The Carlos Santana concert was outstanding. Except …


Except for a political injection in the middle of the concert

All in all it was a great night out with my daughter on Wednesday night at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill. As expected Carlos Santana was awesome with his diverse guitar work. And his notable style . The set included some new works and , of course , the classics.

The only thing that did get my attention was that during a set about peace, love and understanding,  he injected a monologue on the subject. By nature it was expected because he professes that theme and has for years. Unfortunately it included a commentary about how the government, the pentagon and others feed us BS. And that President Trump and North Korea just need to get along.

My take on this

What caught my ire was that it was all well and good until the political injection. I guess you can feel any way you want but I don’t need to have it thrown at me in the middle of a musical concert and as a captive audience. It seems that it has become commonplace for musicians, actors and other media “personalities” to hit me over the head with their take on events both political and social. You are entitled to your own opinion but I don’t remember using them as a guideline for making my own opinions.

Getting a reaction

In this case it was subtle and only mildly abrasive. But when you have Ashley Judd going media ballistic over being called “sweetheart” at an airport now you are going off the rails. And you get it every day from every corner from so called “celebrities” that just gotta say something about something because it is cool. Who cares?!

Unfortunately, more often than not, it creates a firestorm of controversy which gets them the attention they wanted but from both sides, good and bad. Many of these personalities you could care less about. Many times you have no clue who the hell they are! And for anyone that was neutral about them it just pushed some to distance them from that personality. And I am that way also.

Enough of my rant

I guess I just did what I was just talking about! Oh well! On with it! The concert was a musical festival of Carlos Santana at his best and despite the political injection a great time out.

Just one mans opinion.


Daddy, what was it like in the Navy?

…How to simulate life on board a US Navy Ship…

1. Buy a steel dumpster, paint it gray inside and out, and live in it for six months.

2. Run all the pipes and wires in your house exposed on the walls.

3. Repaint your entire house every month.

4. Renovate your bathroom. Build a wall across the middle of the bathtub and move the shower head to chest level. When you take showers, make sure you turn off the water while you soap down.

5. Put lube oil in your humidifier and set it on high.

6. Once a week, blow compressed air up your chimney, making sure the wind carries the soot onto your neighbor’s house. Ignore his complaints.

7. Once a month, take all major appliances apart and then reassemble them.

8. Raise the thresholds and lower the headers of your front and back door so that you either trip or bang your head every time you pass through them.

9. Disassemble and inspect your lawnmower every week.

10. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, turn your water heater temperature up to 200 degrees. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, turn the water heater off. On Saturdays and Sundays tell your family they use too much water during the week, so no bathing will be allowed.

11. Raise your bed to within 6″ of the ceiling, so you can’t turn over without getting out and then getting back in.

12. Sleep on the shelf in your closet. Replace the closet door with a curtain. Have your spouse whip open the curtain about 3 hours after you go to sleep, shine a flashlight in your eyes, and say “Sorry, wrong rack.”

13. Make your family qualify to operate each appliance in your house – dishwasher operator, blender technician, etc.

14. Have your neighbor come over each day at 0500, blow a whistle so loud Helen Keller could hear it, and shout “Reveille, reveille, all hands heave out and trice up.”

15. Have your mother-in-law write down everything she’s going to do the following day, then have her make you stand in your back yard at 0600 while she reads it to you.

16. Submit a request chit to your father-in-law requesting permission to leave your house before 1500.

17. Empty all the garbage bins in your house and sweep the driveway three times a day, whether it needs it or not.

18. Have your neighbor collect all your mail for a month, read your magazines, and randomly lose every 5th item before delivering it to you.

19. Watch no TV except for movies played in the middle of the night. Have your family vote on which movie to watch, then show a different one.

20. When your children are in bed, run into their room with a megaphone shouting that your home is under attack and ordering them to their battle stations. (Now general quarters, general quarters, all hands man your battle


21. Make your family menu a week ahead of time without consulting the pantry or refrigerator.

22. Post a menu on the kitchen door informing your family that they are having steak for dinner. Then make them wait in line for an hour. When they finally get to the kitchen, tell them you are out of steak, but they can have dried ham or hot dogs. Repeat daily until they ignore the menu and just ask for hot dogs.

23. Bake a cake. Prop up one side of the pan so the cake bakes unevenly.

Spread icing real thick to level it off.

24. Get up every night around midnight and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on stale bread. (midrats)

25. Set your alarm clock to go off at random during the night. At the alarm, jump up and dress as fast as you can, making sure to button your top shirt button and tuck your pants into your socks. Run out into the backyard and uncoil the garden hose.

