16 Life Lessons from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Just because it refers to Monte Pythons, Holy Grail makes it worth a look!


Running In My Head

Friday’s inclement weather put a damper on my running plans. Normally I enjoy running in the rain, but when thunder and lightning are involved – or when the Weather Channel warns of high winds with the possibility of hail and tornadoes – I stay inside. My all-time favorite rainy day movie is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. On today’s run, I pondered the life lessons contained in that classic work of comedic gold.

16. Approach unfamiliar animals with caution.

I worked in an animal shelter for six years; I know the benefits of warning people about strange dogs and cats. Trust me, rabies shots hurt less as a preventative than as a cure. However, many of us fail to impart the dangers of biting moose and rabbits with vicious streaks a mile wide. But mommy, they look so cuddly…

15. Don’t judge a book by its cover.


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Nature Against Islam: Container Ship Carrying Weapons for Syrian Rebels Splits in Half and Sinks!

I guess Allah either just cast a vote in this dispute or he isn’t more powerful than Mother Nature! Either way …. Darn! Rats! Too Frickin Bad!


The Muslim Issue

‘A large fleet named “MOL Comfort” carrying Arms for FSA from the U.S. has crashed in the Indian Ocean as it made its way from Singapore to Jeddah, on board were 4,500 containers loaded with arms for the Syrian rebels’

MOL Comfort (ex APL Russia) sank due to yet unclear reasons, sailing from Singapore to Jeddah and after that to North Europe, leaving behind hundreds of drifting containers and a huge aftershock hitting liner sector and all of the maritime industry.

Even the scale of the consequences is hard, impossible, to estimate, not to mention consequences themselves.

This is the 1st case in liner sector, when modern ocean-going liner container vessel (built in Japan!) sank in the ocean after breaking in 2 parts, like a poorly built and managed bulk carrier or over aged coaster. Nothing like this ever occurred, and no one believed it was possible, even theoretically. It…

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The Summer Solstice is here!

Today is the Summer Solstice 2013

The longest day of the year and the first day of summer. It has been a landmark day on the human  calendar for untold centuries. And always a good day to have a party! And as an extra added attraction we get a “Supermoon” to go with it in a couple of days! How cool is that!

Solstice at Stonehenge
Solstice at Stonehenge

Summer Solstice Not What It Used to Be

For many of the ancients, the summer solstice wasn’t just an excuse to party or pray—it was essential to their well-being. Associated with agriculture, the summer solstice was a reminder that a turning point in the growing season had been reached.

“The calendar was very important—much more important than it is now,” said Ricky Patterson, an astronomer at the University of Virginia. “People wanted to know what was going to happen, so that they could be ready.”

But for many modern cultures—and Americans in particular—the solstices and equinoxes no longer attract the same kind of attention they once did.

“The only people who really pay attention to what’s going on outside on a regular basis are the neo-pagans in America and farmers, because it’s important for their growing and harvest seasons,” said Jarita Holbrook, a cultural astronomer at the University of Arizona in Tucson. “But we’re pretty much an indoor culture at this point … so we have less of a connection to the sky.”

Adler’s Hammergren said he doesn’t feel too bad about the declining significance of the solstices in modern society. “Ancient cultures and some modern religions pay very, very close attention to certain natural alignments … and there’s a lot of mysticism and special supernatural significance attached to them,” he said. “The fact that we don’t pay attention to that stuff as much anymore, I think, is a rational thing.”

The University of Arizona’s Holbrook, however, thinks there are certain benefits in keeping the tradition alive. “Paying attention to the solstices is a way of teaching mathematics, celestial mechanics, and astronomy, culture, and history,” she said. “It is also a pretty good party.”‘

Excerpt from National Geographic article

With that out of the way, on to the SUPERMOON!


An Extreme Supermoon occurs when the new or full moon is at 100 percent greater mean perigee. The view of the moon this weekend will therefore be an Extreme Supermoon as it passes 356,991 kilometers away from the Earth, compared to its “typical” distance of 384,400 kilometers.

