What about my needs?

From WATE ABC: Italy is considering offering paid ‘menstrual leave’ to women who experience painful periods, according to reports. The lower house of Italy’s Parliament has started discussing a draft law that, if approved, will mandate companies to grant three days of paid leave each month to female employees. If passed, Italy would become the […]

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What’s wrong with NYC? Here’s a clue!

Claro que si. From NY Post: Federal immigration authorities have made 109 requests to the NYPD to detain people since Jan. 1 — and the city hasn’t helped out on any of them. Larry Byrne, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner on legal matters, revealed the figure Monday. “We’ve honored zero of them so far, none,” he […]

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Not a bad deal if you ask me! Good luck!

Fine by me. Let him waste away. From Fox News: Writing from his cell on death row at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan has declared he is going on a “99 pound hunger strike,” according to a letter reviewed by Fox News. The former Army psychiatrist, who opened fire on unarmed fellow […]

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I’m sorry! This is just over the edge!

In the 1970s, in the cause of feminism and female empowerment, U.S. college campuses began offering “assertiveness training” workshops for female students to wean them from passivity. Flash forward 3+ decades to 2017. So-called feminists have gone beyond being “assertive” about their rights. It’s no longer about their economic-political rights. They are now in-your-face about […]

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The Media Does It again!

The narrative must not be destroyed…even if an American citizen (child) is raped and sodomized. Shame, shame, SHAME on the State Run Media (SRM). Attention SRM: Read the police report here. The VICTIM of this rape by an illegal alien had her 14-year-old anus penetrated by the illegal alien’s penis. She replied “stop” several times […]

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No response is not a good response!

Can you hear me now? NOPE!

hearingAfter calling the “corporate overlords” in desperation for a big bag of do-nuthin responses to a series of conversations with the Area Manager that laid out the core of a looming and progressing management problem. And subsequently it culminated in a very unprofessional bizarre screaming and shouting  adult temper-tantrum. I am still waiting for some sort of response to my latest actions aimed at bringing it to someones attention so it can be addressed.

NO corporate response. NO local response. NO regional response. No nothing!

The initial phone call made to the District Manager on Saturday  which was responded with message of “I am very busy right now. We will talk on Monday” has way expired. So I am not expecting any further communication from him.

Sadly predictable

Sad to hear but the sound of silence pretty much fits the pattern of concern that all but leads you to believe that they, O’Reilly’s, really could care less. Once again I refer to GLASS DOOR responses. Of the 1100, or so, are eerily consistent about the lack of concern for workers. I hope this is not the case here.

Professional Courtesy

Out of professional courtesy today , Tuesday, I graciously placed a call to his boss, the Regional Manager, to update him on the backstory to this event. He was in a meeting but I left a message. He is a busy man, too! We’ll see. But at 4PM I finally got the boomerang phone call I have been expecting! My complaint had already been passed down to the local management and had been read. And it was imparted to me that “it will be thoroughly investigated“. All I can do is wait and see what comes next. I am going to keep a wary eye on all events at the store. Why? Because any odd or unusual stuff is noteworthy. As we all know retaliation is illegal.

Now for the investigation

Now we will see the true texture of just how “busy” these managers are and just how “concerned” they, and the governing entities, are over the actions of their minions. And apparently I will not get any update on the progression and status of the investigation. Kind of understandable. But there will be some obvious signs I am sure. So I will know.  My only hope is that it will generate the needed motivation to get this manager the help he needs. Because up to now the only response has been the usual manager-speak platitudes and nothing much beyond that.

Hopefully Waiting


Good read!

Here is a link to a radio talk show piece on local talk radio AM 1130, The Jay Weber Show, that I thought was very enlightening as to why Mexico is really against building the wall. Basically, as stated on the air Mexico is really against building the wall because illegals from Mexico working in […]

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