Happy Birthday Faye Dean!

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Faye Dean survived another year to get the annual reminder that she has done so. But after a year of bad things she is much better now and to celebrate we, the family and friends, threw her a surprise party. And it was hampered by her insistence that she really didn’t want to go to a party. But with a little carefully timed prodding she was persuaded to go. And it turned out super!

Toni, Allycia and Catie put it together and with the addition of some of Faye’s former work companions it came off nicely. And it was good to get everyone together for this event. And, NO, there was no fire permit for the candles! It really means more to me that she is here and much better. I really do kinda like having her around. I’d be lost without her.

So here is the big bag of pictures from the event that was graciously hosted by a friend of the family.

PS – Don’t forget to ask her how she got the beads!

Luv Ya Babe! Hope to have many more together.


Faye, Bob, Snoop and the Grateful Dead

What the heck was that?

Just an evening on the patio with Faye Dean and Snoop Dog. Grillin and chillin. Had some good Grateful Dead on the stereo and Faye Dean was just singing and diggin! She was singing along to “Casey Jones”! And “Knockin on Heavens Door” with Bob Dylan.

Driving that train, high on cocaine,
Casey Jones is ready, watch your speed.
Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

Casey Jones video

The “In the Dark” album is a keeper and couple that with “Dylan and the Dead” we got ourselves a nice evening. Film at 11!

Well actually film at 7:15!

Makes for a relaxing finish to a nice day!

Party of Two for the Patio

The weather is spectacular and it was a productive day so …. we ended up eating on the patio. Fired up the grille, set up the plates, cranked up the stereo, burned a pack of dogs, cooked some baked beans, broke out some liquid refreshments and what you have here my friends is a

Party for Two on the Patio! Well, three, if we don’t forget Snoop Dog! The cleanup guy. A great way to end a way kool day. Now the following pics are from the day ending outing and ,yes , it was a windy bad hair day but who the hell cares! Right? If the weather continues on then there will be more of these. Yep! Those are Flamingos! Enjoy!

The patio is OPEN!

Party on the patio!

After a hard day of work i took a well deserved rest to officially open the patio! Fired up the tabletop grill, flipped out a couple of burgers and the festivities ring in the new season on the patio! And now it is time for a Captain and Cola. Actually a string of them. And since it is my patio here we go Daddy-O!

Tabletop grille for two!
A well deserved Captain and Cola!
A well deserved Captain and Cola!

Consider yourself informed! The patio is open! And I am not afraid to use it! Cheers all!

Thankgiving – Part Deux

Vodka and a pickle chaser!? Are you serious?!

Yep! It actually worked for me. But not so much for my grandson. We did have a great Thanksgiving dinner at my house on Thursday with my daughter and grandkids here. But we got another invite to a second Thanksgiving dinner event on Friday we, Faye and I, had an opportunity to go to my grandsons in-laws for a second dinner. With his in-laws having immigrated from Poland it was a great learning experience. The food was super. Well, not just because of the Polish variety of food but because I learned that if you eat pickles as a chaser for a slug of cherry vodka you don’t get a hangover. I was skeptical at first but in the course of the evening I was able to collect the data needed to try and substantiate the claim. A slug of Polish vodka followed by a pickle. And I repeated this ritual more than a few times. Along with a beer or two during the same meal …er …. test session. It did make for one smashing evening. Thanks guys! Side note: Faye Dean does not care for vodka, cherry or otherwise.

Now I must say it was a bit interesting getting home but it was done safely. I was not really looking forward to morning but hopeful. Well ….. the results are in and I must admit that I am mildly shocked. It worked. No hangover and it was a regular morning. Coffee and I am good to go. Now I am not claiming this works on all liquid refreshments but in my case it did. So as unappealing as it may sound keep it in the back of your mind the next time you want to drink vodka and don’t want a morning after effect. Feel free to experiment, just fooling!

With that said I am going about my day in a routine sort of way. Gotta go to work later. So long for now!

Thanksgiving Already!?

A couple of old Goofy Birds Say “Happy Thanksgiving”

Bob and Faye
Bob and Faye at Red Robin

It seems that the time just speeds by as you get older. Next thing you know it will be Christmas! I can say that now that I am 60. And I must say that I am looking forward to the whole blad gam family getting together for Turkey Day. We are lucky enough to have my grandson, Logan and his wife and her son here for the get together. Snoop Dog even got a visitor, Logans’ dog Lucy! She came with the family from Kentucky. She is staying here for a couple of days. They have been running around the yard like lunatics and playing tug-o-war all day.

I just want to wish all my extended family and my Facebook buddies all a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your loved ones. And sometimes the not so loved ones, but it’s all good. Some people just don’t get it but you gotta luv em anyway! Enloy and get ready cause Christmas is next real soon!

Best Wishes, Bob, Faye and Snoop Dog.

New kitchen floor is started

Just relaxin!

This week of vacating has become a time to get some serious stuff done around the house. I am currently getting after the kitchen floor. And I may even get to redoing the railing upstairs in my den. One project at a time this week. I told Faye Dean I would do it as a birthday/ holiday gift, so here I go!

After clearing out all the old defunct flooring I have a good start on the new one. A trip to my local Home Depot got a couple of cases of commercial tiles and I had some of the glue left over from the bathroom / entry landing tile job. I figured I would get the main sink area done first and then worry about finagling around the doorway trim and under the appliances. The main field went in uneventfully.

Well, sorta. During the session I got some of the adhesive on one of my shoes and rather than track it all over the place I decided to clean it off before I did. Well. while I was cleaning it off of my shoe I managed to step backwards into the same glue with my socks! Oh well! Trashed a pair of socks but Damn it! I got my shoe cleaned! The rest of the session went well, actually. So for now I have the main sink area and a major section in front of the appliances done so I can move the appliances out tomorrow and get the field laid under where they will sit.

So now with a bit of clean up I think I will treat myself to what I believe to be a well deserved Captain Morgan cocktail or two! Oh! and I got a nice Captain Morgan mug on my last pass thru the local Salvation Army stores last week along with an awesome Pierre Cardin Hawaiian shirt. [Sounds like a photo op to me!] But that’s another story. Too cold for a party on the patio so I will just crank up some Jethro Tull in the den and cruise the web for a while to relax. Maybe I will update my photo galleries on Bob’s Garage. Sounds like a plan.
Stay tuned!