Sleepers – They even fooled their relatives

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And even the family is totally out of the loop

Now that goofy number 2 is in custody now we can go back and take a look at them. And in my observations I have raised a few questions of my own. The first is the consistent banter from the family, mom,dad and aunt, that say it’s a conspiracy and a set up. And some of the conversations border on the absurd.Check out these clips.

The conversation with convict mom Here , the confused father Here, the ex-lawyer Canadian Aunt Here
and Here

In my honest opinion, these two goofies scammed everyone around them as to things being just fine. Even telling the father that it was not them. And the unfortunate emerging twist is that there is a possibility that the older brother was the engine behind this scenario and coerced his younger brother to go along. Unfortunately the evidence is mounting up and it will all be presented in it’s own time. These goofies are exactly what they are being called, domestic terrorists! They scammed their friends and family for years in order to carry out a sinister plan to kill and maim innocent people. For what purpose.. who knows. Does it matter? Really?The point is that this is the new face of the modern world. Common sense says there are a lot more of these goofies out there.

They come to the US for a variety of reasons, skim off of our gracious social system and then turn around and then attack this same system. Should kinda piss you off! I know it does me! And it appears that the parents of these two goofies returned to the motherland leaving the two brothers behind. And it appears that the mother is not a stellar citizen after being convicted of shoplifting $1600 of clothing.

If it was a “setup” then I guess it is “normal” to get them to unknowingly play along and carjack a vehicle, hurl a pressure cooker,pipe bombs and improvised grenades at police, strap a IED to your person and get into a gunfight with authorities, back over your brothers dead body then run and hide in a covered boat. And the older brother dies in the process. Uh…. well…. Um …… that could be a setup. Or a script from a great action movie?? Nope! Welcome back to reality television! Look ma! No script!

Once this surviving brother wakes up I am sure he will probably NOT enlighten us and his family as to what really occurred. Sadly his family will still believe, for a little while at least, he was set up and there is a grand conspiracy by the police to get them!  And all of this is made up. I hope they get a front row seat at the trial so they can get a better feel of the reality of what their “angel” hes been up to while they were away!  Just me guessing here.

Stay tuned. Film at 5 / 6 / 7  and 11! Pick a channel.

The Boston Bombers imported asshats!

Oh! Look! We’re being oppressed!

Come on over and show us your true religion!

Boston Bombing Suspects
Boston Bombing Suspects

Here is what I have gleaned so far. These two Chechen brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, immigrated here in order to seek asylum, get a better education some 10 years ago. I guess it worked for a while.  They took advantage of it and did pretty well from what they say. And it appears that they are Muslim. or that’s what they claimed. Somewhere along the way there was a religious and ethical derailing. They come here to use our country as an escape from their own country and to live the good life. Then they decide to kill and maim, take on the police in a gunfight and one is now dead and the other is on the run. WTF was that!?

Am I hurt that one has been killed in a shoot out and the other is in the ever tightening search noose? Nope! Not for a second! I hope the remaining brother decides to shoot it out too! Same result. Don’t have to feed and house this tool for the rest of his life! Just me thinking out loud folks.

One of the telling comments that caught my interest was a comment by their uncle

The brothers had been in the U.S. for about a decade and lived near Boston, though Tsarni said he had not seen them since December 2005. He said his nephews had struggled to settle themselves in the U.S. and ended up “thereby just hating everyone.” Read More

And it appears that the uncle has voiced a very passionate ethnic sentiment

In a passionate plea, an uncle of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects urged one of his nephews to turn himself in Friday, saying he had brought shame to the family and the entire Chechen ethnicity. “Yes, we’re ashamed. They’re the children of my brother,” Ruslan Tsarni told a throng of reporters outside his home in Montgomery Village, Md. Read More

Now if you read the other articles that  the father of these two “losers”, went back to Russia around 2009.  And when contacted about shooting incident this is how it was reported …

The father of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing described his fugitive son as a smart and accomplished “angel” in an anguished interview in which he claimed they were set up. Anzor Tsarnaev spoke with The Associated Press by telephone in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan after police said one of his sons, 26-year-old Tamerlan, had been killed in a shootout and the other, Dzhokhar, was being intensely pursued. “My son is a true angel,” said the elder Tsarnaev . He said his son was “an intelligent boy” who was studying medicine. Read More

Wait! it gets better!

