These Hollywierds have no clue that they are just as bogus as a $3 bill

They need to get a Prius or take the bus or leave us the hell alone!

ManBearPig approved. From Daily Mail: The A-list celebrities who starred in the telethon for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have clocked up hundreds of thousands of air miles which have fuelled rising temperatures and helped create devastating storms (the Daily Mail article will continue with this global warming theme; ignore they hypberbole). Tuesday night’s […]

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Hey! Lena Dunham … trans this!

Nobody cares anyway! Get a life! Somewhere else.We don’t need you help with out life monitoring. And we will be watching for you. Because keeping track of any douchbags in the area is always a good idea.

I’d love to run into this womyn at an airport, especially if I’m wearing my “deplorable” or Second Amendment t-shirt. Bring it on girl! From Fox News: Airline employees and travelers beware: Lena Dunham is watching you like a hawk. On Wednesday afternoon, the actress and “Girls” creator took to Instagram to share a short […]

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Horrendous video by Xxxtentacion is infuriating!

Really?! This is not in any way acceptable!

Oh! I’m sorry! It was artistic expression of social injustice!

Horse Crap! While not really understanding the intent of the video I must say at face value it is nothing more than a hate inciting visual. And if it was meant to strike a nerve  make a statement then I believe it did! But not the right one in my opinion. The author is one one gigantic POS! Once again, in my opinion.

Under normal circumstances this video would have gone unnoticed. My first response was .. WHO? But with the web being what it is it created a firestorm. So now we all get to see it! And we all get to make an opinion from it.

Your Black Spokespeople

It fueled an already boiling issue for white supremacy. Or if not that an air of pure disgust with blacks in general. A black man hanging a white boy! Really!? If anyone was on the edge it didn’t create any sympathy for the so-called “black” plight. It just turned my disgust and annoyance with their cause up a notch. Well actually, more than a notch!

Sadly the world has been forced to  watch as these arrogant black loudmouthed social warriors flush 70 years of progress by the black communities to get “equality” right down the toilet. If all is done by these new “demands” blacks will pretty much be sent to the back of the bus again by their own design. OK! If that’s the way you want it! I’ll work with you on that.

One side note is why doesn’t the NAACP [ National Association for the  Advancement of Colored People ] object to all their hard work being negated?

And who was the genius that thought re-energizing the KKK and  white supremacy rhetoric would be in any way helpful. Nice job! It worked! What we have here is the new black supremacy resurrecting and re-energizing a sleeping white supremacy. And it appears to me at least, these same black groups can’t seem to figure out why there is such a white backlash to their BS rhetoric. Sadly these outspoken groups, BLM, their supporters,  and the like, are representing themselves as spokesman for all people of color. I believe this is a wrong assumption. Unfortunately the voices of the true citizens of color are either whispers or drowned out by the shouting of these self-appointed spokespeople.

But as long as it is in my face and I am constantly being told that I am a white supremacist I am starting to believe it and am actually encouraged to act like one. If I got the label then here you go! You convinced me. Now what? I don’t think it is helping your cause.

I recently watched a dramatized video of rapper Xxxtentacion hanging a small white child. It was supposed to represent some form of reverse discrimination perhaps, whatever. To me it is obvious what it represents. In my opinion, most of the black on white hate today is manufactured by Hollywood, a rather rabid music industry that […]

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Casting call for producers that are butt-hurt asshats!

John Legend come on down!


Once again a faux “celebrity” gets into the political arena with so totally obvious act that will not enamor him to anybody except himself.  And he comes out of oblivion to do so.

I am just going to wait for the boomerang effect to kick in. Between the social media blow back and the outrage it could be damaging.That’s gonna leave a mark!

And when was the last time you even heard from this goombah?

Apparently “body-shaming” is A-OK when you have Trump Derangement Syndrome and double standards. And another celebrity creating a product in response to their butt hurt over Trump? How original… From Daily Mail: John Legend posted a casting call for actors who look like Trump supporters. According to a listing on Casting Networks in LA, the […]

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Anyone in Children Services watching?

WTF was she thinking?

What thought process thinks it’s just fine to take a child to potentially violent protest?

One warped MF if you ask me! And I hope this gets the attention of the local child services. the only other twisted mental path I can come up with is that it is potential legal fodder  for a lawsuit if the child is hurt in some way. Way sad and twisted. And I hope her employer also is informed of this and acts on it! She is a danger to them and her child and I am assuming just the one child.

If you get a chance feel free to hit her up and enlighten her and her employer about how you feel! I am!

Remember the Antifa dude, Joshua Cobin, who threw a tear gas canister at police and was hit with a pepper ball in his groin? That took place on August 22, 2017 in a protest against President Trump when he went to Phoenix, Arizona for a rally attended by thousands of enthusiastic supporters. Outside the rally […]

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Brings a whole new meaning to crappy attitude!

Antifa! Keep up the good work! This is getting easier every day!

Every day brings a new facet to the libertard activities. And all I can say is that this kind of 10-year-old mentality just creates more dislike for these mentally defective goombahs! As the stupidity and total disrespect for all human moralities escalates anyone who had even a shred of possible sympathy for these asshats will turn it to a true hatred of them with each asinine act.

This in insanity on the loose. And all I can say is that at some point, and I hope it is soon, the general population will say enough is enough and start taking these Antifa asshats down.

At what point does the destruction of property become a shooting offense?

Keep it classy libtards… From Sacramento Bee: A rally that some are calling a gathering of right-wing supporters this weekend in San Francisco could have attendees watching their every step. The Oregon-based group Patriot Prayer is set to share its message at what is billed as a free-speech rally Saturday at Crissy Field, which sits […]

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