United and other airlines are headed right into the dumpster!

There never seems to be any end to the idiotic behavior of all sorts of people. The airlines seem to be on drugs with the seemingly endless acts of incoherent travesties. Read on!

Another day, another story of United Airlines being horrible to its customers. Thankfully, this incident doesn’t involve anyone being dragged forcibly off a plane or being flown to the wrong continent. This time, United is apologizing to a passenger whose ticket was canceled after he used his phone to record his interaction with airline employees.…

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We all know the double standard. But don’t you dare bring it up!

You’ve most certainly heard of the controversy surrounding Rush Limbaugh and his comments about the college student professional “reproductive activist“. In speaking of her statement regarding contraception (she her friend needs $3,000 to pay for it over three years), he called her a slut and a prostitute. Rush has since apologized yet it’s not good enough […]

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I Need Some Therapy!

I guess I can now tell my wife I am going to therapy! Don’t think she will buy it  but it’s worth a try!

It’s not uncommon for companies to try to finesse their way out of a hefty tax bill, but one Manhattan strip club tried a unique excuse when attempting to skirt $3.1 million in state taxes: Its dancers were providing therapy to customers, and not just entertainment. The New York Daily News reports that the owners of the…

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Josh Whedon you are an asshat!

You own this piece of scum libtards. From Washington Times: Hollywood producer-director Joss Whedon judged a group of teenage cancer survivors according to their (lack of) sexual attractiveness in order to take a shot at Republicans. Mr. Whedon tweeted out a picture of House Speaker Paul D. Ryan meeting some teenagers and said they didn’t […]

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Shame on them for doing this!

Shaming a debtor may be an effective — and potentially illegal or unethical — way of getting them to pay up, but should children who have no control over their family finances be publicly shamed if it gets their parents to pay their outstanding school lunch bills? The New York Times recently took a look…

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Say what? Literally … say what?

NEW YORK — New York City taxi drivers will no longer have to pass an English test under new rules designed to make it easier for immigrants to get behind the wheel of a yellow cab. The test for a taxi license will be available in several languages under regulations that went into effect Friday. The change was approved by the City Council in April and signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio. The New York Times reports that […]

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More University Madness!

For the last seventeen or so years, I have watched with some horror (and not a little disgust) as my former institution of “higher learning” began to slowly slip into the hell of political correctness. I suppose back then I rather naively thought that KSU would somehow manage to stay above the PC lunacy many […]

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