The shutdown effects on the military

The US Military family takes the biggest hit in this government dork fest over DACA and the budget.

While they stand around poking each other over who’s to blame, the military and the entire country take a hit. Not only the military but all branches of the federal government now have to start determining who’s essential and who is not.

But the military will not stand down during this idiocy. They will continue to do their job and possibly even give their life during this annual dork fest. While their families worry about the financial impact at home. Like they need more stress! Nice.

How about we just stop the Congress and Senate from getting paid, as in forfeit with no back pay, during these pissing matches that hold the whole country hostage.  Most of them are already wealthy it should be no problem.

And the optics here are amazing. The whole country is focused on the pathetic blame game that goes on during this time of crisis. And they will no doubt be appalled when the public calls them out on it. It’s not my fault! You can hear it now.

That’s it for now.


Steve Bannon apologizes for comments to Michael Wolff

What we have here is another episode of “The Boomerang Effect”


According to this recent CNBC article  we have Steve Bannon blurting out stuff that he now has to apologize for. And the net effect is that he looks like an ass. Plain and simple. Just like all the other apologetic asshats that have to clean up after themselves for getting stupid and not thinking before they shoot their mouth off either in the media, on Facedork ot Twitcrap.

Steve Bannon apologizes for anti-Trump comments to Michael Wolff in ‘Fire and Fury’

  • Steve Bannon says he “regrets” his comments made to author Michael Wolff in his explosive book “Fire and Fury” that has shaken the Trump White House.
  • He says his support is “unwavering for the president and his agenda.”
  • “My comments were aimed at Paul Manafort,” not President Trump’s son Donald Jr., Bannon says.

Keep up the good work asshats!

Again. ISIS claims responsibility with no evidence.


New Years Eve fireworks? Yeah! We [ISIS] did that!

News just in! The ISIS network claims that  their cell of covert explosive agents throughout the United States set that all up as a demonstration of our superior explosive technology! Yeah! Whatever. Previously they were limited to blowing up their own neighbors with crapass cars and trucks. And also losing explosive “experts” with every event.

I have an idea! Now we can give them a get out of jail free experience. To ply their trade as New Years Eve entertainers. I can only watch and applaud as each firework goes off by picturing another ISIS bomber strapped to it while  heading out over the water for our entertainment! How thoughtful. And with such a wonderful colored exit! Nice one! Great execution! Outstanding choreography! Keep up the great work! More! More!

Isis claims St Petersburg supermarket bombing that injured 13 Christmas shoppers with shrapnel

Of course they are! It is the only way they can stay relevant!

I want in on this!

How about this impractical scenario. Say I blow up my mailbox with a cherry bomb, publish it as a major bombing attack against a symbol of the oppressive US Government and US Postal Service with an unknown number of parcels killed, er, destroyed or wounded, er, torn in the daring daylight attack on the Post Office [aka mailbox], throw in some really shaky dark vid from a cell phone of the “attack” making sure it is just blurry enough that you can’t tell if it’s a mailbox or a semi-tractor trailer, publish on Facedork that I really, really, really don’t like continually getting junk mail from a Nigerian prince and wait for the claims from Amaq to pour in! Yeah. Whatever.

Well instead we can just wait for the claims following New Years Eve! Stay tuned! I will be watching and waiting! But only after I get a new mailbox!

Why in the world do people still think Mexico is a good idea?!

Here is another example of a US citizen, City of Imperial Beach in San Diego County Douglas Bradley was killed Thursday in the hotel zone of Ixtapa.

What part of robbery, extortion, kidnapping and murder are misunderstood? An dto top it off TV and radio programs are still offering these “vacations”. Are you frickin serious?! Let me guess. They are not responsible if you are kidnapped or killed while on the winning trip. How sad is that.

Guerrero, where Ixtapa is located, was one of the most violent states in Mexico in the first 11 months of 2017, with a homicide rate of 58.6 per 100,000 people, the Associated Press reported.

People there is absolutely NO reason to go to Mexico! Period!


Facebook is totally jacked up!

