The Hidden Ideas In The Democratic Party

BzeroB – Once you do your homework, and much of that is simple history digging, it is quite apparent that the Democrats are out and out lying. And the knowledge that most of the sheeple won’t do their due diligence and take them at their word. It isn’t hard to discover that all the things that they are ranting and raving against  …. are products that they created! Isn’t that amazing?! Please read and see just what kind of party the Democrats are and the lies that they are telling you.


The Hidden Ideas In The Democratic Party

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Published on: September 12, 2019

Is the Democratic Party a group of people trying to really help the poor?

Let us take a close look at the Democratic Party to see what it is and what Democrats have hidden to keep the public unaware of their true history, a history that would destroy their voters’ support. We will examine a few ideas shown by others and backed up by documents. Let us look at a brief, but inclusive, background of the Democratic Party. We state “inclusive” because the Democratic Party does not include its entire history because if it did, it fears that many people will wake up and see just who they really are and they will lose their power. Let us now show that the Democrats leave out much of their early history from 1856 to 1876. One may wonder why they would do that. This is because had the Democrats included those times, they would show their support for slavery, among a number of other ideas that today would make it very easy to label them as true racists due to their actions.



Jesus is not eating our kids’ homework — Blaska Policy Werkes

BzeroB – this is not good but I will go out on a limb and say it is highly likely this is pretty much across the board in most states. I would hope not but looking around every day makes one wonder.

Kids just ain’t learnin’ in our public schools like they used to The good news is the statewide racial achievement gap is narrowing. The bad news is that it is because white students are regressing at a faster rate than black students. The worse news is regardless of race, kids in Wisconsin’s public schools are more […]

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Attacking the people that exposed Planned Parenthood of trafficking in human body parts

CEO of Company That Worked with Planned Parenthood Admits To Selling ‘Intact’ Aborted Babies – Report

The disturbing part of all this is that California is more concerned with prosecuting the reporters Daleiden and Merritt, who blew PP nefarious activities wide open than the subsequent revelations of PP confirming that they were , in fact, doing just that!

It throws a whole new light on just how odd California is and where their true morays lie IMHO. The Stem Express admissions are almost matter of fact. It seems to me that this should generate some serious charges of illegal activities on the part of PP. But for now it looks to me like California is locked on to prosecuting the reporters for invading PP privacy.

This is insane.


Bad Move: Thug Picks the Wrong Store to Rob… — Trigger Reset

BzeroB – I can’t stress this enough. This thug strolls into the store thinking this is gonna be a cake walk. It looks to me like he has done this before. But America is fed up and all this gun control nonsense is annoying. This is why we need to be armed not disarmed.

This, kids, is exactly how it’s done

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Wrong House: Good girl With a Gun Defends Her Home… — Trigger Reset

BzeroB – We are armed and fed up. Another bad career decision. Well done!

Firearms are a great equalizer and force multiplier. What could have happened if this lady had been unarmed, as the Democrats demand? Never, ever give up your guns!

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VA wrongfully denied millions in veterans’ medical claims —

BzeroB – This needs to be addressed and hopefully resolved. The goofs involved need to be booted out and a new crew installed. This is annoying and an insult to veterans. Especially in a time of need they get screwed!

VA wrongly denied $53M in emergency care claims, affecting 17,400 veterans

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Trump Sending 1,000 More Troops to Middle East, Ilhan Omar Says Iran’s Mine Attacks Against Oil Tankers Trump’s Fault — Kingsjester’s Blog

BzeroB – Omar is a clear example of the internal sedition that is a direct result of allowing Muslims to interfere and attempt to influence how the US does business. [ CAIR ] Her only driving force is the tenants of Islam that call for the destruction of all non-believers [ the US ]. Her chant is consistent and annoying. But it follows the Islamic code. Submit or die. And it is being noticed and we can only hope that she will be dealt with appropriately at the polls. Enough is enough!

When it comes to Iranian attacks on other natIons’ oil pipelines and tankers, enough is enough. President @realDonaldTrump is not to blame for these attacks, the blame lies with the Ayatollah and his henchman. — Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) June 16, 2019 reports that U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) released new images Monday showing the aftermath […]

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