Department of Education’s Civil Rights division head removal is a good option!

A week after the head of the Department of Education’s Civil Rights division publicly apologized for making an unsubstantiated and unsourced claim that nine in 10 sexual assault and harassment allegations are baseless and can be tied back to nothing more than too much drinking and bad breakups, lawmakers are calling for the her removal.…

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I Wouldn’t buy Reebok’s anyway!

But they are a twisted bunch but you are not supposed to care about that! And now Reebok is the new Ms. Manners! I don’t think so.

On July 14, 2017, during President Trump’s visit to France, he complimented 64-year-old Brigitte, the wife of newly-elected French president Emmanuel Macron, 39. Trump called her “beautiful” and “in such good shape”. (The Independent) The MSM Left went berserk, calling Trump sexist. Reebok, a sports footwear and clothing company, tweeted this patronizing poster to scold […]

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No Syrian “moderates”! Ever! They’re Muslim!

The United States is supposed to be fighting Muslim jihadists like ISIS/Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Under Obama, however, the CIA has been arming and training so-called rebels in Syria who, we are told, are “moderates,” but in reality are jihadists. See: CIA expands Obama-approved training of Syrian militants Obama’s Fast

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Millennial Madness! We want socialism but can’t tell you what it is!

Like I’m going to take advice from those who love socialism yet can’t define it. Riiiiight. From Yahoo (via Business Insider): The heated debate about political correctness is often misunderstood. While many individuals across generations dislike the pejorative use of political correctness to represent censorship, a closer investigation reveals generational differences in the desire to […]

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North Korea is dangerous!?

Thank You! Captain Obvious! But thanks also for the public service announcement!

If you were planning to visit North Korea sometime in the near future, you’ll probably need to cancel that hotel reservation in Pyongyang: The U.S. State Department has issued a ban on travel to the country, citing concerns that American could be in danger while there. Safety Concerns On Friday, the Department announced that Secretary…

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DOJ announces largest healthcare fraud bust in nation’s history — 2012 The Awakening

The DOJ doing something good for a change! I’m a bit stunned but maybe there is a new sheriff in town! Excellent! My note is to pay attention to the names on the indicted list. You will be able to pick out those that are not white, anglo-saxon, Protestant from the rest!

by Anneta Griffee/ July 13, 2017/ Crime Thursday morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, M.D., announced at a press conference the conclusion of a massive takedown operation by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, involving $1.3 billion in fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid billings. The takedown is being […]

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Welfare asshat just put the spotlight on herself!

I am going to bet that they identify her and turn off her welfare faucet! This is one arrogant twit!

The Conservative Tribune reports that in a viral clip uploaded to the Internet, a welfare mom of 3 in Brooklyn brags about raping stupid taxpayers, who work 9 to 5, of their hard-earned money. Language Warning: The woman’s rant is full of f_, s_ and a_obscenities and nearly incomprehensible. I was able to make out […]

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