Remembering Vietnam is tough sometimes

Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters!

Out and about daily it isn’t so bad but when time comes for a day of remembrance it gets way tough. And seeing the Wall in person or the Moving Wall it forces me to pause and take a deep breath. That’s just me. For others it can be overwhelming.

But there are other wars in other lands that can invoke the same emotions. I can claim this one for my own. But there are many others.



The Wall That Heals

This moving display will be here in Michigan. And I will be there!
Disabled American Veterans Chapter 125 3265 West Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan 48855 from 8/23/18 to 8/26/18

A very moving tribute to Vietnam Veterans by David Gibson

In celebration of National Vietnam War Veterans day, Mar. 29, retired US Army Captain Carl Conge and his friends Roger Kirby, and Dave Gibson have released a new video to honor those who served in Vietnam.

Gibson – who is featured in the video, and sings lead on the song that accompanies it – is an Academy of Country Music Award Winner who has penned hits for some of the biggest names in country music.

“These Days (He’s Just Tryin’ to Get By)” tells the story of a young man who was drafted, sent to Vietnam with the company that participated in the My Lai Massacre, and returned home a much different person than the one who left to fight in Southeast Asia. It was inspired, in part, by Conge’s older Brother – a Vietnam veteran who passed away in 2010 due to health issues related to the exposure to Agent Orange.

Thank You Sir! From the bottom of my heart!

USN 69-78 / Vietnam 72

Parkland tragedy speaks to Gun Rights with conditions

In an age of over politicized response to just about everything it is refreshing to see and hear a common sense constructive response and call to action. Nice!

via The One Gun Control Measure That Gun Rights Advocates Should Support

You throw like a girl

This is a sad commentary on the physical health of the next generation. The Army has decided to no longer require that recruits throw hand grenades 25 meters [ about 80 feet]. My first impression is anything less is a potential problem for the thrower.

Now if there was an app for that they would be all over it! Asshats! The new military is beginning to suck and scares the crap out of me!

via The “Soy Boy” effect: US Army General says new recruits not strong enough to throw grenades

The shutdown effects on the military

The US Military family takes the biggest hit in this government dork fest over DACA and the budget.

While they stand around poking each other over who’s to blame, the military and the entire country take a hit. Not only the military but all branches of the federal government now have to start determining who’s essential and who is not.

But the military will not stand down during this idiocy. They will continue to do their job and possibly even give their life during this annual dork fest. While their families worry about the financial impact at home. Like they need more stress! Nice.

How about we just stop the Congress and Senate from getting paid, as in forfeit with no back pay, during these pissing matches that hold the whole country hostage.  Most of them are already wealthy it should be no problem.

And the optics here are amazing. The whole country is focused on the pathetic blame game that goes on during this time of crisis. And they will no doubt be appalled when the public calls them out on it. It’s not my fault! You can hear it now.

That’s it for now.