I want my t-shirt dammit!

It is a sad but telling story of how highly paid Hollywierd “entertainers” are all stressed because they didn’t get their Oscar Nominee t-shirt in their goodie bag! WTF was that?! Damn! talk about petty entitled asshats. Have one made for goodness sakes! Are you gonna wear it out on the boulevard while shopping? Don’t think so!

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Have you noticed the “correcting” of movies in the “remakes”?

I have and I probably won’t watch them because of it! Because they are “the colorized” version? No! Because they just plain suck! They are REMAKES!

Unless you’ve been under living under a rock, you know that the Left have declared war on white people, especially white men. See: Maine Democrats laugh about white men committing suicide Antifa threatens to behead whites and small biz owners on November 4 DNC: White men shouldn’t apply for tech jobs U. of Pennsylvania teaching assistant admits she […]

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Bella Thorne? Who? And she is not helping Hollywierd right now!

Beyond the obvious “who the hell is that?” the total ignorance of the residents of Hollywierd are totally brain numb. And they are in total denial as to why their little world of douchbaggery is imploding. Keep up the good work. All we can do is shake our heads and palm our foreheads.

With all the sexual harassment scandals coming out of Hollywood, is it really good timing to wear an outfit with pictures of pornographic posters and your breasts so exposed? Bella Thorne must be missing a sensitivity chip. From NY Post: By now, it’s clear that Bella Thorne​ isn’t afraid to embrace racy looks, from her […]

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Another “Who Cares” moment only now with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

These Hollywierd goonies can’t see that the fallout could be bad for them? I love it! Keep up the “good” work!

His critical thinking skills gone because apparently racism never existed before Nov. 8, 2016. From Yahoo: As President Donald Trump doubled down today on his initial ill-chosen remarks of Saturday that “many sides” were to blame for the death and violence in Charlottesville, The Walking Dead actor who plays one of the vilest characters on […]

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A fake dog penis is just OK with Robert Pattinson!

If you weren’t already disgusted with filmmakers and actors this may just put you over the edge! Robert Pattinson thinks that stroking a “fake” dog penis in a movie scene is worth doing! I leave it up to you to make your own decision. This is total insanity. The fact that this was even part of a scripted scenario is disturbing all by itself.


A fake dog penis was used as Robert refused to do the scene with the animal. Well, guess THAT makes it A-OK! Another Hollyweird movie I won’t be seeing. From Daily Star: Robert Pattinson got the mother of all requests on his latest film. The Twilight star, who used to date Kristen Stewart, told US […]

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A day at the movies, right here at home

I spent the day relaxing and watching some vids

And I want to say this about that. It’s a movie! Get over yourself! And both of these are pure fun sci-fi.

Movie #1 was Guardians of the Galaxy

here is one of the official trailers. Watch and enjoy!

My take on this Marvel comic based sci-fi space movie is frickin great entertainment! I have now watched it a couple of times and it is a pure fun action movie. The primary characters include a bionic racoon and a sentient tree creature named Groot. If that don’t get you interested I don’t know what will! Two thumbs up!

Movie #2 is TMNT! [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]

Once again take a look at the trailer.

Once again The Turtles are back! And I loved it! I watched it with RJ and it was one big bundle of action. And there are some who say that the characters are too big [six footish] but who the heck cares. It’s a sci-fi fantasy of goodness sakes. Another two thumbs up!

So there are more to come so stay tuned! Enjoy!