Thank you Gov. Blevin!

This clip is an intelligent response to the Parkland media circus and all the subsequent “outrage” and “talking points” that have swirled around it.


A very moving tribute to Vietnam Veterans by David Gibson

In celebration of National Vietnam War Veterans day, Mar. 29, retired US Army Captain Carl Conge and his friends Roger Kirby, and Dave Gibson have released a new video to honor those who served in Vietnam.

Gibson – who is featured in the video, and sings lead on the song that accompanies it – is an Academy of Country Music Award Winner who has penned hits for some of the biggest names in country music.

“These Days (He’s Just Tryin’ to Get By)” tells the story of a young man who was drafted, sent to Vietnam with the company that participated in the My Lai Massacre, and returned home a much different person than the one who left to fight in Southeast Asia. It was inspired, in part, by Conge’s older Brother – a Vietnam veteran who passed away in 2010 due to health issues related to the exposure to Agent Orange.

Thank You Sir! From the bottom of my heart!

USN 69-78 / Vietnam 72

Cambridge Analytica Uncovered

Watch and make up your own mind. This is the seedy underside of the company that gleaned info from Facebook. Asshats at work. They need to be called out. And labeled as a subversive group.


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Now for the Facebook empire of Zuckerburg and his arrogant asshatery

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A reasonable proposition to school shootings from President Trump

An actual conversation with a reasonable suggestion. Not just the MSM screaming “We have to do something!” with no solution at hand. And the weary chant for more gun control is an expected outcome. But then you have Chiraq ….