What happened to the Radio Flyer I knew?

I was out on the web the other day and came across an article on a new Radio Flyer concept wagon – “Cloud Nine Model 3900”. Now… we are all familiar with the American icon of the red Radio Flyer wagon. And we are also familiar with the auto manufacturers concept cars. Well…this is the Radio Flyer concept wagon. A proposed design but not in production.


On my web site I have a couple of wagons that I have used for various functions but nothing like this! That’s because it features reclining upholstered seats, cup holders, rear and side storage compartments, a sun visor and MP3 player adapter with stereo speakers. And, if I read the article correctly it would cost about $1000.00! Pretty but ….. The sad part is that a selet group ofpeople would buy it. Not me. I will stick to my hand crafted shop wagons.

The Ancient Greeks pre-empted the Dead Parrot sketch

According to the article in Reuters Oddly Enough section for Nov 14 it has been discovered that the ancient Greeks had their own version of the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch! That one invoves a dead slave but follows the gag pretty well.

I guess some things are timeless. Being a long time Python fan that sketch is classic. If you don’t know this sketch check it out the You Tube video.

I guess there are some things older than me… er dirt.

HHR Update

It looks like the boneheads managed to do around $1300 in damage to my HHR. Between the glass, the wiper mech and the damage to the door itself it all adds up. The interior trim around the rear glass got broken too so that is part of the bundle and with having to repaint the rear door after the body work it is a good bundle of cash.

And it looks like I won’t get it back till some time on Monday. So until then we will be sharing the PT and working out transportation schedules until then.

And I am still pretty whizzed off, so the ner-do-well locals had better beware! I am looking for blood! Death by chain saw is always a possability!

On this Veterans Day!

I just want to say that on this Veterans Day I have time to reflect on the 9 years that I served from 1969 to 1978. I also found myself thinking about my brother, Paul, who is in the military at this time. Also the variety of friends whose sons and daughters are in the military and many who are currently in harms way.

It also makes my associations with other members of a couple of groups that I communicate with, the RVAH Community and The CVA60 USS Saratoga Association, that much more relevant to me. So with that said For those that have returned “Welcome Home” for those in country “Good Hunting” and “Be Safe”!

Make Sure Your ICE Info Is Up To Date

You may be curious as to why you would want to update your ICE info on your cell. Well… if you don’t already know it stands for In Case of Emergency. Basicly who can they call if you are incapacitated.  The reason for this is because of inane buttholes that have nothing better to do at night. If I find out who they are then this info may come in handy!

I got up this morning to the sound of my neighbor knocking on my door to inform me that the rear window on my HHR had been destroyed. Well….someone with nothing better to do tossed 2 landscape blocks through my rear window. In the process they also took out the wiper motor, blade and damaged the door itself. Didn’t take anything just trashed the door and glass.

The other thing is that they didn’t take anything. Just a chicken shit hit and run. I will have to pay more attention to where I park but I haven’t had any issues in 16 years of living here so it annoys the crap out of me. The $500 insurance deductible doesn’t exactly help right now, either!

Die! Peckerwoods! Die!

Just In Time – Winter is Here!

It looks like we got the cars situated just in time. We had a light snowfall over night. No biggie! It is the middle of November already. So now I am arming for all the small projects to do during the winter time. Hope you all got your “metal childen” in for the season.