The shutdown effects on the military

The US Military family takes the biggest hit in this government dork fest over DACA and the budget.

While they stand around poking each other over who’s to blame, the military and the entire country take a hit. Not only the military but all branches of the federal government now have to start determining who’s essential and who is not.

But the military will not stand down during this idiocy. They will continue to do their job and possibly even give their life during this annual dork fest. While their families worry about the financial impact at home. Like they need more stress! Nice.

How about we just stop the Congress and Senate from getting paid, as in forfeit with no back pay, during these pissing matches that hold the whole country hostage.  Most of them are already wealthy it should be no problem.

And the optics here are amazing. The whole country is focused on the pathetic blame game that goes on during this time of crisis. And they will no doubt be appalled when the public calls them out on it. It’s not my fault! You can hear it now.

That’s it for now.


Again. ISIS claims responsibility with no evidence.


New Years Eve fireworks? Yeah! We [ISIS] did that!

News just in! The ISIS network claims that  their cell of covert explosive agents throughout the United States set that all up as a demonstration of our superior explosive technology! Yeah! Whatever. Previously they were limited to blowing up their own neighbors with crapass cars and trucks. And also losing explosive “experts” with every event.

I have an idea! Now we can give them a get out of jail free experience. To ply their trade as New Years Eve entertainers. I can only watch and applaud as each firework goes off by picturing another ISIS bomber strapped to it while  heading out over the water for our entertainment! How thoughtful. And with such a wonderful colored exit! Nice one! Great execution! Outstanding choreography! Keep up the great work! More! More!

Isis claims St Petersburg supermarket bombing that injured 13 Christmas shoppers with shrapnel

Of course they are! It is the only way they can stay relevant!

I want in on this!

How about this impractical scenario. Say I blow up my mailbox with a cherry bomb, publish it as a major bombing attack against a symbol of the oppressive US Government and US Postal Service with an unknown number of parcels killed, er, destroyed or wounded, er, torn in the daring daylight attack on the Post Office [aka mailbox], throw in some really shaky dark vid from a cell phone of the “attack” making sure it is just blurry enough that you can’t tell if it’s a mailbox or a semi-tractor trailer, publish on Facedork that I really, really, really don’t like continually getting junk mail from a Nigerian prince and wait for the claims from Amaq to pour in! Yeah. Whatever.

Well instead we can just wait for the claims following New Years Eve! Stay tuned! I will be watching and waiting! But only after I get a new mailbox!

“Hollywierd” continues to implode! Nice!

And black hole of revelations is now expanded to suck in other venues. Even the hallowed halls of the government establishments are being taken in!

But is it real?

Let me say this about that. As the black hole of fallout from the Harvey Weinstein accusations continues to expand into all the nooks and crannies of America I am both pleased and concerned at the same time.

The Pleased Part

I am pleased to see that with the “conversation”, as they say, started the seemingly endless train of accusations continues. And sadly it, for the most part, has been simply confirmation of the already “suspected” seedy undercurrent in both Hollywierd and government venues.

While the perpetrators are being called out one by one, the most entertaining sidebars are the comments from the perpetrators associates about how they knew about it and should have said or done something. Really?! All of a sudden you get a conscience. Good I guess. More likely simply covering their own asses by voicing faux concern. Unfortunately up to that point they are guilty of collusion. Just as bad!

While most of the accused initially feign innocence, they later fold as the facts pile up. Some others have even gone so far as to admit to the accusations and, in my opinion, sign their own professional death warrant. Good riddance!

A variety of repercussions have come to be. Offers have been rescinded, programing and/or tours cancelled, endorsements and sponsors bail outs just to name a few. And this hits these people right where it hurts the most. In the wallet. Not saying that their reputation is trashed but the money is what they cherish the most.

To those that are in public office the danger is also catastrophic. The seedy undercurrent of politics gets its much needed exposure. Not like we didn’t already get an up-close look in the Kennedy and Clinton scandals! Now political entities are being called out and having to do a political tap dance in an attempt to somehow play it down. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

An unpredictable but welcome movement to help “drain the swamp”!

THE ACCUSED – not a total list but you get the drift!

  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Ben Afleck
  • Roy Price
  • Bob Weinstein
  • James Toback
  • Chris Savino
  • Roman Polanski
  • Rick Najera
  • Kevin Spacey
  • Jeremy Piven
  • Brett Radner
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • Steven Seagal
  • Ed Westwick
  • George Takai
  • Mark Schwahn
  • Andy Dick
  • Gary Goddard
  • David Guillod
  • Andrew Kreisberg
  • Tom Sizemore
  • Jeffrey Tambor
  • Matthew Weiner


  • David Blain – magician
  • R. Kelly – rapper
  • Ethan Kath – musician
  • Marilyn Manson -musician
  • Ken Baker – news
  • Louis CK – comedian
  • Benny Medina
  • Mark Halperin – news
  • John Besh – celebrity chef
  • Michael Oreskes – news
  • Lockhart Steele – news


  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • Former President George HW Bush
  • President Donald Trump
  • Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore
  • Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota

But is it real?

