The FBI has some ‘splainen to do

This is a blatant flaw for the FBI to dance around and if they don’t do some serious responding to the mishandling then it will only get worse for them. My opinion is that even a year into the Trump administration they are still misguided that like with Obama they will get a free pass. I can only hope that they get to the business at hand and clean up their act.


Steve Bannon apologizes for comments to Michael Wolff

What we have here is another episode of “The Boomerang Effect”


According to this recent CNBC article  we have Steve Bannon blurting out stuff that he now has to apologize for. And the net effect is that he looks like an ass. Plain and simple. Just like all the other apologetic asshats that have to clean up after themselves for getting stupid and not thinking before they shoot their mouth off either in the media, on Facedork ot Twitcrap.

Steve Bannon apologizes for anti-Trump comments to Michael Wolff in ‘Fire and Fury’

  • Steve Bannon says he “regrets” his comments made to author Michael Wolff in his explosive book “Fire and Fury” that has shaken the Trump White House.
  • He says his support is “unwavering for the president and his agenda.”
  • “My comments were aimed at Paul Manafort,” not President Trump’s son Donald Jr., Bannon says.

Keep up the good work asshats!

Disgusting Liberal Who Gave Our President the Middle Finger is FIRED…(Plus: A Bonus Video Just For Finger Lady)… — Trigger Reset

Another deranged self-important asshat is arrogant enough to use Facebook to taut her defiant gesture. Sweet! And she gets canned because of it! Nice! Facebook and Twitter have become the new source of jackassery for millions. And sometimes it gets the attention that wasn’t thought out. To bad! Should be a lesson learned but from what I am seeing is not.

Same thing that should happen in the NFL

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Gold Star Army widow releases video of President Trump’s condolence phone call — Fellowship of the Minds

Another Democrat that is in need of being put out of office fer being a total asshat!

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) set off a media frenzy this week, claiming she had overheard President Trump make a heartless comment to the widow of slain U.S. Army Sgt. La David Johnson, that the soldier “knew what he signed up for.” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not deny that the president made […]

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George Lopez you are definitely NOT funny

Another Boomerang Effect victim!

Hope it leaves a mark

This is Mr Lopez clowning for the camera

Mr Lopez you have had 9 months to leave like you said you would. Because like it or not, Trump is the POTUS. And your not liking it is pure BS, and not funny when you take a fundraiser for children as an opportunity to inject your political nonsense into an otherwise non-political event. Any after effects are all you! Personal stupidity is not a conspiracy!

Hypocrites like Lopez will never get the message that outside of their little Hollywood bubble is a country filled with Americans who are sick and tired of being insulted by racist entertainers

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NeNe Leakes [Who?]- the latest victim of the Boomerang Effect!

Not saying NeNe Leakes doesn’t deserve it!

She does

While I will reserve the “arrogant ignorant asshat” label for some other candidate this total bonehead just got whacked in the head my what I call the “Boomerang Effect”.

The “Boomerang Effect” is when some individual gets overzealous and makes some sort of rash statement. That starts a firestorm of criticism that the individual didn’t count on. This evokes the need to “clarify” or “explain” what they REALLY meant. Usually in the form of some sort of begrudging apology. All because they were a total asshat and should have just shut  the hell up!

NeNe Leakes is a reality star, having appeared on Andy Cohen’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also appeared on President Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. Her appearance on the show did not end well. From Wikipedia: “In 2011, Leakes was a contestant on the eleventh installment of Donald Trump‘s NBC series Celebrity Apprentice. During the tenth […]

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