The patio is all ready for the summer

A few weeks back we got all the flowers for the patio at a local market. Not much to say here. The cool part was that after I talked with the gardener about replanting the flowers into my hanging baskets she said I could save a bunch of time and effort by simply taking off the hangers and drop the pots right into my hanging baskets. I took her advice and we were done in very short order.

Faye Dean is happy and so am I. Lesson learned. So the patio is all decked out and ready for A PARTY ON THE PATIO!

A great day on the patio

Faye Dean and I get to play in the dirt

A great day of gardening on the patio

The day started well with a great sunny morning . A quick trip to the annual city flower sale here in Oak Park netted a hand full of garden plants from the wants list that Faye Dean had given me. Once I got home that’s when the dirty fun began.

We had decided  that the normal garden spot out in the yard may be a bit of a stress for Faye Dean to get to and maintain. So I got 10 large planting containers to put on the patio right outside the side door. Once I got all 10 of the containers and a few bags of planting mix the dirty fun began. It was kind of a production line of pots and mix and plants so in no time they were all in their new homes.

After the clean up we scooted them to a nice spot on the patio. So now Faye Dean can check on them without a whole lot of walking around. We also get to see them any time we are out on the patio. I think it works out well that way. We shall see.

With all that work it was a fitting reward to have a nice grilled dinner on the patio. It worked out well.

Bye for now!

Party On The Patio! Official Opening!

And Happy Mothers Day by the way

Perfect day for a season opener

We have had other private parties on the patio but this is the “official” opener!

Well today has been a busy day already. Treated Faye Dean to new patio plants, both hanging baskets and potted ones for Mothers Day. Headed out to the big Royal Oak Flower sale early, 7AMish to get them in before she woke up.

I got back and the weather so far has been super. So I went to work getting the patio all nice and comfy for the gathering later this afternoon. All the chairs are cushioned and the umbrella is open. I changed into a light pair of shorts and sandals for the first time this season! Now I am comfy.


I already have the dogs, burgers and veggies thawing and ready for grillin. And in the meantime I am here at the table blogging away with an ice cold brewski and the stereo is crankin out some great rockabilly.

So I am good for now and just waitin for the guests to arrive. Faye Dean came out to join me for a bit of the sunshine.

More pics later. Enjoy your day! I am enjoying mine.


Another piece falls into place

Faye Dean is covered!

Today I completed the process of getting Faye Dean covered for the coming year. And with a full dental plan also. After checking out a whole lot of resources including, I was getting both annoyed and up close and personal observation of the wonderful Obamacare system. I must say I was getting a bit anxious about getting her covered.

But , as usual, she stepped in and pointed me at a group called Healthmarkets Insurance Agency. Once I got a call back from their agent it was a lifesaver. He went through my needs and then helped me find one that would work for us and then assisted in filling out the paperwork online with me. And he helped explain a lot of the confusing stuff along the way. And the final outcome was a plan I could actually afford and with dental coverage.

All I can say at this time is that these guys are good! Walter, the agent that assisted me, was very helpful.  I recommend them big time! If you are confused as to what to do and what plan will work to you please check these guys out and get some good info.

That’s it for now. Time for I am that much closer to getting this new year and my retirement into some semblance of comfort. Stay tuned for more updates.

It’s official! I am an old retired guy!

It has finally come to that time! I have retired!

Bob and Faye
Bob and Faye at Red Robin

There I said it! Retired. Not Retarded! Retired! It has been an interesting couple of weeks since I was released by Advance Auto Parts. But I must say that it may have been the engine I needed to  head in a new direction. With the go ahead from my senior advisers it was finalized. What direction that is exactly is a bit shady at this time. The paperwork is in so here we go.

My main focus at this point is Faye Deans’ health and well being. We will have 43 excellent years together in February and I intend to have quite a few more. She is my Gravity! [ If you haven’t heard the song, my favorite version is by Leslie West, then hit the link at the end and give it a listen. That is it! Dead on! ] So with this whole mix I am getting her medically covered until her Medicare kicks in in March next year, because of  a 24 month hold on benefits with SS  Disability. And VA is going to cover me free so we are good.

That leaves me with some breathing space for now. I can spend some quality time together and get all the stuff done that I have neglected for one reason or another.  Also know as a Honey-Do list. Much of it was postponed and now I can’t use the ole’ I’m tired from work or I gotta get up in the morning bit. Won’t work no more! cause don’t work no more!

Now, let me rephrase that last statement. I can work if I want to. I am limited as to what I can make before I get penalized. So as long as I stay within those parameters I am good to go. And it will get me  plenty of  leeway to participate and relax. I said that too! RELAX! So I may just be taking a part time job to get some pocket change. I do have to stay in the Captain Morgan you know! And when cruise time comes around I don’t have to schedule around it. I can cruise all of them! That will be way different! And I can work on my cars unmolested by a work schedule. That’s going to take some getting used to.  And working at my lesiure is way different. I will let you know how it works out.

There is a major effort afoot to make sure we Party On The Patio a bit more! A new to me grille is on the way and a couple of new tables and the plan is set! Stay tuned. Let the grilling begin! When the weather is appropriate of course.  For now this is the plan . Let’s see how well I can pull it off.

I thank all of you for your input so I believe I am moving in the right direction!

NOTE: Before you go you gotta give this a listen! My Gravity By Leslie West! Faye Dean says I have to include my unofficial theme song – Dinosaur – by King Crimson. Another special tribute to Faye Dean is  a song that even she likes from King Crimson – Heartbeat

A new chapter is ready to start! Consider yourself informed!

Gee! This is a no brainer!