The elder Tsarnaev, in a series of conversations with ABC News, insisted that his sons were innocent, but said he would appeal to his son to “surrender peacefully.” “Give up. Give up. You have a bright future ahead of you. Come home to Russia,” the dad said. The father warned, however, “If they killed him, then all hell would break loose.” “If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame,” the father told ABC News. “Someone, some organization is out to get them.” Anzor Tsarnaev said that his sons were “set up” and that they are “very nice kids” who have no experience with weapons and explosives.

Talk about disconnected! Yeah, that’s it! It’s a conspiracy! They were set up!  Are you on drugs?! Welcome to America and the wide, wide world of the internet! Not that I don’t feel for his loss but , come on folks, he hasn’t seen these “losers” for years and it is reported that he talked to them this week about the bombings and they told him everything was all alright. Well, kinda. Except for the pictures, the evidence and, oh yeah! An armed carjacking and the shootout with police! I am not sure what his version of all right is. If and when they do catch the remaining brother I hope that dad gets to come and visit while they lay out all of the details of the “conspiracy” . And  maybe he can shed some light on how his sonswho started as angels became angels of death.

And another note. More predictable observations. Once again asshats who claim to need to immigrate here because they are oppressed. Well, Kinda, Sorta. Now who will protect us from these oppressed tools? And why is it that when they poll the people who “knew” these two goofies, once again, they were very nice, easy going, blah,blah, blah… It has been that way whenever it comes to people around mass murderers and maniacal killers. Just a mental note that always gets me laughing. Not funny ha! Ha! but laughable.

Sadly, this is one more blow to the ethnic Muslims who are trying so hard to convince the rest of the world that they are a “peaceful” religion. Good luck with that! Based on what I see they are some of the most violent people on the planet in this day and age. And here we go again. Come to the US and feel free to show us your version of a peaceful religion in the hands of their twisted followers.

I will watch and wait to see how this evolves. I’m betting on a violent finish but that’s just me. Stay tuned! Film at 11! Really!

Detroit – speak with your vote in September!

Mayor Bing
Mayor Bing (Photo credit: Dave Hogg)

After reading some of the latest news articles about the plan to recall Mayor Bing along with being a viewer of  some very “interesting” Facebook exchanges I was kind of taken aback by the insane timing of this attempt to recall the Mayor. Not only that but some of the other facets that may have been just glanced over during the fervor.

The Detroit City Clerk has confirmed that the county approved a petition to recall Mayor Dave Bing. The language was approved on November 5. From that point, organizers have 90 days in which to gather 43,000 signatures. Read more:

The first facet of this whole scenario that pokes me in the eye  was that the general election is in the fall of the new year. Now if they spend all this time and effort to pull this off in the next couple of months well … nifty neato! They remove him and  that leaves what? Not claiming in any way to understand the implications of doing so I am just guessing here. A temporary vacant position during a critical time in Detroit evolution to a leaner meaner city. Oh yeah! And by the way it leaves the city council in charge and not a state appointed city manager.  Ooooooh! That’s gonna leave a mark! These are the same people that couldn’t function cohesively when he has been there! In my humble opinion. Do you trust them to get the job done in the meantime? I vote NO! What say you?

Now I have to assume that there will a great amount of time and energy expended in a short period of time, a couple of months, to get the 49000 signatures needed to make the recall vote happen. This part of the venture is vary doable. And it also carries with it the presentation of any viable candidates. We will leave this for now.

The next facet is the monetary pieces of the puzzle. Estimates of somewhere in the range of $500K to $900K have been thrown about in the press for this venture. Once again,  the glaring problem here is that this already a bankrupt city. And you are expecting them to casually go along and fund this? Going from bad to worse as I see it!

In my humble sideways view of this whole thing this is what I “see”.  In my version of this scenario I picture all the energy being channeled to the elections in the fall. With energetic civil and religious engines such as Minister  Malik Shabazz, and the other leaders in the Detroit community,  to make sure there are some viable “alternatives” to the current city council members that may need to be unseated. And I am sure there are some very good ones out there. I don’t know any but I am sure they do. This along with their time and energy being brought to bear on the Detroiters who are up for a change, to motivate them and to get them out and make this happen with a vote. The mayor is just a piece of the puzzle. City council needs to be given a good swift kick in the … um… ballot box! And even if some are not unseated it may be the political “wake up call” they need to start getting down to the urgent business of rebuilding the Leaner Meaner Detroit!

Just one mans opinion! But what the heck do I know?!


I am voting straight Melmacian!


Shumway and Weaver!

In this ever more confusing world of politics as we know it, it is hard to get behind a candidate that you can believe in. Well, I believe that I have settled on just such a candidate!
Gordon “ALF” Shumway!