You can start your info updates here.

Just thought I would pass that on. Not like you needed to know this but it is nice to have some other good things to talk about for a change.

Enjoy the info! Bob


Canivals – A gathering of nerr-do-wells.

The Ball and Basket or Bucket Game
The Ball and Basket or Bucket Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We could live with the cheesy rigged games and the bad food.

But now it’s not the carnies that are the problem it’s the patrons!

Just one last try!

We all know that at some time in our life we have spent way too much just to get a stuffed animal at a carnival. And we are all aware that the games are not really games of chance. If you haven’t already seen or heard about the $2600 stuffed banana here you go.

He emptied his bank account, and all he has is this Rasta banana. Henry Gribbohm, 30, has filed a police report after he says he lost over $2,600 on a carnival game and won only a stuffed banana with dreadlocks, WLKY reported. Read the whole article here.

Carnivals versus The Truth

Now that I have that out of the way, we can move on to a local twist to the whole carnival rip-off element. It’s funny how people get all indignant when they get called out! A local retired police officer has written two very pointed books on the carnival racket. And a carnival operator subsequently decided to sue him for damages. Here’s the outcome. Am I suprised? Not at all. Ain’t America grand!

North American Midway Entertainment of Farmland, Ind., and an “officer” of the company, Danny Huston of Parker City, Ind., filed the suit Oct. 30, 2012. They were suing for $75,000, plus attorney fees, for defamation of the company and Huston; for interfering with North American Midway Entertainment’s business; and to get a retraction of his accusations. Margittay, 68, was a Dearborn officer from 1969 to ’94 and completed a gambling seminar through the Wayne County Detectives Association in 1987. The training, based on information from the state Attorney General’s Office, included carnival games enforcement. The Dearborn resident has written two books: “Carnival Games: The Perfect Crimes — An Alert for Law Enforcement and Would-Be Victims” and “Carnival Games: $10,000,000,000 Hoodwink Racket — Organized Crime on American Midways.” Read the whole article here.

Forget the carnies! It’s turf warfare!

Now that we have spent our money on the overpriced stuffed toy and gotten by the rigged games and the questionable operators and their rickety rides we now have a new threat. These local carnivals, which have up to now been fun outings and even fund raisers for local churches and groups, are now a gathering place for gangs, thugs and other neer-do-wells. Cities like Westland,MI and others are going so far as to ban the carnivals in the interest of public safety.

It’s a popular pastime for many families, but now Westland officials are talking about banning carnivals. It’s not the carnivals themselves, but rather it’s that they’re attracting too much trouble. “The carnivals have been attracting some unruly crowds, some gang activity, some fights, and not just our community, but communities around us, and we’re just kind of looking to see what we can do to keep everybody safe,” said Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik. Read more

You can see what prompted this whole thing here See the story

It’s really sad when kids run amok and their parents claim that they have no responsibility for their kids.  [ I feel another blog article brewing! BzeroB ] And if these hooligans are adults then charge them like one! If their not, charge their parents like one! It has now come to the point of disrupting what have been time honored traditions and fun family events by asshats causes the whole community to suffer from these “out of towners” violent thoughtless actions. Odds on favorite the problem initiators don’t live anywhere near Orchard Lake! Just guessing here.

My Final Thought

Could they be Black Polish Muslims? That might explain it. Just asking a question.

Heat stroke is no joke!

Deutsch: Raumthermometer mit Fahrenheit- und C...
Deutsch: Raumthermometer mit Fahrenheit- und Celsiusskala (USA-Standard). Svenska: Inomhustermometer med Fahrenheit- och Celsiusskala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t mow your Lawn!

Lawn mowing causes heat stroke. I had the personal evidence to prove it yesterday.

In my case it was after I had mowed the lawn in the AM and while I was putting the mower away that I recognized that I was walking kinda sideways. Immediately after that I became aware of a wicked headache, dizziness and was sick to my stomach. So I headed for the house, as I reached the patio gate I had my legs buckle. That’s when I kinda knew I was in some sort of trouble. Once inside I went for the shower and stood under the chilling water for 10 minutes and started to feel a bit better but the nausea and the headache were still there. A quick trip to Urgent Care confirmed the prognosis.

