New Corvette Parts On An Old 51 Ford

For those of you that follow me on Facebook you already know about my hand surgery. For those of you that don’t here is the poop. It has been a progressing problem with me and arthritis. My knees are victims, one more so than the other. Well since it don’t get better, it appears that it progressed into my thumb sockets. To the extent that my left thumb would decide not to work at times. And it hurt like hell when it decided to not work! It had to be fixed soonish…. more like NOW!

After a trip to see a local hand specialist, Doc Taylor, and a few x-rays the problem was readily apparent. The arthritis had taken out the thumb socket and the cartilage. And in place of it had grown 3 large bone spurs. He said he could fix it so a quick outpatient trip to the Botsford Hospital “body shop” ensued. He was able to clean it out, restructure the socket and put in 2 pins to hold it in place till they decide to knit together. The down side is that it was discovered that I also have osteoporosis that may slow, or hinder, the bone healing process. Ain’t getting old a bitch!

And I would like to send out a hearty THANX ALOT to all of the concerned family members with camera phones for the enchanting documentation of the event! Twits!! The pics are out on Facebook too if you wanna see them!

So after a couple of weeks in a soft cast while everything settled in and the swelling went down, I now have a new fiberglass cast. Kinda like putting Corvette parts on an old 51 Ford! So I will have to set aside all of my car projects and car deco stuff till this thing is off.

looking at it I have what appears to be a He Man action figure arm with Kung Fu grip! Now … what did I do with my Power Scepter attachment?? Damn .. I hope I didn’t lose it!!!

At least I can still cruise!!!! Made the Downriver ok and now with the Michigan Ave cruise this weekend and Telegraph on the 25th I will have to just cruise and hang out!

HHR brake issues

It looks like my HHR has acquired the dreaded “brake shake” after some hard braking on an extended trip. It is pretty wicked at times. But after browsing through the forum it appears to be a pretty common problem. I am near the end of my warranty period, but only have 28,000 miles on it, so I need to get it in to the dealer. I understand there is a fix bulletin # 08-05-23-003 on it.We are going to find out how helpful the “new” GM dealers are.

While I am there I will see if they will install the deflector screen for the lower grille opening. Bulletin # 08-06-02-001.

I really do like the car and would like the sedan delivery but for now this will do. I am going to see how good the “new” GM really is to it’s customers!

Getting a hand job!

After the trip to the "body shop"!

Gonna be working with one hand damaged for a few weeks. Just had surgery done on my left thumb socket to rebuild and stabilize what is left of it. Arthritis took out the cartilage and the bone. Doc Taylor rebuilt it with a piece of cadaver bone and it has a couple of pins to lock it down. Lost a small bit of mobility but nothing major. If it works right again with no pain that will be awesome.

So I have to relegate my activities to tasks that don’t need both hands for a bit.

Restored Twin Pines Dairy Truck Triggers Memories


Having grown up on the east side of Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s we had a Twin Pines delivery every few days with the dairy products delivered to the “milk chute” on the driveway side of the house next to the side door.

After seeing this restoration you have to read the rest of the Oakland Press article here.
Another page is from the lead to the 2009 Autorama display. Read the article here.

It brought back some fond memories of the old Detroit. Including my mom sitting me down to eat lunch with Soupy Sales. And his side kicks White Fang, Black Tooth, Pookie and Hippy. But that is a story for another day!

Workin on two new Car Deco projects

Spent most of the day putting the flesh on my two new Car Deco projects. One is a side table made from two discarded suspension struts and the other is a floor lamp using an aluminum control arm for the arm and a 14 inch air cleaner assembly for the lamp housing. Got both of the bases completed, scuffed and painted. And plugged on all the trim ends. Now working on the side table top deck and the lamp wiring to get as much done for today.

Big Gratiot cruise on Saturday would like to add these to the display but it’s gonna be close. The Gratiot cruise is always fun and I am looking forward to it.

Stay Tuned!

Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

English: somali pirates at large
Image via Wikipedia

Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

3 shots – 3 kills!! The rescue of the US ship captain from Somali Pirates makes me cheer for being a Navy veteran.  SEALS take out 3 pirates at about 100 yards was like swatting flies. Great job!! The remaining pirates are ranting  about retaliation. Say what??!!

This ship scenario is actually pretty cool because the crew actually repelled the pirates attempted take over but not before they took the captain into a lifeboat  as a hostage.  Exactly where were they thinking to go??? And since the ship is of US registry it is soverign property. Bang!! Your dead!! Like we don’t have enough military issues these guys decide to “poke the tiger in the side” and thought they would not get hurt. We are a bit cranky and touchy right now. Bad decision!  Go Navy!! Even the president signed off on the use of deadly force so it is said. Thank You Mr. Obama!

A recent  NPR broadcast about the Somali pirates presented the view that the pirates are just trying to make some money in a country that has a failed government and economy.  Not the drug trade but still a bad choice. Piracy has always been dealt with harshly for centuries.  Not any different now.

Once again a Navy veteran who is proud to say Go Navy! BzeroB