His talking points are actually pretty straight forward

Complicated Government
“I finally figured out why your political system is so complicated. That’s just the way your world works. If we didn’t understand something, we broke it.” ~ALF

Mr. Shumway plans to have houses built for each of them (see unemployment).

“To get rid of pollution, just tie big balloons on all the smokestacks to catch the dirty air.” ~ALF
“My solution to pollution will help your consitution, so send a contribution and start the revolution. Uh-huh, uh-huh!” ~ALF

“If I can restore a man’s dignity by climbing on his back, I say go for it!” ~ALF
There won’t be any, everybody will be busy building houses (see homeless).

“Preventing war is easy. Just tell the people who are mad at each other to kiss and make up.” ~ALF

Reference ALF for President

I have just uncomplicated my decision for November. Check him out! Vote DemoCatic! BzeroB


Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz? Take 2

The original post – Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

This  is a second look at a post I wrote  a while back. What prompted this second look was actually a couple of  events. First was a recent surprising reply from Rev. Shabazz to my original blog entry asking if I thought he was still needed and that he was tired. The second was a  car show event that I attended at Roosevelt Park in Detroit’s oldest community Corktown.

Part 1 – Rev.Shabazz

Speaking his views

We in the Metropolitan Detroit area are all watching Mayor Bing and the City of Detroit battle it’s way through the financial issues. And as this wasn’t enough the city has once again reclaimed the title of Murder Capital of the US.  [ Actually we are #2 behind our ugly step brother Flint!  Minor technicality!  ]

Rev. Shabazz,  besides being in everyone’s face during recent days in Detroit, after you weed through the vocalizations of white supremacy, has always been an energetic engine to get things done. He acts on what he believes. Not a bad thing actually. Sadly many surviving residents of Detroit are numb to all the events around them.  Daily shootings, theft, robberies, car jacking, fires involving all spectrum’s of  neighborhoods is mentally daunting. Their only concern is to simply make it through the day without some major trauma. Sometimes it takes an outspoken, controversial “character” to get people thinking and to get them motivated in order to focus on the problems at hand. Kinda like a slap in the face.  Usually when that happens you react. At what point do the citizens of Detroit get tired of the crimes against themselves, their families and their neighbors? I would think it is past due but apparently not. Kinda like a slap only nastier!

Once again, in my opinion, despite whether you cater to his political/religious views you cannot deny that he has taken it upon himself to organize others for the good of the community as a whole. He reacts! Even if some of the groups he has helped to create have had some controversy, The Detroit 300, what group is not? He did bring them in to play here in Detroit. With the issues of Detroit evolving as they have I believe he may be a very needed individual to help motivate the residents of Detroit to play a part in stopping the violence and to stop the further decay of what is left of a “city under siege” so to speak. They need all the help they can get.

When asked by Charlie Langton in a March Talk Radio 1270 interview after the vocal outburst : Are you still excited to live in the city of Detroit?

Shabazz: I love Detroit, I’m Detroit bred, Detroit led, and Detroit fed, I think we are the greatest city on the planet. I fight crime, I see poor people, I register people to vote, I close down crack houses, we capture criminals, we do things every day because we believe in this city.

I would hope that Rev. Shabazz continues his quest for improving the conditions in the City of Detroit. If it takes the power of his religious / political views to get people moving so be it. While the powers that be battle it out in council chambers to whatever end the residents of the City of Detroit still have to take on life as usual. And if Rev. Shabazz, and others like him, need to step in and do what they can to help residents make it through these treacherous times a bit easier and more comfortably, I say Have At It!

Part 2 – Corktown in the next edition

Once again the “church” speaks out!

Notre Dame
Notre Dame (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Well, not really the “church”. Just a cranky bishop who really needs to pay more attention to his flock and flock off! Oh yeah, and since when did the “church” in Illinois start giving historical insight lessons and political commentary to the rest of us?  I am sure he was thinking out loud and apparently didn’t get any good divine guidance before he opened his mouth. And that is the same mouth that he prays with! Whatever! Well, good luck with that bishop.

Keep in mind that the same government that he is railing against is the same one that lets him engage in the freedom of speech without getting thrown in jail!

Bishop’s linking Obama to Hitler enrages Notre Dame professors – Yahoo! News.

Does Detroit need people like Malik Shabazz?

“Minister” Malik Shabazz is part of the problem. A big part! But also could just as well be part of the solution. You can’t have it both ways! Can you?