26. Every week or so, throw your cat or dog in the pool and shout “Man overboard port side!” Rate your family members on how fast they respond.

27. Put the headphones from your stereo on your head, but don’t plug them in. Hang a paper cup around your neck on a string. Stand in front of the stove, and speak into the paper cup “Stove manned and ready.” After an hour or so, speak into the cup again “Stove secured.” Roll up the headphones and paper cup and stow them in a shoebox.

28. Place a podium at the end of your driveway. Have your family stand watches at the podium, rotating at 4 hour intervals. This is best done when the weather is worst. January is a good time.

29. When there is a thunderstorm in your area, get a wobbly rocking chair, sit in it and rock as hard as you can until you become nauseous. Make sure to have a supply of stale crackers in your shirt pocket.

30. For former engineers: bring your lawn mower into the living room, and run it all day long.

31. Make coffee using eighteen scoops of budget priced coffee grounds per pot, and allow the pot to simmer for 5 hours before drinking.

32. Have someone under the age of ten give you a haircut with sheep shears.

33. Sew the back pockets of your jeans on the front.

34. Lock yourself and your family in the house for six weeks. Tell them that at the end of the 6th week you are going to take them to Disney World for “liberty. At the end of the 6th week, inform them the trip to Disney World has been canceled because they need to get ready for an inspection, and it will be another week before they can leave the house.

Not just a patty! A weaponized patty!

A woman in Indianapolis is wanted for alleged assault with a ketchup-y weapon, after an argument at a local McDonald’s resulted in someone taking a partially eaten cheeseburger to the face. The Indianapolis Star reports that the 39-year-old suspect and her mother, 60, had gotten into a dispute over living arrangements; the daughter was apparently…

via Police Looking For Daughter Who Assaulted Mom With McDonald’s Cheeseburger — Consumerist

Have a “not so happy” New Year

Ever wish someone would just suck a bug?

With the ringing in of a New Year heralding a fresh outlook into the future for most there are those that you just can’t seem to shake. These are some of the goofiest SOB’s in our corner of the planet. And you would like to tell them that we hope their year just sucks!

We all have one of these pathetic creatures in our circle of acquaintances.  And don’t take the word acquaintance as anything other than you know them. Period.

How to be a real Dick er Richard

One of these perpetual and predictable pain in the rear personalities is one Richard Ashley of Hazel Park, Mi. From this point on I am going to refer to him as Dick! Dick is just a royal pain-in-the-arse with some delusional fantasies that he is just the smartest guy on the planet and is all that. IMHO what he really needs to do is take a look around himself and see what he really is. Just another Dick, er Richard!

But taking into account an environment that includes a decayed family structure, a rumored educational drop-out and a circle of “friends” that appear to be merely like-minded Facebook personalities. All noise but no substance. Kinda like humanoid sock puppets.

It is actually funny in a backwards kind of way that he currently lives in Hazel Park. It is fondly referred to in the metro Detroit area as “Hazel-tucky” for a variety of not so nice reasons. I didn’t say they weren’t deserved just that it’s not politically correct. But , in this case, very fitting.

Being a Super Dick

This phenomenal Dick thinks that the persistent harassment of someones extended family is just okie dokie.  Even to the point of agitating them out of state.  Yep! You heard it right ! OUT OF STATE!!! He will go to great lengths to perpetuate his juvenile antics. He thinks no one can figure it out. But we do. And pretty easily at that. Sadly they border on legal harassment statutes.

Richard Cranium ( think about it)

This “super smart” Dick’s harassment is usually in the form of calls too various law enforcement agencies with bogus and misleading information. And as usual it is for naught. A colossal waste of time for law enforcement officers and county officials. And the collection of the Police reports is  becoming rather large. And more than once he has been directed by local law enforcement agents to read the docs before he calls.

RTFM – Read The F**king manual

Now, while not being a rocket scientist, I do have a couple of degrees behind me and that would for normal citizens be enough to prompt a quick read of said docs.

Then the assumption here is that a) the party in question, in this case Dick, can indeed read and not actually one of these children that weren’t supposed to left behind. And b) should Dick read it there actually may not be a complete comprehension. How sad is that. This would lead someone to the simple conclusion that there is some underlying learning disability here. On the other hand you might also conclude that he just might be a true dick. Not like in the name Dick, but a real live jack-ass kind of dick. We’ve all know individuals like that.

Either way he is a royal pain-in-the-ass!

With that all said the conclusion her e is that it is only a matter of time before Richard Ashley continues his “modus operandi” and inadvertently steps on his … um …. er …..dick.  And it won’t be a moment too soon if you ask me!  And they do have ointments for these kinds of persistant pains. Preparation H.

