Navy Vet: ‘CA City Told Me to Take Down American Flag on D-Day’ — Fellowship of the Minds

Now this is some serious crap! You can’t fly an American flag!? WTF is that?

Why does it cost $4,400 to file a petition to amend this law? Insanity. From Fox News: A California Navy veteran and his wife expressed disbelief at the city of Galt telling them to remove a flagpole on their property or face a fine. The couple was informed that the second of their two flagpoles […]

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Memorial Day 2015

This day has dramatic meanings for myself and many other military veterans and their families. And the web is full of fitting tributes to this same group.

I have collected a few that caught my eye. Enjoy the day and remember!

How Fitting is this!

An amateur photographer snapped the image of a bald eagle sitting on a soldier’s tombstone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery and the image is going viral this Memorial Day. The photo was taken by one Mr. Frank Glick who was on his way to work when he saw the eagle perched on the tombstone as he was driving past the cemetery.

God Bless America! Be at Peace Brothers and Sisters!
God Bless America!
Be at Peace Brothers and Sisters!

A bit of patriotic acoustical mayhem

And to my fellow Vietnam Veterans. Welcome Home!

Thank you! Welcome home!
Thank you! Welcome home!

Our first deep thoughts for the New Year from the iY Generation!

My sentiments exactly! I can’t deal with these goofies.

Fellowship of the Minds


Here we go again – deep thoughts from the iY Generation!


Someone should open a dictionary

feminism dictionary

This girl also needs a dictionary…

“The reason why gender abolitionism is racist is that there are several gender identities and roles specific to non-white cultures, it’s a white western ideology that completely neglects to acknowledge that the gender binary was constructed by white colonialists who destroyed and desecrated entire civilizations, destroying gender literally will not do shit”

“im honestly sooooooooooooo cute and anyone who doesnt give me attention is missing out” #me

“you ever think about how many people you know have seen yr boobs/booty on the internet bc it’s never enough”



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The Winter Solstice celebration is here to stay

Not a whole lot to say about the shortest day of the year. And a wide variety of cultures have their own versions.

The winter solstice is just one of the four cornerstones of the “wheel of life”. And this celebration has been going on for centuries. It has also evolved over this time.

The solstice itself may have been a special moment of the annual cycle of the year even during neolithic times. Astronomical events, which during ancient times controlled the mating of animals, sowing of crops and metering of winter reserves between harvests, show how various cultural mythologies and traditions have arisen. This is attested by physical remains in the layouts of late Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological sites, such as Stonehenge in England and Newgrange in Ireland. The primary axes of both of these monuments seem to have been carefully aligned on a sight-line pointing to the winter solstice sunrise (Newgrange) and the winter solstice sunset (Stonehenge). Significant in respect of Stonehenge is the fact that the Great Trilithon was erected outwards from the centre of the monument, i.e., its smooth flat face was turned towards the midwinter Sun.[3]
***** Reference

With that said it is obvious that the primary elements of the celebration of today are remnants of these ancient traditions. It makes me feel that this time of the year has some basic things for the rest of us that aren’t necessarily religious. If you are religious then good for you.

So the Winter Solstice can’t be maligned for it’s religious implications despite it’s alignments with some modern celebrations. So take heart in the knowledge that all these goofies are  really participating in an an ancient pagan party despite what they claim.

So from me to you …. Happy Solstice!

A tribute to D-Day’s fallen from an unusual source

I found this clip on the web and thought I would share it. If you haven’t seen it already check it out! This kid is awesome. He did what we all wish we could have done.

I don’t know about you, but this is moving. All I can say as a follow up is this is an excellent young man! God Speed to him!

Summer Solstice Party

Summer has arrived! Well, not yet really

Not until June 21 at 06:21 AM

Summer solstice at Stonehenge
Summer solstice at Stonehenge

We are again at the door of the Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year and the official start of summer! Hooray! I don’t know about you but I am in the mood to celebrate. So in celebration of the longest day of the year I am having a Solstice party on Saturday June 21. How cool is that?

We will be ringing in the summer pirate style with ice tea heavily seasoned with Capt. Morgan! Earthy with a kick! You pick the flavor and variety of your favorite tea and  I mix it with the Captain! Aaaarg!  Some simple eats and we are good. I am not sure if we can find a May Pole to dance around but after the party gets started something as simple as a baseball bat may have to do. We shall see.

Summer Solstice / Midsummer references

What ever you are doing for the Summer Solstice … Enjoy! And have a great summer!  See ya!

Party On The Patio! Official Opening!

And Happy Mothers Day by the way

Perfect day for a season opener

We have had other private parties on the patio but this is the “official” opener!

Well today has been a busy day already. Treated Faye Dean to new patio plants, both hanging baskets and potted ones for Mothers Day. Headed out to the big Royal Oak Flower sale early, 7AMish to get them in before she woke up.

I got back and the weather so far has been super. So I went to work getting the patio all nice and comfy for the gathering later this afternoon. All the chairs are cushioned and the umbrella is open. I changed into a light pair of shorts and sandals for the first time this season! Now I am comfy.


I already have the dogs, burgers and veggies thawing and ready for grillin. And in the meantime I am here at the table blogging away with an ice cold brewski and the stereo is crankin out some great rockabilly.

So I am good for now and just waitin for the guests to arrive. Faye Dean came out to join me for a bit of the sunshine.

More pics later. Enjoy your day! I am enjoying mine.