The Wall That Heals

This moving display will be here in Michigan. And I will be there!
Disabled American Veterans Chapter 125 3265 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan 48855 from 8/23/18 to 8/26/18


NFL jerseys work well when they work for vets! Nice!

That’s how we roll in Oklahoma! From KOCO (Norman, OK): A local radio station held a free car wash for veterans in Norman amid a nationwide debate over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. The online rock station owner said several people attended Saturday’s car wash, as the event was busy for the full […]

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Definitely on the mend

One day at a time

The wonderful weather and the great days have been a major contributor to my progressing recovery I do believe. Being able to eat breakfast and hang on the patio during the day has been excellent! With the sofa and the music box it is just comfy. I have tons of seating options.Whatever is comfortable at the time. And I am outside. Where I like to be.

Since getting home from my surgery on Monday it has been a steady healing progression. The first day was massively painful. With holes all over my frontal area. And doing some basic stuff like getting up from lying down was nothing short of excruciating. Any twist in any direction sucked way bad.

I told you so

And after a couple of painful lessons as to why they tell you to do what they do I am getting the hang of this healing thing. And also learning that some of the expected and foretold repercussions of the surgery may be alarming and painful. But will subside. And they did. Excellent!

But as the days have passed I must admit it is getting better. I still have to grab a pillow and clutch it to my lower area if I think I am going to cough or sneeze. And it still hurts. Getting up and down from a lying position is getting progressively better also.

It appears that the new wave of glue repair technique is not too bad. A bit weird but it is working. And they say it will degrade on it’s own. I have one major sore spot and that is on my upper left. Apparently that is where they do some sort of inflation thing for the surgery. It is way black and blue and hurts a lot. But it goes through the muscle shell so that. is to be expected. But it still hurts like hell!

If it makes you feel better

Just to make you feel a bit more at ease I do have what appears to be a seemingly unlimited supply of amateur nurses and substitute mommies at hand so no matter what situation arises I am well covered!And NO! I am not exceeding the 10 pound limit getting a cup of coffee!

So as long as the weather cooperates I will be hanging on the patio relaxing, sipping on a beverage and blogging away.  Trying to get better as soon as possible. With the music box cranking out whatever suits my mood, the patio is definitely the place to be. And hopefully in the two weeks I am giving myself to repair will be productive.


Thanx in advance for all your good wishes and support!  Apparently it is working! BOB

Alive! Well! Sore! But back home!

This is an update for all those out there that need to know!

My surgery went well. The double hernia repair was done yesterday at the John Dingle VA Center in Detroit. It was an outpatient laparoscopy surgery. I also got a two-fer. The surgeon made an extra op to remove a mass I had on my right side of my abdomen for many years. After it was all done I had a total of 5 incisions.

I must say that I was maximum sore when I left the hospital but the meds work awesome! I did get a great nights sleep and this morning it is all slow and easy.

This great AM it is sunny and 70 and I am now out on the patio with my coffee, my stereo is cranking out some nice Eric Johnson, and of course I have my laptop blogging away. Nice and relaxing. Faye Dean gave me a bell to ring if I need something. How sweet! I was leaning more towards a sports air horn but opted not. Steve has been kind enough to hang out here for a couple of days as a babysitter. I really believe he is here more as an enforcer! Cause I tend to push the envelope on my recoveries and I need someone more forceful than Faye Dean, she’s just a girl!

One of the most traumatic parts of the whole scenario was no coffee or bagel the morning of after nothing after 10PM the night before. And then being on my back in the middle of the day for more than a few hours was annoying. But the truth be told I was out for a bit of that. Another agitating sidebar is that the meds they gave me is a severely dry mouth. And I mean severely cottonmouth. So I will bugger off those ASAP!

I just want to add my own VA sidebar here

We all know that the VA as a whole has some issues on a wide variety  of levels. That is not anything new. But with that being said I want to put my 2 cents in.

In all the years I have been in their system my experiences have been mostly positive. Other than some scheduling waits I have been treated well. And on both occasions using the ER it was spectacular. One incident I was inside in 5 minutes the other I was in in 15 minutes! Way better than a regular medical facility.

The docs have addressed all of my issues in a timely manner and in the case of this hernia event it was taken care of in a very timely fashion. While I was checking in for my surgery which is done right next to ER I witnessed a temper tantrum from a vet that didn’t seem to want to get in line to be seen. After being told he would be seen in the order he arrived. There were 4 or 5 people ahead of him but he was dizzy and wanted to see the doctor RIGHT NOW! And then launched into a explicative laced tirade about how that was a bunch of crap and stormed off! I am not sure what planet he was from but that is pretty much how it works at most medical facilities – first come first served. Unless you are missing a limb or something like that. So I am sure he is the kind of person that would be all over the VA for being a bunch of goofies. Sad but true. Just my observation.