In Conclusion

So for all the normal people out there have happy and prosperous New Year!

To Richard Ashley ….. Suck a bug!

Definitely on the mend

One day at a time

The wonderful weather and the great days have been a major contributor to my progressing recovery I do believe. Being able to eat breakfast and hang on the patio during the day has been excellent! With the sofa and the music box it is just comfy. I have tons of seating options.Whatever is comfortable at the time. And I am outside. Where I like to be.

Since getting home from my surgery on Monday it has been a steady healing progression. The first day was massively painful. With holes all over my frontal area. And doing some basic stuff like getting up from lying down was nothing short of excruciating. Any twist in any direction sucked way bad.

I told you so

And after a couple of painful lessons as to why they tell you to do what they do I am getting the hang of this healing thing. And also learning that some of the expected and foretold repercussions of the surgery may be alarming and painful. But will subside. And they did. Excellent!

But as the days have passed I must admit it is getting better. I still have to grab a pillow and clutch it to my lower area if I think I am going to cough or sneeze. And it still hurts. Getting up and down from a lying position is getting progressively better also.

It appears that the new wave of glue repair technique is not too bad. A bit weird but it is working. And they say it will degrade on it’s own. I have one major sore spot and that is on my upper left. Apparently that is where they do some sort of inflation thing for the surgery. It is way black and blue and hurts a lot. But it goes through the muscle shell so that. is to be expected. But it still hurts like hell!

If it makes you feel better

Just to make you feel a bit more at ease I do have what appears to be a seemingly unlimited supply of amateur nurses and substitute mommies at hand so no matter what situation arises I am well covered!And NO! I am not exceeding the 10 pound limit getting a cup of coffee!

So as long as the weather cooperates I will be hanging on the patio relaxing, sipping on a beverage and blogging away.  Trying to get better as soon as possible. With the music box cranking out whatever suits my mood, the patio is definitely the place to be. And hopefully in the two weeks I am giving myself to repair will be productive.


Thanx in advance for all your good wishes and support!  Apparently it is working! BOB

Alive! Well! Sore! But back home!

This is an update for all those out there that need to know!

My surgery went well. The double hernia repair was done yesterday at the John Dingle VA Center in Detroit. It was an outpatient laparoscopy surgery. I also got a two-fer. The surgeon made an extra op to remove a mass I had on my right side of my abdomen for many years. After it was all done I had a total of 5 incisions.

I must say that I was maximum sore when I left the hospital but the meds work awesome! I did get a great nights sleep and this morning it is all slow and easy.

This great AM it is sunny and 70 and I am now out on the patio with my coffee, my stereo is cranking out some nice Eric Johnson, and of course I have my laptop blogging away. Nice and relaxing. Faye Dean gave me a bell to ring if I need something. How sweet! I was leaning more towards a sports air horn but opted not. Steve has been kind enough to hang out here for a couple of days as a babysitter. I really believe he is here more as an enforcer! Cause I tend to push the envelope on my recoveries and I need someone more forceful than Faye Dean, she’s just a girl!

One of the most traumatic parts of the whole scenario was no coffee or bagel the morning of after nothing after 10PM the night before. And then being on my back in the middle of the day for more than a few hours was annoying. But the truth be told I was out for a bit of that. Another agitating sidebar is that the meds they gave me is a severely dry mouth. And I mean severely cottonmouth. So I will bugger off those ASAP!

I just want to add my own VA sidebar here

We all know that the VA as a whole has some issues on a wide variety  of levels. That is not anything new. But with that being said I want to put my 2 cents in.

In all the years I have been in their system my experiences have been mostly positive. Other than some scheduling waits I have been treated well. And on both occasions using the ER it was spectacular. One incident I was inside in 5 minutes the other I was in in 15 minutes! Way better than a regular medical facility.

The docs have addressed all of my issues in a timely manner and in the case of this hernia event it was taken care of in a very timely fashion. While I was checking in for my surgery which is done right next to ER I witnessed a temper tantrum from a vet that didn’t seem to want to get in line to be seen. After being told he would be seen in the order he arrived. There were 4 or 5 people ahead of him but he was dizzy and wanted to see the doctor RIGHT NOW! And then launched into a explicative laced tirade about how that was a bunch of crap and stormed off! I am not sure what planet he was from but that is pretty much how it works at most medical facilities – first come first served. Unless you are missing a limb or something like that. So I am sure he is the kind of person that would be all over the VA for being a bunch of goofies. Sad but true. Just my observation.

But for now I am good to go. So the next few days will be slow and easy. And I will be better in the coming days.

Thanks for your support! Stay tuned!