Heat stroke is no joke!

Deutsch: Raumthermometer mit Fahrenheit- und C...
Deutsch: Raumthermometer mit Fahrenheit- und Celsiusskala (USA-Standard). Svenska: Inomhustermometer med Fahrenheit- och Celsiusskala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t mow your Lawn!

Lawn mowing causes heat stroke. I had the personal evidence to prove it yesterday.

In my case it was after I had mowed the lawn in the AM and while I was putting the mower away that I recognized that I was walking kinda sideways. Immediately after that I became aware of a wicked headache, dizziness and was sick to my stomach. So I headed for the house, as I reached the patio gate I had my legs buckle. That’s when I kinda knew I was in some sort of trouble. Once inside I went for the shower and stood under the chilling water for 10 minutes and started to feel a bit better but the nausea and the headache were still there. A quick trip to Urgent Care confirmed the prognosis.

Kinda sorta Fried my brain! Not that there is a whole lot left to work with but I am sure it didn’t help! And the ringing in my ear is up a couple of notches too and that is annoying! But, dammit, the lawn looks great!

Heat stroke results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures — usually in combination with dehydration — which leads to failure of the body’s temperature control system. The medical definition of heat stroke is a core body temperature greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with complications involving the central nervous system that occur after exposure to high temperatures. Other common symptoms include nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation, and sometimes loss of consciousness or coma.

Symptoms of Heat Stroke

The hallmark symptom of heat stroke is a core body temperature above 105 degrees Fahrenheit. But fainting may be the first sign.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness and light-headedness
  • Lack of sweating despite the heat
  • Red, hot, and dry skin
  • Muscle weakness or cramps
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation, or staggering
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness

Reference WebMD

In my case it kinda snuck up on me and I didn’t catch it until it was on me. I only had some coffee for breakfast and just went about mowing with no thought to needing anything else. I was wrong! And after a stern lecture from Faye Dean, reminding me that I am 61 years old [Well Duh!] and not what I used to be [Thanx Dear!] I was summarily forced to “chill out” for the rest of the day! So I did it!

The only words of wisdom here are “Don’t mow your lawn!” No not really! We all hear about it but the warnings usually go unheeded. Well, pay attention cause it can kill! Nuff said! I do prefer getting fuzzy using the Captain Morgan treatments much better! I am rehydrating myself, right?!

IndyMac – New Name – Same Asshats Part II

Just when you thought it was safe!

Theses IndyMacers are some tricky buggers

Now in the previous episode I filled out the same paperwork that  THEY [IndyMac] sent me 5 times, including one “supposedly NEW” emailed version. They were reviewed by my legal advisors and deemed complete and intact. Now the last version was sent by their supposed “loan modification team leader”.  Along with my FULLY completed HAMP forms I FedExed them to IndyMac. I know they got it because I already had the boomerang signature from FedEx.  Apparently they received them because today April 23,2013 at 10:37 I received a call from IndyMac Customer Service Rep Virginia ID#49F who informed me that I had submitted the WRONG FORMS! WTF?! And she stated that “they no longer use that form for loan modification”. Now I know I am not lucid all the time but it appears to me that if I get a form from IndyMac from a “Loan Modification team leader” that it should kinda, maybe, sorta be the RIGHT form. Apparently NOT! Since I had her on the phone I insisted that she email me “the CORRECT FORM” to me so I could see what this NEW FORM looked like.. She did and when I opened it amazingly despite the obvious heading of Borrower Response Package it was not the form that I got previously! Frickin Incredible! Another NEW FORM!

I have been kind of nice up to this point but I have pretty much had it with these asshats! These are some slippery, slimy SOB’s!


One West / Indy Mac continue home piracy without remorse

Folks these people are dangerous! One West and Indy Mac are one in the same. They are the same real estate pirates and nefarious people in new disguise.

I just received another phone call at 10:50 AM EST from Indy Mac Operator Loise ID#805 stating that they need my NEW Borrower Response Package sent in. This is the package that I have gotten 5 of the WRONG ones from the same department since Nov 14,2012. Now this is after a phone call I placed on Saturday 1.26.13 at 10:50am EST that was handled by Operator #78M who was specifically told to note in the file  that I wanted the modification paperwork stopped. She assured me that it was noted[?]