Kinda sorta Fried my brain! Not that there is a whole lot left to work with but I am sure it didn’t help! And the ringing in my ear is up a couple of notches too and that is annoying! But, dammit, the lawn looks great!

Heat stroke results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures — usually in combination with dehydration — which leads to failure of the body’s temperature control system. The medical definition of heat stroke is a core body temperature greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with complications involving the central nervous system that occur after exposure to high temperatures. Other common symptoms include nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation, and sometimes loss of consciousness or coma.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

The hallmark symptom of heat stroke is a core body temperature above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But fainting may be the first sign.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness and light-headedness
  • Lack of sweating despite the heat
  • Red, hot, and dry skin
  • Muscle weakness or cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation, or staggering
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness

Reference WebMD

In my case it kinda snuck up on me and I didn’t catch it until it was on me. I only had some coffee for breakfast and just went about mowing with no thought to needing anything else. I was wrong! And after a stern lecture from Faye Dean, reminding me that I am 61 years old [Well Duh!] and not what I used to be [Thanx Dear!] I was summarily forced to “chill out” for the rest of the day! So I did it!

The only words of wisdom here are “Don’t mow your lawn!” No not really! We all hear about it but the warnings usually go unheeded. Well, pay attention cause it can kill! Nuff said! I do prefer getting fuzzy using the Captain Morgan treatments much better! I am rehydrating myself, right?!

Brian Williams – Thanx for stopping by!

It really sucks when people take notes!

Retail auto parts is always an enlightening experience. The other day was no exception. Actually it was an extraordinary day. I gotta say that in this case I was awestruck. I was so overwhelmed that I was speechless. Well for a minute at least.

Let me lay it out for you

I am Incredible!
I am Incredible!

I had the “pleasure” of dealing with a Mr. Brian Williams and his friend on a spark plug transaction. What started out as a simple transaction involving some spark plugs for a 4.6 liter Ford mod motor turned into a very loud and boisterous enlightenment by Mr. Williams that because I work in a parts store as a clerk I don’t have any idea what I am talking about. Now I have been berated before in this, and other businesses , so I don’t let it get under my skin.  He added that my 61 years have no bearing on what I know! Just another old guy in a parts store. And to make it real I was informed that not only is Mr. Williams an ASE certified mechanic for 25 years, he was personally taught engine building by Austin Coil, the NHRA tuner for John Force! And that Mr. Williams is the record holder at both Milan Dragway in Milan, MI AND, let me repeat that, AND Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk,OH! His own amazing vehicle has 15,000 HP! Yes! He said his 15,000 HP car does 4.2 seconds in the quarter mile! I am truly in awe of Mr Williams and this vehicle. That’s incredible! Incredible I tell you! This get get my attention!

On to the aftermath

I was so amazed that I could not really say anything. Well, kinda till he hit the door. At that point I had a hard time breathing! Why you ask? Because I was laughing so hard it hurt! There is no description that can make this exchange anything more than just frickin incredible. At that point I was so amazed that I decided to do some simple fact checking. Yep! That’s what I did! Here are the results. Ain’t technology a kick in the butt!?

  • ASE certified Mechanic for 25 years” – I’m gonna give him this one! Could be. He is the right age. Haven’t checked the database yet.
  • Personally taught engine building by Austin Coil” – My gut feeling here is probably not! Maybe saw a video by him but that’s about it. Could be, but once again I vote NO!
  • Record holder at Milan Dragway” – Must be using an alias of some sort because they never heard of him! Ever!
  • Record holder at Summit Raceway Park” – Could be using another alias here too because they never heard of him either!
  • 15,000 Horsepower” – not sure on this one. Could be. But it seems that Bill Miller, owner of Bill Miller Engineering (BME) in Carson City, Nevada can only get 8,000 horsepower from his. He must be doing it wrong! I need to hook him up with Brian!
  • “4.2 seconds” – Brian must not be too good a tuner ’cause the guys with only 7000 horses are getting 3.85’s out of theirs at Pomona! His car should be doing 3.2’s if my math is correct!

