Facebook is totally jacked up!

Let me say this about that


After a short time away from Facebook on a voluntary decision, because of it’s toxic and annoying quagmire of crap. I left Twitter a year or so ago for the same reason. I went back on Facebook to connect with my few friends that I do have online. I got a new profile using a throwaway email to avoid the endless emails on status. Then I used my cats pic as an ID photo. It was good for a few days. But for some reason I got locked out. And when I was asked for a photo to verify my account I did something silly and sent them a real photo of me.

You guessed it! They didn’t match! Apparently I am using a false ID and impersonating someone else. Really?! Frickin genius! So because of that I am locked and will probably not unlock it and if they are smart enough to figure out that the cat photo is not me then I will more than likely be deleting it. Again!

So … to my friends on Facebook, if you are looking for me don’t bother! I am not going back there again! I will be using WordPress to write and they will be accessible through my site.

BzeroB.com my website
BzeroB.com my website


Bradley Manning – What the heck is Vogue thinking?!

The magazine has now confirmed that they are driven by a severely altered mental condition that believes that someone like Bradley “Chelsea” Manning is worth a big splash. Just kind of leaving out the obvious documented details about being incarcerated for being CONVICTED of being a seditious asshat apparently is an editorial oversight.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Great! You have put a infamous personality like this is just another guy! [ Biology 101 Yep! A guy. Not a girl. A guy. Transgender … was a guy but with altered mind and parts. Still a guy acting out as a girl! ] Pretty much a convicted male traitor in drag! How’s that for a mental image?

Great! Good job! Keep up the good work! Hope it works out for you! Asshats!

We certainly know Vogue’s stance on American traitors. Try not to lose your lunch reading through this absolute baloney about a convicted traitor. From Yahoo: Chelsea Manning — the transgender Army private imprisoned in 2013 for leaking classified information, whose sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama — has been making a splash, albeit a gradual one, since her […]

via GAG: Vogue promotes a traitor and transgender — Fellowship of the Minds

My sites are down!

Account Suspended” is the WebHosting Pad response 

www.webhostingpad.com1096433650_320_240I have not gotten a response from them yet. It is 0630 here in Detroit. They are in C

hicago so we are close. I am mildly annoyed at this time and I am sure that will elevate as the day goes on if I can’t get any answers from them.

I hope I don’t get into the “blackhole” of support with them. I am really not in the mood for that fight now. They have been known to be quirky. READ MORE HERE – Hosting reviews

I will keep you updated as it progresses. But for now I am looking for another host!

My website has been fixed! Sorry it took so long!

I missed some major glitches in the main site. I apparently missed the link problems in my testing. But I be lieve I got the little bugger fixed and made some updates along the way.

The Library section has had some internal linkage updates to make it a bit easier to get around. The Garage section is still in works. It is almost done. But I am still working on it.

Stay tuned! BzeroB

The NEW BzeroB.com is up and online!

It still has some flaws but I have them in my sights

The NEW Bzerob.com

I now have my library up on site in order to make it mare accessible via small devices [ tablets and phones ] that was the intent behind the redo. While I am not a master at this by any means this redo is a quantum leap in accessibility, for me at least. It’s not like I am a high traffic item on the web.

But as a learning tool it is awesome. So if you are interested give the new sites a fly and see if they do what was intended. Work quicker and more efficiently. I still have some conversions to do, and some tweaking, so don’t get too annoyed if things go a bit sideways.

I am considering a small newsletter system. If you are interested let me know!


New Bzerob.com getting some bugs out

Along with some other site related issues

Site code / WordPress / Twitter / Google+

Right now I am plundering through the new code for the Bob’s Garage site. With some kick butt guitar by Frank Gambale on the stereo. Way soothing and motivating all at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of days debugging my NEW BzeroB.com site code. I came across some display issues on Android phones while I was testing it. So I have had to step back and revert to the basics. Getting cute doesn’t translate into a functional site on a small screen. Lesson learned! So I think I have it worked out and the links are way more usable now. It test good now!

Now I am on to the next segment of my sites. The Bob’s Garage rewrite. I have been at it for a couple of weeks now. On and off. Slowly it is evolving to a usable level. From the PC screen to a tablet and small phone. But I will get it done.

I will probably redo the LIBRARY site and bring it back onsite. But one disaster at a time! For now it will stay out on WordPress.

And speaking of WordPress… I have decided to NOT self host the WP sites. It was more of an admin issue than a WordPress issue. I can’t seem to keep them updated like I like to. The site hosted blogs are now disabled and here I am on the WordPress.com versions. And I am also going to say that once again I am buggering off of Twitter and Google+. I really suck at them and rather than look like a rank amateur I am going to let them ride for now. So it will be Facebook for me and my Garage. For now. I may attack them both later.

Stay Tuned! BZEROB

The NEW BzeroB.com is ready for launch!

It’s ready for prime time!

The new BzeroB.com portal section is coded and cleaned up for production. I know that it doesn’t mean a whole bunch to most of you but it is a learning triumph. And it is a giant leap in learning for me and Bootstrap3 with jQuery. And I am getting the hang of it. I am actually liking it.

It has been up for a bit as a test site and well tested on mobile. And it is slick and quick. Since most people use their mobile to access a site the first time the site is tuned for mobile first. So now it is on to the secondary section.

The main core of Bob’s Garage I have most of the code up and tested. And it is quicker too. With some new features. A bit of restructuring and I should be able to bring most of it all up this week. The car and clutter section may be a bit of a challenge but the new features and code should make it work way nice.

Check it out if you get a chance and let me know how you like it.

Stay Tuned! I am workin’ on it! This is one of my winter projects. I guess I should get a hobby or something!