This Is The Concerned Part

Some deserve it but some don’t

My concern is that just like every other hash tag de jour campaign[ #metoo ] there will be an immense piling on by “weaponized” individuals that, for whatever reason, have an ax to grind with someone. And feel the need to act on it. So a simple accusation, however false, will reverberate throughout the web quickly in the digital age. The damage will be substantial. Even if they are proven false the damage is done. Another note is that a large part of these allegations are in excess of 20 years! While I am not saying that they are in any way less traumatizing, it does make for a tough defense. Both intentional and effective.

And some of the allegations are inane, like having your backside touched during a group photo or placing a hand on the knee of someone during casual conversation, really throws the whole accusation scenario into a tailspin. Welcome to human interaction. Many of the actions accusations are far more egregious and are noteworthy. But some being presented now that the movement is in full swing are, in my opinion, highly questionable and suspect.

Alternative National Anthems

Our National Anthem

Creative renditions

We all have our tastes and the National Anthem is one of the most stirring anthems in the world. But there have been some creative renditions that have emerged through the years.

Here are a few and you can pick and choose which one works for you. My personal favorite is the Hendrix version!

The Vocal Versions


Jose Feliciano – 1968


Marvin Gaye – 1983

The Acoustic versions

Jimi Hendrix – Woodstock

More holiday terror from “the Religion of Peace”

Is there any doubt on  the identity / religious background of the perpetrators?

That my friends is Islamic Reality!

Now we have a vehicle attack in Australia. And , while not trying to be Captain Obvious, it is right out of the Islamic terror playbook. A Muslim driving a car into a crowd of innocent people at high speed. Am I Islamophobic? Nope! Islamic realist! I am sure that the perpetrators are Muslim and whether or not they were radicalized by ISIS is irrelavant. Odds on favorite they are Muslim. Worldwide attacks of this design are overwhelmingly Muslim.

It is also a predictable response that someone or some Islamic group will play down the terrorist label. Guaranteed! But the reality is that they are Muslims carrying out a terrorist act. All in the name of Allah. Pretty straight forward. Nothing more to say here.

Except for saying please stop with the religion of peace chant! It is not , and never has been, any of that.

John Lewis and Bennie G. Thompson still don’t get it!

These two black congressmen, John Lewis and Bennie G. Thompson show more of their true childish colors as they decline to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Saturday because President Donald Trump is set to attend. Are you also going to hold your breath till you turn blue, too? I hope so!

It really does play to the point that the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, which has been under construction since 2014, features eight galleries that focus on the years 1945 to 1976 “when Mississippi was ground zero for the national Civil Rights Movement,” the website says. And for these two BLACK congressmen, who profess to be all about civil rights, can’t seem to grasp the simple fact that this is a significant museum dedication  that is  about acknowledging the civil rights movement and not penny-ante political spats with the current POTUS.

It makes it abundantly clear to me that John Lewis and Bennie G. Thompson are part of the problem and that their childish and increasingly annoying outbursts are the reason ordinary citizens aren’t enamored with them any more! Donald Trump IS the President!  Get over yourself and start acting like adults. So much for your faux “concern” for a significant museum dedicated to  the civil rights movement that both of them lay claim to in their professional resumes while also claiming to be champions of. Civil rights be damned! We are trying to make a point here. Asshats!

John Lewis (civil rights leader)

Released this joint statement  “President Trump’s attendance and his hurtful policies are an insult to the people portrayed in this civil rights museum,” the two congressmen said in a statement. “The struggles represented in this museum exemplify the truth of what really happened in Mississippi. President Trump’s disparaging comments about women, the disabled, immigrants and National Football League players disrespect the efforts of Fannie Lou Hamer, Aaron Henry, Medgar Evers, Robert Clark, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and countless others who have given their all for Mississippi to be a better place.”

“After President Trump departs, we encourage all Mississippians and Americans to visit this historic civil rights museum.”

Congressman Bernie Thompson released this  statement “With President Donald Trump accepting Gov. Phil Bryant’s invitation to attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, I am hopeful he will begin to understand the pain he is causing in the black and underserved communities across America,” Thompson said. “His unfair budget cuts in agriculture, education, healthcare and housing disproportionately impacts people of color and is viewed by many as an act reminiscent of Jim Crow policies of the south.”

Now throw this into the mix!

Mississippi NAACP President Charles Hampton said it is a “very inappropriate time to invite Trump. I’m the same age as Trump. Trump doesn’t care nothing about black folks and poor people in particular,” Hampton said. “If he could, he would wipe all us right off the map.”

NAACP National President Derrick Johnson said.”President Trump’s statements and policies regarding the protection and enforcement of civil rights have been abysmal, and his attendance is an affront to the veterans of the civil rights movement. He has created a commission to reinforce voter suppression, refused to denounce white supremacists, and overall, has created a racially hostile climate in this nation.

Nice one! It sounds like you aren’t interested in change. Just to whine and mouth off not to fix anything. Keep up the good work asshats! And the NAACP is relevant today why?

Bullsh!t or not? You be the judge! They have absolutely no concern for their civil rights legacy so they might as well remove that from their resumes right now. It holds no water based on their current actions. And, if I am not mistaken, a museum only opens once.And they weren’t there. But POTUS Donald Trump was! Nice! Ain’t no civil tolerance here! Just the same old crap.

Anyone want  to bet on how long these two bozos take to give the museum a look? Just one mans opinion. Mine!