In Conclusion

This is just my opinion, remember that! Here are some simple observations that I would like to offer up. Brian, if you are going to get on a rant you may want to at least make it believable! And Brian if you are going to start spouting off about how frickin awesome you are you may want to make it credible. Especially if there are numbers of people in the immediate vicinity that heard all the info you gave out. And when it is all said and done, well, in this case Brian you are the asshat not me! I really do look forward to seeing you again. Really I do! I really really am!

Come see me again soon

So Brian if you read this stop by the store I would like to chat further with you. Really! Just ask for Bob! The OLD guy behind the counter.

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How about we get back to taking care of America!

On this Memorial Day Weekend  I have decided to vocalize a couple of opinions that are in my head at this time of reflection.

Those other overseas interest need to take a back seat to our needs here at home

This is just one mans opinion but let me say this. We have our hands full with the latest disasters both natural, Hurricane Sandy and the Midwest twisters, and unnatural, the Boston bombings and the IRS uproar. I believe that we need to pay more attention to our needs here in the US than fooling with the ungrateful asshats on the other continents! It has become readily apparent that we need to get our government to pay attention to getting the US back on solid ground before we continue to expend our resources of money and manpower, including the loss of life, trying to help out ungrateful asshats.

And with our own internal disasters I don’t see any of these “debtor” countries lifting a finger to assist us in our recovery efforts. But they sure seem to have their hand out when it comes to their disasters! And even to the point of being obviously two faced about  the situation.

And speaking of problem children

It amazes me that we continue to be cordial to these radical Muslim run countries that have also made it perfectly clear that they don’t want us there and that they just want to step back into the stone age and be isolated from the rest of the world. Their own actions that exemplify everything that is not acceptable to the rest of the world sets my mind. I say give them what they want! Pull out, stop their aid and remove access to out side resources. Let them step back into the stone age, let them have their “religious freedoms” as they butcher and kill their fellow Muslims. At least we will know where they are at and can watch from a distance. At some point they will have to deal with their own self imposed religious genocide. And maybe their own world neighbors will kick some sense into them when they have had enough of the crap. I have lost all sympathy for these asshats. And isn’t it amazing that they are even going so far as to hide here in the US, and other countries, under the umbrella of sanctuary in order to create mayhem there. Am I wary of Muslims, YES! Is it right? Probably not. Is it justified? ABSOLUTELY!

On top of that it appears, er … let me rephrase that, has become readily apparent that the powers of the radical Muslim world has made it very plain that they have every intention of doing us harm. Albeit in the name of the “peaceful” religion. Since those who are supposedly the true Muslims either can’t be heard or can’t be found in these countries. And as they, the radical Muslims, use their cloak of religion too carry out all sorts of  activities,  I have no problem with the use of overwhelming deadly force to take them out if they chose to attack US citizens, pirate ships and people, take hostages, bomb and terrorize other countries. We have the tools and resources to take them out at will and if they want to get stupid, so be it! Just let them know that if they want to blow up their neighbors in the local market feel free to do so but if you want to take foreign hostage know that we will come and take you, and those around you, out!

Another facet that intrigues me about the followers of Islam is this. Whenever there is a newsworthy incident involving a Muslim extremist incident, like the Boston bombers or now the London killers, the Muslims that voice outrage, voice that all Muslims are not like that, and ask for forgiveness, are not IN a Muslim country! They are in ANOTHER country that has allowed them to immigrate and practice their “peaceful” religion! And then there are always followup statements from the locals that we should not judge all Muslims by these actions! Are you frickin serious?!  While this is noteworthy it still raises a question about just how dangerous are those that remain in the radical Islamic Republics. And yes, it does cast a suspicious eye on any of Islams followers in the US and other like countries. Shouting at your Muslim brothers and sisters from across the ocean is kind of absurd don’t you think?!