Metro Times – News Views: A new breed of Panther.

Let me say up front that while I don’t agree with his revolutionary thinking I do agree with his aggressive activities in and around Detroit. If coupled with other activists and organizations Detroit will survive. A bit bruised and a bit leaner but it will survive. It always does.

With all its problems and the looming specter of a state financial manager it gets increasingly obvious, to me at least, that it could actually survive, and return to it’s prior glory as the “Motor City” if it weren’t for people like “Minister” Shabazz making circus spectacles of any event that fits his New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement agenda of spouting “white supremacy” at every turn. In this case during a town meeting on the cities financial problems.

This is white on black crime,” community activist and Minister Malik Shabazz said from a microphone during public comment. “This is white supremacy. Before you can take over our city, we will burn it down.

At first sight and sound my reaction to the news clip was one of moral outrage. Could this guy actually be saying this as a spokesman for the citizens of Detroit? I must say it was a spectacular outburst that will no doubt get some media attention. And I know this is a heated issue but white supremacy?

Burn down the city? I guess that’s one solution! What’s left of the million plus residents of a burned out shell of a city would have someone like Shabazz to thank for having no home or business in the former Detroit wasteland. Oh! Wait! NO CITY! Oops! My bad! And I am sure he will be more than resourceful enough to get it rebuilt with … what? The other guys funding or a government handout? Pleeese. His splinter party and their rhetoric is funded by a BBQ sale. Why don’t the people of Detroit see these so called “community activists” for what they are. Media hounds!

Burn down the city? I guess the simple oversight of Detroit having had over 4 decades of black mayors. I guess the fact that Detroit evolved and survived many years of black leadership by the likes of Coleman Young [20 years] and Quami Kilpatrick [6 years]. Both black and both nefarious figures in Detroit history. Split by a couple of terms by another black mayor, Dennis Archer. How come now, under Bing, who is also black, it is a “white supremacy” issue? How about accepting the fact that while Young and Kilpatrick seemingly helped Detroit they also helped themselves, and their cronies, to bilk the city of millions of dollars in assets. In my opinion, they created the death spiral of Detroit to it’s current state of affairs. Kinda hints of black on black crime to me. Couple that with the unfortunate but forgotten fact that because Detroit is predominantly black, the overwhelming number of crimes are black on black! Doesn’t fit the agenda but is a stark reality. Not “white supremacy” in my opinion.

But could they actually be part of the solution? Maybe.

There is an upside to his inflammatory rhetoric. An upside?! Well, yes, actually, he has been an engine in Detroit and surrounding communities to assist with some of the pressing issues with community decay. Drugs and crime. Is he loud? Yes! Is he vocal? Yes! Can he get things moving or done as a “community activist”? Yes! Do I believe in his culturally divisive views? No! But, in my opinion, he can be an engine for Detroits’ survival if he could tone down the “white supremacy” rhetoric by asserting some “black supremacy” leadership in a mostly black Detroit!

Having grown up in Detroit in the 50’s and 60’s I must say I have a personal affinity for it. It was a great city. And having survived the riots of the late 60’s to see it return was great. Unfortunately after returning to the area in the early 80’s I chose to land in the outer fringes of the city. The city even with all it’s flaws has always had it’s strong figures. And now is when it needs them the most. Not as inflammatory agents of destruction but as vocal agents of positive change! Leave the politics and personal views aside.

In times of need, help can often come from the most unlikely of places. Detroit is a city with exceptional challenges, many of which the government has been ineffective at combating. But controversial minister Malik Shabazz, the black nationalist who has nurtured and energized the New Black Panther Nation/New Marcus Garvey Movement for 15 years now, says he has exceptional solutions. A jack-of-all-trades community activist, Shabazz organizes everything from youth empowerment workshops in schools to food and clothing drives to voter registration. But the revolutionary also does more dangerous jobs, jobs typically thought of as work for the city police department. Alongside other Marcus Garvey Movement members, Shabazz sniffs out and confronts drug dealers, inspects suspect business operations, provides security at public parks, and searches for suspected criminals.
Ref Article

With all that being said, even though I get greatly agitated when someone throws out “white supremacy” during a crisis that involves mostly black participants, I believe that “Minister” Shabazz should be looking for ways to stabilize the Detroit community during these upcoming hard times. His continued efforts are actually needed now and should be channeled into helping the community survive this hardship.

As a follow up sidebar- The Black Panthers offering a bounty for George Zimmerman won’t help any black/white community relations in any way. Just an opinion!