Get the hell out of Cali while you can!

I can only say that I am not surprised at all. The supply of trailers and vans are low for a reason.  One-way trips. Then the self-move companies need to resupply California at their expense. Been going on for years only these rental companies should look upon this as an opportunity to beget an act of kindness! Get them out of Cali as quickly as possible!

via So many people are leaving the Bay Area, a U-Haul shortage is jacking up prices


You throw like a girl

This is a sad commentary on the physical health of the next generation. The Army has decided to no longer require that recruits throw hand grenades 25 meters [ about 80 feet]. My first impression is anything less is a potential problem for the thrower.

Now if there was an app for that they would be all over it! Asshats! The new military is beginning to suck and scares the crap out of me!

via The “Soy Boy” effect: US Army General says new recruits not strong enough to throw grenades

Facebook is totally jacked up!

Let me say this about that


After a short time away from Facebook on a voluntary decision, because of it’s toxic and annoying quagmire of crap. I left Twitter a year or so ago for the same reason. I went back on Facebook to connect with my few friends that I do have online. I got a new profile using a throwaway email to avoid the endless emails on status. Then I used my cats pic as an ID photo. It was good for a few days. But for some reason I got locked out. And when I was asked for a photo to verify my account I did something silly and sent them a real photo of me.

You guessed it! They didn’t match! Apparently I am using a false ID and impersonating someone else. Really?! Frickin genius! So because of that I am locked and will probably not unlock it and if they are smart enough to figure out that the cat photo is not me then I will more than likely be deleting it. Again!

So … to my friends on Facebook, if you are looking for me don’t bother! I am not going back there again! I will be using WordPress to write and they will be accessible through my site. my website my website


Shot himself in his man thing! Excellent!

Poetic justice. From NY Daily News: He did not relish this experience. A 19-year-old who allegedly held up a hot dog stand on Chicago’s South Side ended up firing a round into his own South Side. Terrion Pouncy’s alleged early Halloween morning heist of the Original Maxwell Street Polish went off without a hitch, that […]

via Man robbing hot dog stand shoots himself in the penis — Fellowship of the Minds

Disgusting Liberal Who Gave Our President the Middle Finger is FIRED…(Plus: A Bonus Video Just For Finger Lady)… — Trigger Reset

Another deranged self-important asshat is arrogant enough to use Facebook to taut her defiant gesture. Sweet! And she gets canned because of it! Nice! Facebook and Twitter have become the new source of jackassery for millions. And sometimes it gets the attention that wasn’t thought out. To bad! Should be a lesson learned but from what I am seeing is not.

Same thing that should happen in the NFL

via Disgusting Liberal Who Gave Our President the Middle Finger is FIRED…(Plus: A Bonus Video Just For Finger Lady)… — Trigger Reset

Neutrogena spokeswoman promotes “rimming”!

Gabrielle Union you are one twisted black woman!

And I am sure that Neutrogena is happy to have you as their spokesperson! I don’t know about you but I think she is a total asshat!

Are we in Hell yet? Gabrielle Union, 44, is an actress whose movies (The Brothers, Deliver Us from Eva, etc.) and TV show of which I’d never heard, even less watched. She is also a spokeswoman for Neutrogena, which no doubt is just delighted with her graphic sex talk on the SiriusXM satellite radio show […]

via Neutrogena spokeswoman actress Gabrielle Union advocates rimming — Fellowship of the Minds


Jack MeHoff goes to Cambridge! Excellent!

I feel better now

Today the University and Colleges of Cambridge and CUSU are launching a zero tolerance campaign around sexual misconduct. Called ‘Breaking the Silence – Cambridge speaks out against sexual misconduct’, the campaign will highlight a range of new prevention, support and reporting measures coming into effect in 2017. Cambridge now promotes masturbation! It launches today (24 October) […]