them be a sovereign state in the dark ages. Islamic code is what they want so let them have it. They are just as good at killing their own people as they are at annoying the rest of the world. We need to let them have at it. Nothing we can do will change the self ingrained self destruct mechanism of Islam. If given the right amount of time they will take each other out in short order.

They bitch and moan about how they want us out. Well OK then! Will do! Bye Bye! Save our resources and watch them fight each other for the control of their own country. While we recoup ours. That’s just me.

Capt. William Swenson Medal of Honor Recipient: “Pyrrhic Victory” Criticized Leadership: Be a Hero, Find a Hero a Job

Capt. William Swenson Medal of Honor Recipient is one of the countless extraordinary heroes in our military. I salute him and wish him God Speed!





Angry Afghan Lawmakers Demand Shooting Suspect Be Tried In Afghanistan | Fox News

Five suspected militants are being posed to me...
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More outrageous Afghan buffoonery!

They are demanding that the US soldier be detained and tried in Afghanistan. Say what? And they threaten not to sign a “strategic partner agreement” unless we do. And they can do what for us? I missed the significance of this “strategic partnership”. Karsai and the Taliban are mouthing off all over the place. The Afghan militia is killing US and NATO soldiers,
Angry Afghan Lawmakers Demand Shooting Suspect Be Tried In Afghanistan | Fox News.

A very funny, well at least to me, piece of this article was this section

Haji Abdul Ghani, a tribal elder from the area of Panjwai district where the shooting spree occurred warned the U.S. move would cause “people to rise up and increase the hostility between Afghanistan and America.”

And this is new… how? It has gotten to the point that the more they talk the sillier it gets. I really have no respect for them or their way of life. And I really am getting a wee bit agitated at all the BS we are putting up with to keep them as a “strategic partner”.

And another little tidbit from the article …

His visit was marred by a bizarre incident in which an Afghan man crashed a stolen truck at an airfield in southern Afghanistan as the defense secretary’s plane was landing and then exited the vehicle in flames.

It appears that he was an an interpreter working for foreign forces, and died of extensive burns after the incident. I hate to appear to be unfeeling but sucks to be him and I hope Allah accepts his sacrifice. Cause from this side he’s an asshat.

And why in the hell are we even “negotiating” with the Taliban? What’s there to negotiate? I hope they aren’t being considered as a “strategic partner” too. Let me guess.. we will give them some sort of aid to stop attacking. Well… seems to me I have a simpler solution is this. Tell them you attack us and we will hunt you down and blow your stuff up and kill you! That’s their operative mode. Fair game as far as I can tell. Why give them aid? Appears they are pretty good at lying through their turbans to get free stuff.

Karzai Wants US Troops To Pull Back To Military Bases | Fox News

President Barack Obama meets with Afghanistan ...
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Basically Afghan president Karzai not only wants the US troops to pull back to their bases but also wants all the NATO troops to do the same thing! And now we are getting flak from the Taliban! Are you kidding me! Guess they must also be speaking for the Afghan people. Oh! Wait! I thought they weren’t in control anymore? Now, with that done it would leave a majority of the country in the control of the Afghan militia and the Taliban. And we already have a good idea of what they are capable of! Right back to the old ways, only now they have better equipment. I say give them what they want, pull out and cut off the aid. Tag your it! You asked for it and you got it!

Karzai Wants US Troops To Pull Back To Military Bases | Fox News.

These guys are getting a whole lot of arrogant and telling us what we should and should not do. I say cut them loose! Pull out now! Why aren’t we all over Karsai to apprehend and prosecute the killers of the US and NATO troops?! My guess… he can’t because he’s not in charge of his militia.

It really is sad that we spent so many lives and money to get these asshats a “new” country. Apparently they are happy in a stone age culture based on bloodthirsty secular stupidity! But they do make a lot of noise for a bunch of goofies!

APNewsBreak: New case of Afghan killing Marine – Yahoo! News

Chief Justice Shinwani from the Supreme Court ...
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I guess the Afghans are just not ready for the real world!

While there is outrage and all sorts of mouthing off by the Afghans about the Koran burnings, there are an alarming amount of stories about the Afghan militia killing US, and other, soldiers. These asshats just don’t get it! And it appears that our government wants to continue dealing with these asshats on a normal level.

APNewsBreak: New case of Afghan killing Marine – Yahoo! News.

F@#k Them! Now it is our turn to be outraged! Just one mans opinion. Mine!

Stepping up when we should be buzzing off!

Once again I say, it is really a constant annoyance to me that even when the Afghan government can’t seem to control it’s own people, they constantly kill and protest outsiders, that in a time of disaster the US is a major contributor to their efforts despite the asshat mentality of the locals. And we are the first ones to be labeled inhumane.
As far as I am concerned I really would not feel one bit bad if we didn’t contribute a damn thing!

UN says 145 ‘presumed dead’ in Afghan avalanche – Yahoo! News.

They just don’t get it! They are so wrapped up in being religious secular asshats they don’t have a clue how to function as a country. And it appears to me they don’t want to. So …. why bother? We got our own disasters here. Lots of homeless from the tornadoes. Are they helping us? NOPE!

Just one mans opinion.