Charlotte city council member compares police to terrorists

So if I compare her to a money grabbing inconsiderate crooked politician then the odds are about right. Well done Ma’am! You and your mouth are your own worst enemies. Elections will be around shortly. Good luck!

Fellowship of the Minds

lawana mayfield

She seems like a nice womyn.

From Fox Insider News: A Charlotte, North Carolina, city councilwoman is receiving backlash after she compared police officers to terrorists on social media.

In the tweet, which was originally posted in March and has gained traction during National Police Week, LaWana Mayfield wrote, “Being black in America under #45 has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms.”

She posted the tweet, which included the hashtag #AReckoningIsComing, after the deadly officer-involved shooting of an unarmed black man in Sacramento, California.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said the tweet was “offensive” and “hard to stomach.”

FOX 46 Charlotte caught up with Mayfield Wednesday afternoon.

“They find an opinion offensive. When you do the research how many black men and women have lost their lives or been assaulted, then we can have this conversation,” Mayfield said.

This is not the first time the councilwoman has come under…

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RIP Our Companion, Snoop Dog


We have released Snoop Dog to his next great adventure

After serving as our companion for over 16 years we have released Snoopy to pursue his next adventure. That is to search out and reunite with his past companions Blue and Freckles. He was also released from his physical detriments and his cancer. Both of which he lived through uncomplaining. While his release is not without some pain to us it is a beginning of his new adventure. Wherever it is he will be looking down on us we are sure. Along with Blue and Freckles.

Snoop, we all loved you for 16 years and you loved us back and protected us unfailingly. We will miss you. A lot!

RIP my Buddy!


Texas teen charged with killing 10 in high school massacre

her e we go again. A demented STUDENT goes over the edge and kills fellow classmates. Not a 40 year old man not a 50 year old woman but a 17 year old student. Oh! And wait ! NO AR-15! A shotgun and a pistol! Maybe Mr Hogg and friends might want to start talking to students about mental health instead of being “the victim” hiding in a closet. There is a common denominator here. Mentally defective teenagers. I can’t wait for the next round of “it could have been an assault weapon but we still need to ban them”. Well, it could have been a light sabre too. What now Chief?

The Crusader Journal

Galveston County Sheriff's Office photo of Dimitrios Pagourtzis the suspect in the Santa Fe High School shooting in Santa Fe Texas Dimitrios Pagourtzis, the suspect in the Santa Fe High School shooting is shown in this booking photo at the Galveston County Jail, released by the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office in Texas, U.S., May 18, 2018. Courtesy Galveston County Sheriff’s Office/Handout via REUTERS

By Liz Hampton and Erwin Seba

SANTA FE, Texas (Reuters) – Texas officials charged a 17-year-old student with murder in the shooting of 10 people, including fellow pupils, at his high school on Friday in an attack similar to the massacre at a Florida high school earlier this year.

Students said a gunman, identified by law enforcement as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, opened fire in a classroom at Santa Fe High School shortly before 8 a.m. CT (1300 GMT) on Friday, and that they fled in panic after seeing classmates wounded and a fire alarm triggered a full evacuation. Ten people were hurt in the attack, Texas Governor Greg Abbott…

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Liberals Freak Out and Call Police Over “White Male With Rifle at Church”…

Liberal Homer Simpsons on the loose! Can’t wait for the respone to my power washer!

Trigger Reset

Springfield, Ohio –

Ok, this manipulation of the public by news media and anti-gunners needs to stop right now. It’s firmly gone out of control.

A Springfield resident called 911 on April 5 because they thought a neighbor had a gun. It was a bassoon …a musical instrument…you know, one that makes sounds other than “pew pew pew.”

Eric Barga teaches bassoon at his old high school, Kenton Ridge High School. After he completed his teaching for the day, he drove to Covenant Presbyterian Church  in preparation for bell choir practice. But he was about a half hour early, as practice usually started at 6:30 p.m..

So, he sat on the hood of his car and just started playing scales. You know, the “doe ray me” kind of thing, also definitely not “pew pew pew.”

But someone called 911 and told officers there was a white male with a rifle…

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Illegal Alien With Magic Gun, Sippy-Cup, and Beer Goes on Shooting Spree in Kansas City…

Another ILLEGAL that has crossed multiple times to terrorize American citizens. How about a simple death penalty for illegals that are repeat offenders of violent crimes? I believe murder falls under that category. They are not entitled to any “due process”. They are NOT our citizens! We have no obligation to them for fair treatment. And IMHO if fair treatment is due then wouldn’t execution be a fair sentence for murder? Where is the MSM coverage? Crickets ….

Trigger Reset


The man who admitted to investigators that he shot at a man in a “luxurious” car, a man on a motorcycle and a man in his driveway Friday night now faces charges for two of the three shootings.

Arnoldo Pompa-Rascon, 41, faces one count of first-degree assault, two counts of armed criminal action and one count of discharging a firearm from a vehicle for both of the shootings that happened in Clay County.

KC tattoo artist Russell Fisk

According to the probable cause statement, it was around 8:14 p.m. Friday when a woman traveling east along NW Barry Road near North Marston Avenue heard a “pop,” saw a silver Dodge Neon take off as the “high-end” sports car a popular KC tattoo artist Russell Fisk was driving ran off the road and into light pole. Police said Fisk died from a gunshot wound to the head. This shooting happened in Platte County.

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Thank GOD! Not ALL College Students Buy Into the Leftist Indoctrination Forced Down Their Throats…

Nice! Really brings out the true sinister undercurrent “tolerant” left don’t it!

Trigger Reset

A conservative woman who recently graduated from Kent State University has received threats after she took aim at her school’s anti-gun policies in a photo shoot where she carried an AR-10 and wore a cap that said, “Come and take it.”

Kaitlin Bennett, a 22-year-old Second Amendment supporter from Zanesville, Ohio and founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent State, a student media outlet that promotes libertarian values, posed in front of the Kent Student Center for the tweet that has gone viral.

Bennett told Fox News she wanted to condemn the school’s “insulting” policies.

KSU Kaitlin Bennett

Kent State University graduate, Kaitlin Bennett, went viral for taking a…

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