Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

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Navy SEALS 3 – Somali Pirates 0

3 shots – 3 kills!! The rescue of the US ship captain from Somali Pirates makes me cheer for being a Navy veteran.  SEALS take out 3 pirates at about 100 yards was like swatting flies. Great job!! The remaining pirates are ranting  about retaliation. Say what??!!

This ship scenario is actually pretty cool because the crew actually repelled the pirates attempted take over but not before they took the captain into a lifeboat  as a hostage.  Exactly where were they thinking to go??? And since the ship is of US registry it is soverign property. Bang!! Your dead!! Like we don’t have enough military issues these guys decide to “poke the tiger in the side” and thought they would not get hurt. We are a bit cranky and touchy right now. Bad decision!  Go Navy!! Even the president signed off on the use of deadly force so it is said. Thank You Mr. Obama!

A recent  NPR broadcast about the Somali pirates presented the view that the pirates are just trying to make some money in a country that has a failed government and economy.  Not the drug trade but still a bad choice. Piracy has always been dealt with harshly for centuries.  Not any different now.

Once again a Navy veteran who is proud to say Go Navy! BzeroB

GM company cars cost $12M last year

Even with all the problems GM still hedges on giving up the company car perk which cost them almost $12M in fuel alone last year. I agree that it does allow some of the new vehicles to be displayed on the streets of neighborhoods across America but I think it could be cut back by a wide margin. But what do I know?! Read on and decide for yourself!

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How Much Tint Can I Use? Window tint that is!

Another common question that I get alot is whaty did they pull me over for my window tint? Well.. probably because it was illegal maybe!?

I did some research and here is the poop. The laws vary widely from state to state. And this adds to the confusion because what is okay in your home state may not apply in another! So if you travel take note! The compiled list in PDF can be found on the International Window Film Association site here.
Here is the condensed version for the state of Michigan.

  • A 4 inch band is allowed at the top of the windshield and front side windows.
  • 35% max reflectivity on front and rear side windows.
  • Any tint is allowed on rear side and back window.
  • There are no restricted colors on tint

What does this mean? Well, here in Michigan you can tint the two front windows a little (35%) and you can go as far as to limo black the rear side and far back. But remember what I said about neighboring states. Ohio has color restrictions (red and yellow) and Indiana does not allow blackening rear glass areas. So tread carefully.

Another chapter in the Gospel According To Bob.

What Is The Fetish With The Blue Headlights?

Almost a day does not go by that I get asked whether we have the “blue” headlights to go in their car. I try to tell them that the “blue” headlights that they see on the high end cars are actually HID (High Intensity Discharge) units, similar to yard lights, they get mad. Then when you throw in the fact that the fake HID blue lights are illegal they really get whizzed. And they still insist that they need them. So… here you go buddy. Enjoy your new sucky lights!

In actuality the blue colored replacement lights, to make them appear to be something they are not, are a much lower light output than a clean white light replacement. Alot of it is basic human eyeball Physiology 101 but you can research it if you like. And I don’t care what color lights you have in your Escort, It’s still an Escort! Not a BMW! My personal opinion is that I won’t the biggest, baddest white light I can get not some lame blue wanna be. I guess I just can’t come to promote something that is an inferior product from others based on color of the light.

But it says “DOT Approved” on it!

Oh, and here is an interesting sidebar. The packaging may say DOT Approved on it but in actuallity the DOT does not approve anything! They are free to put that on the packaging at will. So it is a red herring to say that the product is DOT approved. Trying to add credibility to an inferior product for the uninformed masses. Sweeeet!

Just another chapter in the Gospel According To Bob!

Call Him Obama, Mr. Obama, President Obama Whatever!!! He is still the President of the United States!

President Obama
President Obama

Yes, he is black! And yes, he is in the White House! But NO he is not YOUR president . He is OUR president! Get over it!

Up front I want to say this. I did not vote for Obama. But…. like it or not, he is now the guy in charge. He took over a tough set of circumstances and is going forward with his policies and solutions. Let the man get on with his job. The bad part is that there are all flavors and colors of factions claiming they put him there. And these same factions are looking for good things to happen based on what he professed. And they all have “pointy sticks” in hand that they are looking to use on him at the first sign of a “wrong” answer.

Now for my take on this. In the recent weeks it has become more and more apparent to me that there are a whole lot of people that are making some very interesting comments and assumptions regarding our new president. Keep in mind I grew up, live and work in the Detroit metropolitan area.

One event that kind of got me annoyed was a local black air personality went on and on during one of his recent programs about how they now had THEIR president in the White House! WTF?! It appears, to me at least, that there is a pervailling opinion that he got there on their black vote. And that he is there specifically to appease their economic and cultural needs. And that with President Obama in the White House it will make their life better in some way because he is black like they are. After a couple of conversations that went totally sideways into a reverse discrimination vein I have been left with a very bad impression of the current mental state of the local communities.

Another issue that was aired repeatedly on this same program mentioned earlier inferred that we, non-blacks and the press, were somehow intentionally disrespecting Obama by doing just what I did here. Referring to him simply as Obama and not attaching Mr. or President to the particular reference. Man, this is turning the monumental event of the electing of the first black US president into a new chapter in cultural segregation just because he is black! The press and others have continually made references to major news figures by their last name only. How is this any different than refering to Bush, Reagan, Clinton or any other world news figure? It really isn’t a reach to figure out who they are talking about.

The fact that Mr. Obama was elected for his political views and proposed solutions to our nations current state of affairs seems to escape mention in these conversations. Along with the fact that people of all races and colors, not just blacks, voted for him based on these same issues and political views. And worth mentioning at the same time, a lot of others did not vote for him for the same reasons. There are a whole bunch of factions that are all claiming that he is there because of their specific support. Someone, sooner or later, is not going to like some decision that he plays a part in that will cause one of these factions to claim that they have been betrayed! Stand by! It will happen. And, Boy!, are they gonna be pissed!

It’s not like we don’t have enough crap going on to keep us busy , now some individuals are inventing new problems rather than contributing to some equitable solution to one of the more pressing issues in our current state of the nation. Whether we put Mr. or President in front of his name no matter. For those of us that did not vote for him he is still OUR president. Let’s see what he can do with the “bag of snakes” that he has to deal with and see if we can continue in a positive direction. This man has a lot of good ideas and we are all hoping he can do what he said he could! Good Luck Mr. President!

Just one mans’ opinion!

Prepping For The Winter Solstice

This year the winter solstice is Dec21 at noon. Alban Arthan [Light of Winter] the Neo-Druid pagan celebration will encompass the other christian appropriated holidays. Not just a random coincident! Traditionally on that night you throw down scraps of material of items that symbolize things that have been holding us back during the previous year. Also decorating with evergreens, the hanging of mistletoe and passing out packages to the needy. Kind of sounds like the Christmas and New Years thing maybe!? It is also fact that the early christians banned misletoe because of it’s association with the Druids. But they were arrogant enough to move the childs birthday celebration to coincide with the traditional long standing celebration of the winter solstice. How thoughtfull.

Associated festivals of Wren Day or Mummers Day are traditionally celebrated on Dec 26. There is something for everyone this time of year. Enjoy the day, whatever you call it!!!

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