Yep! Wait! Was there a Day of Rage?

Damn! I think I missed it!

If you’re out and about, keep your head on a swivel. They have pots and pans. Watch your back.

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Teen Vogue – Right into the Dumpster

They wrote their own epitaph. And all I can say is “nice”!

Something really interesting is happening in America. Hollywood is being fumigated, as one after another sexual pervert is outed. Now the fumigation squad has descended on the entertainment print media. Remember DCG’s post last July on Teen Vogue magazine’s promotion of anal sex? You’ll be glad to know that the anal sex issue was Teen […]

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Chiraq – At some point they are gonna run out of victims!

From MyFoxChicago (Sun-Times Media Wire) – A 3-year-old boy was among 16 people shot, one fatally, in separate incidents across Chicago since Friday evening. The boy was shot and seriously wounded about 12:30 a.m. Sunday while traveling in the back seat of a car in the Washington Park neighborhood on the South Side. The westbound […]

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Jack MeHoff goes to Cambridge! Excellent!

I feel better now

Today the University and Colleges of Cambridge and CUSU are launching a zero tolerance campaign around sexual misconduct. Called ‘Breaking the Silence – Cambridge speaks out against sexual misconduct’, the campaign will highlight a range of new prevention, support and reporting measures coming into effect in 2017. Cambridge now promotes masturbation! It launches today (24 October) […]


Doesn’t praising Hitler and promoting genocide pretty much make you a Nazi?

Following that train of thought … shouldn’t you [ the antifa] attack yourself?

Makes sense to me! And doesn’t promoting terrorism get you a free trip to Gitmo? And shouldn’t the University of Houston, a public university be held accountable in some way? Especially if they won’t host a white supremacist?

By Sara Dogan As revealed in recent congressional testimony, Students for Justice in Palestine is a campus front for Hamas terrorists. SJP’s propaganda activities are orchestrated and funded by a Hamas front group, American Muslims for Palestine, whose chairman is Hatem Bazian and whose principals are former officers of the Holy Land Foundation and […]


Great! Now we have Central American Islamic terrorists!

These goombahs are everywhere! And on top of that he is an illegal. With a criminal record. And an Islamic convert. And arrestedfor a terrorist act. Why do we even consider these jackholes for trial or incarceration? Once convicted send them packing! And bill the “home” country for the expenses.

By Daniel Greenfield “The racist president who is a supremacist — white, who does not like Blacks, does not like the Chinese, he does not like the Muslims, he doesn’t like the Hispanics,” Vicente Adolfo Solano declared in Spanish, standing in front an ISIS flag. “In the name of Allah and our leader, Abu, we […]


The Thug Life – Done!

Xavier Houston, 24 killed in home buglary

A bit of sadness but no tears for this young man after making many bad choices. He just made a bad career choice.

The amazingly familiar rhetoric that almost always follows the death of a young intruder and are once again heard about this young thug include

  • Houston’s grandmother, who asked not to be named, said Houston was a “good boy” when he was growing up.
  •  “That ain’t his M.O. That’s just someone he was with,” said the friend, who asked not to be identified. “That’s just the law of the land I guess, being around people that over-influence you to do something you don’t want to do.”

Now News4Jax found a lengthy criminal history for Houston, including arrests for burglary, aggravated battery, stalking, cyber-stalking and four arrests for domestic battery.

This goof was a problem child! Problem solved! These asshats just don’t get it. People are fed up with their crap and have armed themselves. Like it or not, if you choose to break in to a home, or other stupid criminal act, don’t expect citizens to stand by and take it any more. They are angry and they will kill you! And be justified in doing so.

Welcome to the new norm!

Justice was served

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