But for now I am good to go. So the next few days will be slow and easy. And I will be better in the coming days.

Thanks for your support! Stay tuned!

Seattle VA hospital strands veteran outside ER

This is not the way it should be! Shame on them! And why does it always take a boomerang response from the offending facility to say”oh… we handled it wrong. Sorry!” Sorry?! If their mom was treated like that you be all indignant and combative. But since it is a potential person under their care it apparently has no significance.

Fellowship of the Minds

Donald Siefken is a 64-year-old Army veteran from Kennewick. Earlier this year he showed up at the Seattle VA Hospital, but couldn't get its staff to help him inside and had to call 911. Donald Siefken is a 64-year-old Army veteran from Kennewick. Earlier this year he showed up at the Seattle VA Hospital, but couldn’t get its staff to help him inside and had to call 911. Seattle Times Photo

Seattle Times: When Donald Siefken drove up to the Seattle VA hospital emergency room earlier this year with a broken foot, all he asked for was a little help getting inside. Instead, a hospital employee who answered Siefken’s cellphone call told him to call 911 himself, then hung up on him, Siefken said.

Frustrated to tears, the 64-year-old retired truck driver and Army vet from Kennewick placed the emergency call while parked just feet away from the ER entrance. “They won’t come out and get me, do you believe that?” Siefken asked an emergency dispatcher, his voice wavering. “They told me to call 911 and hung up on me.”


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My visit to the hand surgeon at the VA

Dingle VA Center Detroit

Another good visit. On Monday, Aug 4 I had a consultation with a orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gersel, at the Dingle VA Center in Detroit. I ended up being seen by one of his associates. No biggie.

As usual it went well. My complaint was that my right hand thumb mechanism (joint) had degraded to the point that it is causing me some chronic pain and discomfort. And for me it is a major annoyance because I am right handed. A few years back I had my left hand reworked for a similar problem and they eliminated the base joint. It was very successful and it looks like the same will happen here. We viewed the x-rays taken a week earlier together and while I am not a medical specialist it was visually apparent that there were some structural defects and anomalies. It was a comfort to me , and surprising also, that during our conversation and eval that he expressed the same advise that was given to me in the past by my previous orthopedic doctor. He said that surgery was a last resort but when the pain of the surgery is less than the every day pain then it is time to get it done. After my initial exam he did get me a shot of Cortizone in the joint to ease the pain for now. [ And let me tell you this! It stung like heck! I actually was questioning whether it was a good idea. ]  He actually ordered a set of x-rays on the left hand to see exactly what the previous surgeon had accomplished so successfully. I have a followup in November to figure out when to get it done. If I have an issue with it before then I will be seeing him earlier. That was cool.

Once I left there I made the best of my trip downtown and headed down the hall to get the x-rays done of my left hand the doc ordered. They weren’t registered yet so since I also needed  to do a full blood workup and since I followed the instructions and fasted from midnight on I went ahead to the Vampire Lab to let them poke me and do their thing. It actually went quickly. A bit of a wait, because they are always busy, but all in all it went quickly And by that time, 11 AMish, I was starving! So back up to x-ray, where they now had the work order,  and I was done! Excellent! All before noon.

I made a quick exit and headed for the nearest fast food emporium! Done! Done! And Done!

FBI launches criminal investigation into VA scandal; Senate passes bill to fix problem

I really am pleasantly surprised that they moved so fast and are actually starting a criminal investigation. Good work for a change.

Fellowship of the Minds

Obama's War on Veterans

FBI Director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI has begun a criminal probe of the VA hospital scandal, led out of the Phoenix field office where the shocking discovery of an effective veterans death list first surfaced in the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We’ll follow it wherever the facts take us,” Comey said, declining to discuss it further.

Richard Simon reports for the Los Angeles Times, June 11, 2014, that the VA inspector general has been working with the Justice Department, but lawmakers from both parties have pressed for the FBI to play a bigger role in the investigation.

Their sense of urgency was prompted by two reports showing that the problem is not exclusive to the Phoenix VA hospital, but widespread across America:

  • A report by the inspector general of the Veterans Administration found a systemic nationwide problem in scheduling veterans’ care…

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