Professor Lisa A. Martin – You are one twisted MF!

Dr. Lisa A. Martin this goombah in the guise of U of M professor actually thought about this and then co-authored this piece. Basically you are doubling down on your support for Planned Parenthood Federation which are one of your “clients”.  And this same “gruesomeness” could be the exact fuel for the other side.It’s called a moral conscience!


From Campus Reform: A group of University of Michigan professors recently suggested that abortion providers should be more open about the “gruesomeness” of their jobs. Professor Lisa A. Martin, et al. published an article in the most recent issue of Social Science and Medicine, where they explain that abortion providers “self-censor” in order to avoid […]

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Snowflakes The New American Taliban — Fellowship of the Minds

Art and History be Damned We’ve seen this kind of thing before In the early 1990s the Taliban became famous for defacing and destroying all traces of Buddhism in the lands around Afghanistan and Pakistan. We’ve seen their successors do the same things to priceless historic treasures across North Africa, Syria and Chauldia in the last […]

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White response to constant black rhetoric is racist?

Welcome to the race war that Barry set us up for!

Black insurrection garners silence. This is some pretty pathetic blatant racism all by itself.  Against whites! And I find it very annoying for neo-nazi’s to be called out and not a hint or mention of their ultra- left black groups  or facist antifa that keep agitating for a reaction. Well… you got one!! And everyone seems to put on the OMG! We didn’t see that coming! Asshats!

Last weekend, a planned “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces, descended into violence when white nationalists clashed with counter-protesters, forcing the city to declare a state of emergency. A white man named James Alex Fields Jr., who has schizophrenia and is on anti-psychotic medication, […]

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Another list of Navy truisms! Excellent!

Navy Truisms • A Sailor will walk 10 miles in a freezing rain to get a beer but complain about standing a 4 hour quarterdeck watch on a beautiful, balmy spring day. • A Sailor will lie, cheat and scam to get off the ship early and then will have no idea where he wants […]

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I resemble that shipmate!

Shipmates By Garland Davis A sailor leaves the Navy and retires to the promised “better life. No longer arbitrary bedtimes and waking times, no more sweepers, eight o’clock reports and no more fucking midwatches. Some who know him are jealous and others are pleased, but those of us who preceded him wonder if he knows […]

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Purple Heart Day is an excellent idea!

It sure beats the heck out of Barack Obama day!

August 7 is for the real heroes of this nation that were injured making it what it is. The greatest country on earth. Where you are free to be a total asshat thanks to the men and women of our Armed Forces. But the recognition of their extreme sacrifice is well deserved. I salute them! They deserve a day.

The Purple Heart U.S. Senator Susan Collins and Senator Joe Manchin III have announced their joint resolution in support of Purple Heart Day on August 7 passed the United States Senate unanimously. “The Purple Heart is our National symbol of military sacrifice. It is only fitting that there should be a national day of recognition, […]

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Wells Fargo and fraudulent car insurance charges

And this should be no surprise to anyone. Just another bank fraud by the same group that did this with other loans.

Nearly 25,000 Wells Fargo customers, including many servicemembers, lost their vehicles after failing to pay for unneeded, unwanted insurance the bank charged them for, according to a new report suggests. The New York Times reports that a 60-page internal report prepared for Wells Fargo executives details the bank’s latest customer service fiasco involving hundreds of…

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