Thank you Gov. Blevin!

This clip is an intelligent response to the Parkland media circus and all the subsequent “outrage” and “talking points” that have swirled around it.


A reasonable proposition to school shootings from President Trump

An actual conversation with a reasonable suggestion. Not just the MSM screaming “We have to do something!” with no solution at hand. And the weary chant for more gun control is an expected outcome. But then you have Chiraq ….


Rob Reiner – most likely to be hit by the “boomerang effect”!

In my opinion Rob Reiner is the latest in a long line of  my list of  Hollywierd-really- care-what-you-say players. But , as usual, they just have to say stupid infuriating stuff to stay in the lime light. And when the $h!t storm hits back it will be all about the groveling to explain what he “really” was trying to say. Any bets?

via Rob Reiner calls President Trump an ill sociopath after Florida school shooting

I want my t-shirt dammit!

It is a sad but telling story of how highly paid Hollywierd “entertainers” are all stressed because they didn’t get their Oscar Nominee t-shirt in their goodie bag! WTF was that?! Damn! talk about petty entitled asshats. Have one made for goodness sakes! Are you gonna wear it out on the boulevard while shopping? Don’t think so!

via First world problems: Oscar nominees panic over absent freebie sweatshirts

Cop killers encouraged by Obama are still with us

The deplorable rhetoric promoted by EX-President Obama still resounds in America. And until we rid ourselves of these leftovers from a sad time in US history it will continue. We can only hope that catching and punishing these assassins of our men in blue will bring about an end to this plague on us.

via 12 Cops Killed So Far in 2018, Obama’s Legacy Continues

Again. ISIS claims responsibility with no evidence.


New Years Eve fireworks? Yeah! We [ISIS] did that!

News just in! The ISIS network claims that  their cell of covert explosive agents throughout the United States set that all up as a demonstration of our superior explosive technology! Yeah! Whatever. Previously they were limited to blowing up their own neighbors with crapass cars and trucks. And also losing explosive “experts” with every event.

I have an idea! Now we can give them a get out of jail free experience. To ply their trade as New Years Eve entertainers. I can only watch and applaud as each firework goes off by picturing another ISIS bomber strapped to it while  heading out over the water for our entertainment! How thoughtful. And with such a wonderful colored exit! Nice one! Great execution! Outstanding choreography! Keep up the great work! More! More!

Isis claims St Petersburg supermarket bombing that injured 13 Christmas shoppers with shrapnel

Of course they are! It is the only way they can stay relevant!

I want in on this!

How about this impractical scenario. Say I blow up my mailbox with a cherry bomb, publish it as a major bombing attack against a symbol of the oppressive US Government and US Postal Service with an unknown number of parcels killed, er, destroyed or wounded, er, torn in the daring daylight attack on the Post Office [aka mailbox], throw in some really shaky dark vid from a cell phone of the “attack” making sure it is just blurry enough that you can’t tell if it’s a mailbox or a semi-tractor trailer, publish on Facedork that I really, really, really don’t like continually getting junk mail from a Nigerian prince and wait for the claims from Amaq to pour in! Yeah. Whatever.

Well instead we can just wait for the claims following New Years Eve! Stay tuned! I will be watching and waiting! But only after I get a new mailbox!