Socializm be a good thing!

They don’t have a clue why but they saw it on the web somewhere! Nice job goombahs!

Excellent video from Campus Reform. This is gubermint edumacajion at work. DCG

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George Lopez has jumped on the “I’m an idiot!” bandwagen. Nice!

You can set your account to private but the damage is dome and we know who you are and where you are! Hope your next tour works out for you. Asshat!

No one ever said that Lopez had mastered the concepts and tools of critical thinking. Or that he was even that funny. From Blue Lives Matter: Actor-comedian George Lopez has a suggestion for the Trump administration about deportation to make the streets safer, except it’s not criminals he wants deported, it’s the police. In an Instagram […]

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FOTM 153 Caption Winner!

. . . for FOTM’s 153rd Caption Contest! The FOTM writers duly voted, each for what he/she considered to be the best (#1) and second-best (#2) captions. Each #1 vote is worth 4 points; each #2 vote is worth 2 points. Although I agree with FOTM writer Dave’s characterization of this contest, “This one was hard, […]

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Gender this! You have the equipment or don’t! What you think you are is NOT a gender!

The Left invented identity politics. It was their guru Karl Marx who invented class identity politics (called “class consciousness”). Since then, the Left have been “discovering” and politicizing new identities at an increasingly dizzying speed — from race (black, brown) to ethnicity (hyphenated Americans) to religion (Muslims, atheists and the sacrosanct, beyond-criticism Jews) to sexual orientation […]

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Happy Fourth of July! Watch these students fail the US citizenship test… — Fellowship of the Minds

This is just excellent! You can’t make this up! Watch and weep. Yep! Millennials are being picked on.

Ain’t gubermint edumacajion grand? Start around the 1:00 minute mark for the student interviews. DCG

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Starbucks jacks it up again! Asshats!

Just one of many reasons to boycott Starbucks and libtards. From Fox46: (CHARLOTTE, NC) – On a day when lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in Washington are asking Americans to unite, a loyal Starbucks customer says she was targeted for supporting Donald Trump. Starbucks said they are making sure this incident won’t happen […]

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They FORGOT that the child was in the car! Really!?

When employees of a Walmart in South Carolina learned that there was a baby in a hot car in the store’s parking lot, they took action, breaking the closed windows and rescuing the shaking, sweating 6-month-old inside. Local police are now investigating the situation. Police say that both parents were inside the store while the…

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