Just relaxin!
Thinkin about stuff
Since my release from Advance Auto Parts I have had a chance to look around at my other options and one thing has reared it’s head. The simple fact that I don’t have to be out in the freezing cold putting on wipers or installing a battery is reason enough to not even consider going back to the auto retail environment. And even though it is called an optional service by the chains it is both expected and required. Even if it means putting employees at risk in below zero plus temperatures. And this is from people who probably haven’t ever done one. Just an observation.

It appears that I can get my VA insurance coverage for nothing. Getting all the details right now but I will fill you in as it comes around. Way cool I should have gotten it a long time ago. If I can get Faye Dean covered we are good to go for an early retirement. Fayes Medicare is delayed till March next year. A small disability fine print thing. We will see if she can get Medicaid until then. But for now I am good.

Well, with a couple of small glitches. I went on a ride along with Faye to the doctor the other day. And with my insurance in limbo I had the doc do a quick check up. For the most part I am OK. So I annoyed the techs with the pulse reader. Annoyed by them thinking the machine was bad. After two readers, a check was done the old fashioned way and Nope! the readers weren’t broke. I have a known documented low heart rate. It was certified. Then they did the BP. It was 150/100. A bit on the high side. My first response was “Well! Duh! I just got fired!” Then Doc told me it was up the last time I came in. Oh! Crap! Here it comes! I am now on BP meds for the next month. And … now for the bad part. No caffeine! OMG! No more regular coffee. And I have been drinking a pot every morning for many, many years. That won’t change easily. So I made a stop on the way home to get the GREEN label coffee. It’s not as bad as I expected. But it is like getting a jumpstart from a dead battery! Whatever it takes I guess.

I have to take care of Faye Dean. So I will do what it takes to be here for her. And for me. So that’s it for now. Stay tuned for updates.

Obamacare will kill us! Period!

We are heading for a medical apocalypse on Jan 1st

As a senior citizen with some issues it is truly scaring the crap out of me! And  I have a wife with some major medical issues including a pacemaker for her heart issues. It appears that because of this “pile-O-crap” care, that El Presidente has built for us,  we may lose our policy, lose our doctors and lose our hospital. Period. Game. Set. Match!

President Barack Obama is, in my opinion, a sinister calculating liar! Did I say liar? Oops! I meant politician! Well .. we have all heard all of the misinformation that was passed to us by his own lips. And, yes , his lips were moving as the old adage goes.And this is of his own design and mentoring. He had his name all over it for goodness sake.  I sincerely hope he gets his ego bashed by the fallout from this program.

January 1,2014 is when the hammer will fall on all of the core pieces of Obamacare is based on. Those 6Million that have lost their policies will be WITHOUT coverage. Those that did manage to “sign up” for Obamacare will find out that the mechanism to pay the insurance companies is NOT in place yet! Pay attention folks. This means that those that did manage to sign up may NOT be covered because the money that they paid, and is in the hands of someone in the Obama entourage, hasn’t been passed on to those same insurance companies!

And his attempt to “fix” this Obamacare mandated insurance cancellation issue by asking these same companies to reinstate the policies for now. Guess what? At least one has said “No!” Oh! Crap! What now Chief?

Now we come to the killing of America by Obamacare. If you are not covered with insurance you are less likely to get help when needed. If your cost of insurance is destroying your budget or just can’t afford it the same result. If you are covered your wait time to get to a doctor in your system may rise to as much as 30 days!

You could die before you get there! And if you don’t die from medical issues you will “die” financially with the premiums, deductibles and uncovered medications in this wonderfully engineered Obamacare program.

Pay attention folks! This is some serious shit! We are all entitled to kick all these asshats out of office and until then keep cranking on them and hold those accountable for this Obamacare crime against the American people!

Vote! Vote your conscience but vote!

Happy Birthday Faye Dean!

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Faye Dean survived another year to get the annual reminder that she has done so. But after a year of bad things she is much better now and to celebrate we, the family and friends, threw her a surprise party. And it was hampered by her insistence that she really didn’t want to go to a party. But with a little carefully timed prodding she was persuaded to go. And it turned out super!

Toni, Allycia and Catie put it together and with the addition of some of Faye’s former work companions it came off nicely. And it was good to get everyone together for this event. And, NO, there was no fire permit for the candles! It really means more to me that she is here and much better. I really do kinda like having her around. I’d be lost without her.

So here is the big bag of pictures from the event that was graciously hosted by a friend of the family.

PS – Don’t forget to ask her how she got the beads!

Luv Ya Babe! Hope to have many more together.

Faye, Bob, Snoop and the Grateful Dead

What the heck was that?

Just an evening on the patio with Faye Dean and Snoop Dog. Grillin and chillin. Had some good Grateful Dead on the stereo and Faye Dean was just singing and diggin! She was singing along to “Casey Jones”! And “Knockin on Heavens Door” with Bob Dylan.

Driving that train, high on cocaine,
Casey Jones is ready, watch your speed.
Trouble ahead, trouble behind,
And you know that notion just crossed my mind.

Casey Jones video

The “In the Dark” album is a keeper and couple that with “Dylan and the Dead” we got ourselves a nice evening. Film at 11!

Well actually film at 7:15!

Makes for a relaxing finish to a nice day!

Party of Two for the Patio

The weather is spectacular and it was a productive day so …. we ended up eating on the patio. Fired up the grille, set up the plates, cranked up the stereo, burned a pack of dogs, cooked some baked beans, broke out some liquid refreshments and what you have here my friends is a

Party for Two on the Patio! Well, three, if we don’t forget Snoop Dog! The cleanup guy. A great way to end a way kool day. Now the following pics are from the day ending outing and ,yes , it was a windy bad hair day but who the hell cares! Right? If the weather continues on then there will be more of these. Yep! Those are Flamingos! Enjoy!