The Dream Team? Bloomberg and Clinton Floated as Running Mates, Will Bernie Get Dumped…Again? — Kingsjester’s Blog

BzeroB – OMG Nooooooooooooo!

Y’know, I was trying to find a good tweet about this subject…but most of them were unrepeatable. reports that Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign on Saturday downplayed a report that he is considering 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as his pick for vice president. The Drudge Report, citing a source close to Bloomberg’s campaign, […]

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Sick puppy wearing a white collar … — The Goomba Gazette

BzeroB – The “church” is now officially one twister mass!

#Catholic #priest says “#pedophilia doesn’t #kill anyone,” but bans 44 lawmakers from receiving communion because he says #abortion does Why in the name of all that is #HOLY (if there is such an animal anymore) would this idiot of a guy, that calls himself a priest, make such a sick statement like that?? I guess […]

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Fyk vs. Facebook: How One Man Is Exposing Facebook’s Crimes Against The People

Read and see what is happening here!

Written by: Published on: February 10, 2020

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Scavenger ….. — The Goomba Gazette

BzeroB – point well made. But it is all about making a buck and common sense is NOT a requirement.

Killer beer: El Chapo 701 craft lager coming soon thanks to drug lord’s daughter Anyone that buys this beer is a complete moron for supporting a degenerate mentality like this. That is one of the problems in our twisted society; some fools out there have demented values when it comes to their folk heroes, […]

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Ignorant, sons-a-bitch – traitor ……. — The Goomba Gazette

BzeroB – Another sports genius in geo-politics that is deserving of a visit from the Secret Service. Another example of looting the country for profit them calling for it’s demise and the attacking of the US capitol.  He is deserving of every bit of criticism and anger he gets. No sympathy here.

Albert Haynesworth, ex-Titans player, faces backlash for suggesting Iran attack White House Choose up sides BOY and then make your exit traitor. They all sit at THE BIG BUFFET TABLE the USA has provided them, eat like the hogs they are, gorge the shit out of themselves financially, BUTT when it comes time to […]

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As the Asia Sailor Ages — Tales of an Asia Sailor

BzeroB – It is not too funny that I resemble the list! But what the hey. Life is good.

As the Asia Sailor Ages… By Garland Davis 1. Everything hurts and what doesn’t hurt doesn’t work. 2. The gleam in his eyes is from the sun reflecting off his bifocals. 3. He awakens with the feeling that he pulled a night ion Magsaysay yet didn’t leave the house. 4. His little black book contains […]

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