Let me say this about that


After a short time away from Facebook on a voluntary decision, because of it’s toxic and annoying quagmire of crap. I left Twitter a year or so ago for the same reason. I went back on Facebook to connect with my few friends that I do have online. I got a new profile using a throwaway email to avoid the endless emails on status. Then I used my cats pic as an ID photo. It was good for a few days. But for some reason I got locked out. And when I was asked for a photo to verify my account I did something silly and sent them a real photo of me.

You guessed it! They didn’t match! Apparently I am using a false ID and impersonating someone else. Really?! Frickin genius! So because of that I am locked and will probably not unlock it and if they are smart enough to figure out that the cat photo is not me then I will more than likely be deleting it. Again!

So … to my friends on Facebook, if you are looking for me don’t bother! I am not going back there again! I will be using WordPress to write and they will be accessible through my site. my website my website


The dumbing down of corporate America

Just a personal observation

The perspective point here is a 66YO with 9 years Navy service including combat in Vietnam, a couple of decades in IBM maintenance services, a handful of years as a software developer and over a decade in automotive retail.

Actually I am offended by it

From the beginning

I am going to convey to you a recent personal experience. Just a few days ago my part-time employer introduced a new employee training program. After being asked to go online to check it out I did. My initial expectation was a redesigned format which might be a bit better to navigate.

The Chucky Cheese of Corporate Training

On the initial opening of the program I was greeted by a set of videos from corporate execs touting this revolutionary new program. No biggie. To be expected. All was well and good until … the words “games” and “points that could be redeemed” got injected! Oh! My!

Once I sat through that series of video offering I thought to myself “How bad can this be?”  Then I logged in. I was met by a page of cartoony anime-styled  characters and was prompted to choose one for mine. Oh! This doesn’t look good! I reluctantly picked one and proceeded. From that point on I had this large cartoon character watching and waving at me from the upper corners of the screen. This is bad! Reluctantly I worked my way through a module. At the end I was greeted with a colorful tote board complete with my points earned. This is really bad!

The Dumbing Down of Corporate America

If you haven’t noticed we are all aging. And the next generations are well on their way to populating our business enterprises. And as those of us that were instrumental in building and running successful companies are retiring and in turn, exiting many fields. That leaves a wide variety of positions that need to be filled. Unfortunately the ill-prepared entry-level candidates highly outnumber the qualified ones. IMHO there are not many good takers. The latest generations while they talk a good game they for the most part can’t , how can I say this nicely?, “Can’t find their way out of a wet paper bag!”.

This is evidenced each and every day as we go about our daily tasks. We see the results all around us and can only shake our heads, look to the sky and go on our ways. It is further substantiated by numerous studies into the phenomenon of the millennials dysfunction. Between their social inadequacies accentuated by their zombification by electronic devices, and their education using downgraded standards to placate an “everybody wins” environment. Followed by a liberal arts degree from some goofy college.

What this means for businesses with a “long range” survival plan must come up with some way to get their attention while they try to educate them on the technical and finer points needed to make the business work. In this case I believe that this was the agreed upon method to accomplish that. Make it a video game! Oh! Dear!

If this is the future of the business I am really being pushed to the limits of tolerance and if pushed far enough I may have to take some course of action to keep my head from exploding. This is insane! Sadly I have had some close interactions with this next generation and it really does make my head hurt.

So I guess Chucky Cheese it is!

But I don’t have to like it

Apparently it is the dumbing-down to the lowest common denominator in order to “engage” the latest generation of employee candidates. Why do we have to “engage” them at all?  What happened to a work model that sad you had to be qualified to get a position? Why should corporate America “settle” for these questionable candidates that don’t have what we would now call prerequisits. And in the auto parts industry which is highly technical and touts that it aims to get you the right parts the first time is now relying on cartooney training to educate these new generation employees. And a heavily orchestrated software sytem to gather the needed info and spit out the needed parts for these same company educated employees.

I know that the millenial tag is considered a negative one by some. And there are studies out there that claim millenials are the best generation so far. Others claim that they are not. I  will make my own decision. What ever! My experience with them in the retail environment is a questionable one at best. But it is mine.


So you make your own decisions.