These Hollywierds have no clue that they are just as bogus as a $3 bill

They need to get a Prius or take the bus or leave us the hell alone!

ManBearPig approved. From Daily Mail: The A-list celebrities who starred in the telethon for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have clocked up hundreds of thousands of air miles which have fuelled rising temperatures and helped create devastating storms (the Daily Mail article will continue with this global warming theme; ignore they hypberbole). Tuesday night’s […]

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Hey! Lena Dunham … trans this!

Nobody cares anyway! Get a life! Somewhere else.We don’t need you help with out life monitoring. And we will be watching for you. Because keeping track of any douchbags in the area is always a good idea.

I’d love to run into this womyn at an airport, especially if I’m wearing my “deplorable” or Second Amendment t-shirt. Bring it on girl! From Fox News: Airline employees and travelers beware: Lena Dunham is watching you like a hawk. On Wednesday afternoon, the actress and “Girls” creator took to Instagram to share a short […]

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That whole car for 4 pizzas!

And not only does is just come to the curb, you have to head out in the rain and snow to punch in a code to retrieve your pizza. Oh and for now there is a driver in the car.

Couldn’t they do it in a van with a sliding door that launches them out the door at your porch. If you time it right open the door and it ends up right on the table! Just thinking out loud!

Or you ould just have a driver bring it to your door. That works , too.

Maybe you’re not ready to hop into a driverless taxi cab, but what about having your pizza delivered by a self-driving car? Domino’s and Ford have partnered for a test in the Michigan city of Ann Arbor, intended to gauge just how interested customers might be in having their pizza brought to their house by…

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Brings a whole new meaning to crappy attitude!

Antifa! Keep up the good work! This is getting easier every day!

Every day brings a new facet to the libertard activities. And all I can say is that this kind of 10-year-old mentality just creates more dislike for these mentally defective goombahs! As the stupidity and total disrespect for all human moralities escalates anyone who had even a shred of possible sympathy for these asshats will turn it to a true hatred of them with each asinine act.

This in insanity on the loose. And all I can say is that at some point, and I hope it is soon, the general population will say enough is enough and start taking these Antifa asshats down.

At what point does the destruction of property become a shooting offense?

Keep it classy libtards… From Sacramento Bee: A rally that some are calling a gathering of right-wing supporters this weekend in San Francisco could have attendees watching their every step. The Oregon-based group Patriot Prayer is set to share its message at what is billed as a free-speech rally Saturday at Crissy Field, which sits […]

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Pick your favorite caption!

. . . for FOTM’s 156th Caption Contest! So many very clever captions! The FOTM writers duly voted, each for what he/she considered to be the best (#1) and second-best (#2) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points. And the winner of FOTM’s 156th Caption Contest, with three […]

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Liberal logic! The NEW Math

If your tax only generates half of what some economics whizz PROJECTED then it just makes sense that it should be doubled to make up the difference to make the flawed projection right!?

Say what? Does that mean that if you collect MORE than what you projected you will lower the tax? Didn’t think so!

Seattle collected much less tax payer money than anticipated with their new gun tax. The solution to that? Raise the taxes…brilliant! From candidate Grant’s website: “However, in the year since it was implemented it has become clear the law does not go far enough. The revenue created hit less than half its projected goal and therefore […]

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Are Lee Jeans Next!

Already insane, the Left’s American Taliban frenzy of removing and tearing down Confederate flags and monuments has taken a turn to the truly bizarre. 李 (pronounced “li”) is one of the most common Chinese surnames, which is Anglicized as “Lee”. There is an Asian-American ESPN sports announcer whose name is Robert Lee, but who has zero […]

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