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BzeroB – This is not a new occurrence but they just can’t figure out why! Nice! Maybe at some point they can be cancelled off the airwaves and do it online only.

Grammy Awards ratings dip to all-time low https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/grammy-awards-ratings-dip-to-all-time-low Should that surprise anyone?? If the fools would stick to entertainment instead of politics, their ratings may come back up. Most people watch award shows to see what the stars are wearing, and how big of an idiot they can make of themselves. BUTT then we are […]

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Censorship in the Name of “Social Justice”: First the Confederacy, Now Kate Smith…Who’s Next? — Kingsjester’s Blog

These goombah SJW’s need to quit this crap! They need to get another hobby. Like , say, taking the Dems to the mat for their history of shenanigans in the name of the party. I don’t see them going after any of Barry O’s racist claims! Or taking on Talib, Omar or Farrakhan for the sake of blatant racial rants.

They are banning Kate Smith’s God Bless America from sports now. Be a shame if this went viral before Twitter bans it too pic.twitter.com/5iTEtBcjJ5 — Jack Posobiec ✝️ (@JackPosobiec) April 22, 2019 FoxNews.com reports that The Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday removed a statue of late singer Kate Smith that stood outside their arena for more than three […]

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A very moving tribute to Vietnam Veterans by David Gibson

In celebration of National Vietnam War Veterans day, Mar. 29, retired US Army Captain Carl Conge and his friends Roger Kirby, and Dave Gibson have released a new video to honor those who served in Vietnam.

Gibson – who is featured in the video, and sings lead on the song that accompanies it – is an Academy of Country Music Award Winner who has penned hits for some of the biggest names in country music.

“These Days (He’s Just Tryin’ to Get By)” tells the story of a young man who was drafted, sent to Vietnam with the company that participated in the My Lai Massacre, and returned home a much different person than the one who left to fight in Southeast Asia. It was inspired, in part, by Conge’s older Brother – a Vietnam veteran who passed away in 2010 due to health issues related to the exposure to Agent Orange.

Thank You Sir! From the bottom of my heart!

USN 69-78 / Vietnam 72

The Carlos Santana concert was outstanding. Except …


Except for a political injection in the middle of the concert

All in all it was a great night out with my daughter on Wednesday night at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill. As expected Carlos Santana was awesome with his diverse guitar work. And his notable style . The set included some new works and , of course , the classics.

The only thing that did get my attention was that during a set about peace, love and understanding,  he injected a monologue on the subject. By nature it was expected because he professes that theme and has for years. Unfortunately it included a commentary about how the government, the pentagon and others feed us BS. And that President Trump and North Korea just need to get along.

My take on this

What caught my ire was that it was all well and good until the political injection. I guess you can feel any way you want but I don’t need to have it thrown at me in the middle of a musical concert and as a captive audience. It seems that it has become commonplace for musicians, actors and other media “personalities” to hit me over the head with their take on events both political and social. You are entitled to your own opinion but I don’t remember using them as a guideline for making my own opinions.

Getting a reaction

In this case it was subtle and only mildly abrasive. But when you have Ashley Judd going media ballistic over being called “sweetheart” at an airport now you are going off the rails. And you get it every day from every corner from so called “celebrities” that just gotta say something about something because it is cool. Who cares?!

Unfortunately, more often than not, it creates a firestorm of controversy which gets them the attention they wanted but from both sides, good and bad. Many of these personalities you could care less about. Many times you have no clue who the hell they are! And for anyone that was neutral about them it just pushed some to distance them from that personality. And I am that way also.

Enough of my rant

I guess I just did what I was just talking about! Oh well! On with it! The concert was a musical festival of Carlos Santana at his best and despite the political injection a great time out.

Just one mans opinion.