To cover my end I am sending TWO signed letters, along with an included request for written confirmation that the process is stopped, to them separately. We will see if they respond, lose it, claim they didn’t get it, claim  it wasn’t the correct format, whichever. We shall see.

We will see where this all takes us.  But we will have to make a decision in the near future. Stay Tuned!

One West Bank /Indy Mac – Americas’ Own “Money Pirates” Using Real Estate

Yes! I am on a tear here!

This is an additional update to the previous entry here

I am an unfortunate player in this crapass One West/ Indy Mac drama. My loan was shoveled off into their hands a long while ago and it has been nothing but a nightmare since then. And I cannot shake their death grip on me and my home. After a 3 round attempt a few years ago with a “home loan modification” I came out worse than I went in!  They charged me all sorts of extra fees and raised my payment!

These goomba’s, and I am trying to not use 4 letter words here, did the perpetual “I can’t find this doc can you send it again?“, “We don’t seem to have your most recent ______, can you provide those?” and the “This paperwork is out of date you will have to resubmit it!“. It took close to 9 months to get a NO answer because I “made too much”.

I am in another round of loan modifications. And since Nov 15 I have had 5 rejection notices including “You submitted the wrong form. You need to resubmit the NEW one.”, “You didn’t include the right pay stubs”, “You need to give us more updated info”. These are the same issues I had thrown at me in the previous scirmish with these people and it looks like nothing has changed! They want my house!

And I am seriously contemplating withdrawing until I can get a better option. Don’t really know if there is such a thing anymore. But I can’t take a chance and let them default me. The math is way bad! So after my own financial disaster it has become glaringly obvious that I am going to get out of this unscathed. I am 61 years old and Faye Dean can’t work. This really sucks!

Ford Sync and State Farm are watching you!

Ford Microsoft and State Farm

Folks these aren’t the only guys watching you and your car. GM has been doing it for years with OnStar. Now Ford is up to the task with Sync. They know where you go, how you got there, how your car is doing, can call assistance in the event of a crash and talk to you even if you didn’t call them. While not being a paranoid person by nature, doesn’t it bother you that these guys are tracking your every movement, and have the capability to sell/give that info to whomever they chose? And that they have the 2 way comm capability on the fly at any time.
Listening in on your conversations in your car maybe? If I want to converse about spreading , say …. guacamole dip on an odd part of my body while wearing a tutu and scuba flippers I truly believe that is me prerogative and I don’t need to be pulled over by the local authorities because I did happen to say that, in the “privacy” of my vehicle to a consenting adult.

According to Ford Connected Services global director Doug VanDagens, he stated “We’re very pleased to be working with State Farm to lower the cost of vehicle ownership for the three million Ford SYNC owners who are driving vehicles with the Vehicle Health Report feature. SYNC Vehicle Health Report is free for the life of the vehicle, so our customers can qualify for insurance discounts without having to pay a monthly subscription.” Beyond tracking mileage, the Vehicle Health Report provides information about performance and maintenance of the car to the driver.
Read more:Digital Trends

While I believe that it is a good thing to get a break on your auto insurance, but …… I guess you have to give up another chunk of your privacy to “the man”.
Big Brother is lurking in the shadows methinks!

My blog is now under my control

Just relaxin!

After using WordPress.com to host my blogs I am now doing it directly from BzeroB.com. Not a big deal really but it will consolidate how I manage my picture albums and my blog. I hope it will be as transparent as possible and when the new site design is released it will work a whole bunch better. I will; be fine tuning it to mashup both blogs into one but it will make my job a whole lot easier.

Combine or Not Combine

Bob's Garage logo
Bob's Garage logo
At this time it looks like my patience has ended with 110mb.com, my free host provider, worked out for a while nicely but since a hardware crash that took months to fix, and since i was “fixed” add on a total lack of live support to get back on, I will be moving hosts. No biggie. Just trying to get a solid base for my websites. You may or may not have noticed that I have already altered the BzeroB.com website to include a mobile front end that leads into my Bob’s Garage website. I have also integrated my Galleries and Car Deco sections into the Bob’s Garage site. Still 3 modules but all rolled into one. Not 3 seperate entities. Much more managable.

