History repeats itself in many ways!

What you get from sleeping in History class

This is NOT the way to do it!



I do remember the Olongapo bridge.

Also known as the “Shit River Bridge”. I was there in ’72 while attached to RVAH1  aboard the USS Saratoga. Beer was cheap and it was a great diversion from the drudges of war.

The Bridge by: Garland Davis It doesn’t seem so long ago that I crossed that bridge for the first time. It was 1962. A couple of hours at the club to get a buzz on before you hit the gate and crossed the infamous “Shit River Bridge.” Your shipmates had told you about Olongapo and […]

via The Bridge — Tales of an Asia Sailor

A busy week! And a busier weekend!

The week was productive!

The new plant beds at the front of the house are done

It was a bit arduous but I made it. It was a bit of work setting all the landscape blocks leveled and set, The one side required a full extra row to get level. But I got it done.

Once I set the perimeter I had to clear the interior area and that was a bit of work but I did it. Then it was a matter of laying down the fabric and topping it with some brown mulch.

The plants right now are just 4 Hosta’s.  For now. More to come but that’s it for now!

And the weekend was busy too!


Saturday was a guy day out at Billetproof / Detroit Dragway Reunion. Steve, Liam and I loaded up the HHR and headed down to Milan Dragway. The spectator side was the Billetproof rat-rod show and then the pit side got you into the nostalgia dragsters of the Detroit Dragway Reunion.


Lots of drag racing was on hand and the pits seemed to go on forever. But wandering the pits got you up close and personal with all sorts of nostalgia race cars. And there were tons of the regular drag cars too. Between sitting in the stands and watching the drag racing action and strolling through the pits it was a full day.


And I want to acknowledge the guys with Great Lakes Gassers! The whole bunch of them were awesome. They were very cordial and were willing to show off their rides. They made sure Liam got an up close and personal look at the cars and let him try them on for size. They showed him the inner workings of the cockpits and what does what. Great job guys!


Sunday was a great day for a car show! A clear sunny day and a temp around 90. This one was the SAAC – MCR All Ford Show. This annual show had an added attraction this year with the addition of the 50th Anniversity Celebration of the Cougar. Take a big Ford show and throw in about 300 Cougars from across the country and you have a winner. I made sure to stock up on water for the grueling sunny day ahead. I got there early to get situated before the placed packed up so I setup and started my stay by heading for the swap meet area. The rest of the day was spent browsing up and down the rows looking for cars and features. I found plenty of both.


So today is a day of recovery. Unfortunately it’s 90 out today. kind of a duplicate of yesterday. So I will hide in the AC till it cools down this afternoon. Gonna do some steaks once it cools down. Gotta eat, right!? See ya!