At this time I am also considering merging my two blogs. For ease of maintenance. I have kept the garage and the personal blogs separate but since they aren’t busy I will probably sqoosh them together soonish. No biggie but just consider yourself informed. Voices from the Garage and Rants and Raves will become just Voices from the Garage.

Not another site redo! Yep! Another site redo

The New, New BzeroB.com

Bob's Garage logo
Bob's Garage logo
Well I decided it was time to learn some new stuff and come into the newer world of mobile devices with my websites. Now, I didn’t go so far as to get a dot mobi site but I did design a new landing site that would let me be seen on tablets and phones a lot nicer. All this technology is flying by faster than you can reach out and grab it! So after a bit of rummaging around on the web I came up with some structures that I could work with and the new Adobe Dreamweaver 5.5 is actually geared toward mobile web design so that is where it all went. I am a big DW fan.

With that being said I also decided that for a variety of reasons to at the same time consolidate the BzeroB.com and the Bob’s Garage sites into one more manageable entity … BzeroB’s Garage! Gee, that was easy! So the kluge has begun and this is where we are at. Apparently some of my structure choices aren’t universally accepted but for me they get the job done. As usual things evolve as problems are discovered and “fixes” are invoked. And we all know how that usually works out! So duck and let me know what you find. Enjoy!

And I also incorporated a GALLERY section into this mix for my pics and videos. I am still working on the structure of that element so bear with me if some of the gallery features don’t exactly work right. So far, so good.

Check it out and see if it works for you. Phones and tablets are where i am most concerned, I am not rel good at the mobi stuff… yet!

The New, New BzeroB.com site

Real wives missing after car repo

For all you folks out there in TV land. What in the heck is it with these “new” shows popping up. New? Don’t think so! I am really not interested in another repo show! Not like OP Repo wasn’t enough. Can you say staged? I don’t give a crap if you can lick a reptile or live in a swamp! It is pretty much a bunch of fat ass rednecks with a legal license to steal stuff. Call it what you want that pretty much says it all. And is it just me or are most of the major players in these programs just a few pounds over the legal limit for their height? And their job is for the most part sitting and driving. Apparently none are sponsored by Jenny Craig!

And while it appears we are fascinated with the family lives of has beens, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that Gene Simmons family is just as dysfunctional as most of ours, I really am not interested in seeing that money doesn’t stop the insanity it just takes it to a different level. And I may hit someone if i see one more “Real Wives of [fill in the blank]!
Just my own opinion and observation, but… these are NOT real anythings! Just another bunch of whiney cranky bitches dressed up in spikes and stretch pants from another city bitching about their latte being too cold instead of being the flannel PJ’s, funky 10 year old slippers and huge mug of coffee sweeties like the real wives from next door. They are not anywhere near being “REAL”. And I want to see their stuff why?….Do you recognize any of these twits? I don’t!

I don’t! And the only thing that would be at least a bit entertaining would be if the REAL wives frickin Porsche got repo’d by Swamp Lizard Repo! Now that would be entertaining! Am I tired of all these clones? Yepper! And when the “new” CSI Davenpot Iowa comes out I will probably shoot the TV!

just a cranky old man with a worn out remote control who wants to watch some good old fashioned mayhem and destruction! Now what channel has the REAL midget wrestling! [Sorry,Hulk!]

Summer Solstice – Everyone gets equal time

Deutsch: Sonnenaufgang hinter dem Fersenstein ...
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Summer is officially here! Let the games begin!
Tomorrow, June 21 at 1:16 PM is the summer solstice, the day that night and day share equal time. It is the technical beginning of summer. No big thing, just thought I would point it out to you. It is a notable mark, one of four on the celestial calendar and worth noting.

A 5,000 year old Cairn G at Carrowkeel in North West Ireland is aligned to allow sunlight from the setting sun at the summer solstice to enter the cairn and scan across an orthostat — a stone at the rear of the cairn. The Carrowkeel cairns are in the Bricklieve Mountains in County Sligo. Cairn G has a roofbox above the entrance, similar to Newgrange. The sun enters the chamber through the roofbox at sunset on the days around the summer solstice, illuminating the back of the chamber. Carrowkeel Cairn G is estimated to be 700 years older than Newgrange, it is smaller and less sophisticated, the passage is two meters long compared with nineteen meters at Newgrange.
Now that we got all that trivial pursuit and geography out of the way,
Welcome to Summer! Enjoy!